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Buy Lomani Original Extra Black Pour homme EDT online at Flipkart. Eaux De Toilette . Lomani Original Extra Black Pour homme EDT available in Colours: Black

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  • Eaux De Toilette
Lomani Original Extra Black Pour homme EDT available in Colours:
  • Black

Lomani Original Extra Black Pour homme EDT Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Eau de Toilette
Ideal For Men
Quantity 100 ml

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Lomani Pour Homme
Lomani Pour Homme
Great review just ordered two bottles
I bought this because I want something like Drakkar, but a bit fresher and can’t wait to sniff it 😁 Barbershop scents is my thing 😎
I have lomani as a Christmas gift nice scent smell expensive to 🙃
I love this fragrance and it's very inexpensive. Vive la France, vive Paris !
Another solid review thankyou. I got 3 hours of projection using 4 sprays on each pulse point (inner elbows and back neck both sides) around 4 hours it's a solid skin scent. Sillege is good until 4 hours. I would avoid going to hard on the initial application. And stick to a re apply after 4 hrs. Is it better than DNoir nope however It's definitely worth 10 to 15 USD. Re apply and you can't go wrong. Very honest review.
This is actually nice. I’m as surprised as you are. Soapy, spicy, long lasting, inexpensive and....LOVELY! Great review
Bought this from the same place you did..smell is like cheap hand soap ..lasts about 5 minutes..straight up waste of money..glad it didn't cost much
I just got this for the first time today by post - the box has a red circle on it in the top left corner stating "New Design" - a reformulation? 😰 Dunno - it's a great scent and seems to be around still after a few hours... will have to see how it goes! Cheers!
Solid review man,thanks lots.
Nice review man ! I'm a teenager but just bought it,trying it out today..hope the perfomance is great
Hey man,I've heard it makes you smell like a macho old man and the big problem is That i'm 16..😅!But on the other hand i need a beast perfoming fragnance for school.Do you think i would actually stand out because everyone wears Dior Sauvage,Versace Eros,...?
Sadly Lomani was perceived as a Drakkar Noir clone but it's anything but.Those that tried Lomani ended up liking it more than Drakkar.Parisino is also another underrated classic.
Thanks Bro!! 🎉 Sounds good! 👍
South, ever try Montana edp?
The smell reminds me of the same smell of all the old Italian men when my family used to take me to the Sicilian carnivale dances back in the day
Hello Kellan, I really hope I spelt your name correctly . Anyway I finally did buy the Drakkar Noir, has you recommend . I bought one for my brother's birthday, and I bought a 1.7oz for me . I see what you mean about it being somewhat similar to Lomani Pour Homme . It's like the older more masculine big brother of Lomani Pour Homme . My only concern with it is that it doesn't project much . But the scent does stay with me all day, and it is a classic scent at that . So thanks Sir, and keep up the great work .
I actually have this unopened. Got it for 10 euro. Never got around to it. Love these retro looking bottles. Definitely going to try it. Thanks once again for the excellent review!
I'm buying this because of you.
Yes I buy at chemist Perth 2 bottle@20 Aussie
My Brand Guys: https://fragrance.one
Guy is obviously heavily addicted to huffing perfumes
Sigue hablando español, por favor.
This guy is awesome he just spanked a bottle...I'm sold!
👍 very good you are learning to speak Spanish 👏
Soy Jreremy 'el nalguea fragancias'. Im Jeremy 'the fragance smacker'.
You are Jesus!!!!
What is the music
Dark Obsession is my favourite cheapy, along with Drakkar Noir.
You're very handsome but you didn't convinced me to any fragrance 🤷‍♀️
Nice list of affordable perfumes.
That one in your thumbnail is awful I have one it stinks so bad
I made a big mistake and purchased the F Black off of amazon. The formula couldnt of been right. It smells just like hand sanitizer. I strongly think it was a bad batch.
Hey Jeremy what do you recommend for a handsome 24 year old man that's fun,shy,and loves to please the ladies?!
U called 30 dollars cheap😂😂😂😂
Hi Jeremy, Can you do a review of the best of Adidas and Nike fragrance because there is so many & don't know about performance and notes on both & seem very cheap
I hate CK Shock.. it's horrible in my opinion.. Try before you buy that one..
Man ... to be fair. That is a good vid. You should go back to the roots.
Hello Mr. Jeremy Fragrance. I always watch your videos and I listen to all your advice on what kind of fragrance to wear and how to apply. I'm a fan of your work. By any chance can you write the names of the perfumes you feature in the description link next time? Because some of the names written on the perfume aren't quite visible and a bit hard to read on the bottles, especially with those who have poor eyesight. Also, it's a bit hard to spell out the names you say, some of them being foreign language and such. I understand Homme, L'homme, Pour Homme, but yeah, a lot of the times it's a bit hard to understand. Again, I simply love your work!
I couldn't agree more....
For winter or summer?
I just blind bought this and am waiting for it in the mail, but at that price, itl make a great paper weight if i dont like the smell. I think it will be great for the gym and sitting around the house. I sell my niche fragrances to find nice cheapies lol
Very underrated great fragrance!
Would u say the fragrance is close to a vanilla cream soda scent?
U r so right. All these niche and designer colognes that cost so much and are skin scents shortly after one applies them. They should be ashamed of themselves marketing all this crap. I use Belcam Blue Depths from walmart when i go to work and i get noticed all day for less than ten dollars
Does this cologne make you smell like a Old man am just 28 years old?
Lomani is a classic. Brings me back to my youth.
Lomani Pour Homme or Geau Black Clone of Aqua de Gio which one you would recommend?
Got my bottle couple weeks ago. I like it but, the first 5 to 10 minutes I get a blast of lemon that can be a bit jarring. After that though it settles down into a decent scent.
Awesome review dude! I love Lomani Pour Homme it smells great, it’s so inexpensive but performs so well, I have used half my bottle since I got it and reviewed it
Drakkar Noir clone? I have Al-rehab Dakar love the scent, people on fragrantica said it smells like the first formulation of Drakkar Noir
Good review my friend I have that same one. It’s a barbershop scent
Great review buddy tfs
I want this.