Lomani Pour Homme Deodorant (For Men, Women)

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Lomani Pour Homme Deodorant (For Men, Women)

Lomani Pour Homme Deodorant (For Men, Women) Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Deodorant Spray
Fragrance Segment Mass Premium
Ideal For Men, Women
Quantity 800 ml

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Lomani Pour Homme by Lomani Fragrance Review
Lomani Pour Homme by Lomani Fragrance Review
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Lomani Cologne Review
I actually have this unopened. Got it for 10 euro. Never got around to it. Love these retro looking bottles. Definitely going to try it. Thanks once again for the excellent review!
I'm buying this because of you.
Yes I buy at chemist Perth 2 [email protected] Aussie
I have buy it yesterday it is so fresh and clean and that for 10€ ! Better as some of my expensive fragrances
Great review 👍
Lomani Pour Homme is a classic, like the man said . I used to live in a cold atmosphere in England, back in the day . I wore Lomani back then, and the scent would stay fresh on me all day long . Now I live in South Florida, and the change in climate as also effected the sprays performance . It still works pretty well, and you will feel fairly confident all day, but it does stop projecting out after 3 hours, or so . So by the 4, or 5 hour mark . Someone would have to get in pretty close to get the aroma . I used it in conjunction with the deodorant spray . It is a good product to me . Incredible value for money . Very inexpensive, and it provides a very clean, and more expensive scent performance .
Great review, South Jersey. I really enjoy the thorough and articulate review with great energy throughout. I’m now a new subscriber. 😀
Such an underrated fragrance. To me this fragrance smells clean. Perfect to lounge at home, or go do some errands.
Under your recommendation I blind bought the new version and I am absolutely enjoying it. I had the vintage years ago and that one gave me poor performance. This newer version has given me atleast 6 hours and I also noticed this version is more dense,richer, and has drier feel to it. Thanks for this video. I am also new subscriber. Keep it up.
Nice perfume I love that smell smells clean it's a eye Turner to the girls perfect at work that's a plus to the client the problem is expensive
this fragrance is awesome, cheap but very fine and well-elaborated fragrance; I had this cologne very long time ago, I remember the bottle I bought didn't have the silver top and for the very cheap price I paid for this fragrance, it's a winner; if you allow me can I suggest you DERRICK (1978 Orlane house), you will be amazed.
incredible review , got me to buy it
Lomani by Lomani or AB Lomani Million,which one you think I should buy to wear for everyday?
Summer or winter?
Debieras colocar subtitulos en español porfavor porque tengo esa fragancia y quiero saber bien su reseña
One of the best! Top 5 probably. Try Bowling Green too! It is my no. 1 fragrance ever. Ridiculously cheap! That is how it's supposed to be! Cheap, real quality!
You deserve more subscribers. I have recommended you.
Lomani way better than Drakkar imo,,great price to
Unrelated to fragrance, but I hope you are ok. I'm so sorry to know about the shooting that happened today. I hope you, your family, friends, and all loved ones are safe. 🧿
the fact you mentioned is similar to drakkar and the incredible cheap price point I found it on my prefered discounter was more than enough for blind buy this one ... i will follow up once arrive and use it
Does this cologne make you smell like a old man?
Are you Matt striker from WWE.