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Buy Logitech C930-E Full HD 1080p/30fps Video ... - Amazon.in

C930e is an advanced HD 1080p webcam certified for business that delivers high-resolution video in virtually any environment, including low-light and harshly ...


Logitech C930e Webcam : Amazon.in: Computers & Accessories

Logitech C930e Webcam. +. Logitech Brio Stream, Ultra 4K HD Video Calling, Optical Zoom, Noise-Canceling. +. Logitech C930-E Full HD 1080p/30fps Video ...


Logitech C930E Webcam - Logitech : Flipkart.com

Product Description. Video conference with your business colleagues or catch up with your distant-relatives with this HD video webcam from Logitech. This webcam ...


Hard Case for Logitech HD Pro Webcam fits C920/ C930e/C922 by ...

Hard Case for Logitech HD Pro Webcam fits C920/ C930e/C922 by Aenllosi (Black) : Amazon.in: Computers & Accessories.


Logitech C930e 1080p Business Webcam : Amazon.in: Computers ...

Buy it with · Logitech C930e 1080p Business Webcam · + · Logitech C930e Webcam · + · Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam - 1080p, Optical, Full HD Streaming Camera for ...


Logitech HD C930E Webcam Features

  • Color: Black
  • HD Support
  • Built in Microphone
  • 3 megapixel Image Resolution
  • USB Interface
  • Premium Streaming : This video calling device delivers your presentation in stunning HD 1080p video quality at 30 frames-per-second with a 90-degree diagonal field of view; It covers the full action.
  • UVC 1.5 H.264 Encoding : Frees up system bandwidth and delivers a smoother video stream by putting video processing in the camera.
  • Ideal for Large Conference Rooms : This video conference camera is integrated with HDR, 4x digital zoom with remote control pan, tilt and zoom, as well as 2 omni-directional mics, so you can get your point across loud and clear.
  • Versatile Connectivity : Adaptable to your business network set up, this conferencing webcam is certified for Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype, compatible with most UC and web conferencing applications.
  • Clip-and-Go : Mount the USB plug and play office conference camera on your LCD screen, notebook, table top or mount it on your own tripod instead; A removable cover flips down to assure privacy and peace of mind.
  • Brighter Images : Equipped with Rightlight 2 technology with automatic HD light correction and autofocus, this streaming webcam produces bright, well-contrasted images - even if you're in a dim setting.
Logitech HD C930E Webcam Logitech HD C930E Webcam Colours:
  • Black

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Logitech HD C930E Webcam Specifications

Brand Logitech
Built In Microphone Yes
Category Webcam
Color Black
Model Id C930E
Video and Image
Is HD Yes
Still Image Sensor Resolution 3 megapixel
Video Sensor Resolution 3 megapixel

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Face Cam quality look much better now :)
Thanks for the video Kamz, I am a beginner in webcams and I am not tech savvy like my father was. Your comparison of the 930e with Apple I sight was was easy for me to understand. You have the best webcam videos to suit a beginner like me. I am going to keep coming back to your channel for further advice.
I was gonna buy the brio but then I saw this review you just saved me 10k
This is great. Dj here join my live youtube sets come over and subscribe
sir I M trying to live stream on fb but lagging issue with this came what to do sirji. streaming is being beak due to resolution and frame rates
Dear Sir, I can't find software for this camera. There is no download option. I recently purchase camera but in the box there is no software cd available. Anyone who knows about the download link. Please add a comment.
Your video helped me a lot to choose between Logitech C930c and C930e I just have a question. When you were unboxing the web camera i didn't see any cd with the camera's drivers. Where did you downloaded them ? Is it easy for you to give me a link ? Thank you in advance :-)
Hey man new here cool camera amazing channel man
good one
Congratulations kam
Lovely camera brother
Congratulations Kam! You are a pro now
To be fair your iMac camera isnt too bad
no se que dijo pero nice
Dude crap sound
Whats the head bandage for? However, the sound quality of that cam ist so bad, not worth anything. No deal.
Can you turn off right light now adays? Software update or something?
Then which one is good to buy sir please suggest me
Great Review man ! since the review is from 2015, i would like to know if anyone can tell me whether today (2020) the software for the c930e has been updated and closer to being like the software of the c920 ?
no side by side comparison
Great video demonstration. I have just purchased the 930e. I was wondering where you downloaded the settings for the camera. I want to increase the brightness of my camera.
Good review, thorough, but speaking to quickly could not make out what was being said, speaking more clearly at times, I would have rated the review as great, instead of good.
1. Good lighting is essential to maintain smooth frame rates. ALL webcams will produce slower/lower frame rates in low light situations. 2. Logitech's "Rightlight" and "RightSound" produce good results in MOST situations, but not every situation. Thus, those two features are very valuable to the vast majority of users. 3. Streaming 1080p at 60 frames per second requires not only good lighting but also webcam with an expensive built-in chip, and a good quad-core cpu, and good internet upload speed/bandwidth. Again, the vast majority of users will NOT be able to meet all those conditions.
Have you ever heard of ASMR ? Your voice is made for it
This is the best review for a webcam I have ever seen.
Please don’t increase the volume this is like asmr
Thank you for this. This is exactly what I needed to know. A real shame about the lack of ability to turn of auto functionality on C930e :(
Hi, thanks for the useful demo / review. I teach guitar via Skype, which of the 2 webcams would you recommend for that purpose. I need to be able to zoom in on my hands. The room I teach in has plenty of daylight. Many thanks
good work thanks
I Just Got This Camera Today or I Should Say It Was Delivered today and for the Life of Me I Can Figure Out why It Wont Come On? I Plugged it in and Went To Device Manager and It Shows It There, But I Can Turn It On? I Not Sure Which Software To TRY, I TRIED ALL THE ONE S THAT RELATED TO THIS C930e on the logitech website which was the firmware FWUpdateC930e_2.1.14.0 & the LogiCameraSettings_2.10.4 when I turn on the logitech camera settings, (from the shortcut on desktop} it says "CAMERA NOT READY" WTH! I'm Lost What actual software and the download links do I Need to get my laptop windows 10 to recognize and operate my NEW Logitech c930e Webcam I Should be able to PLUG n PLAY, But I Cant? I'm So Frustrated!
does the c920s have the same ability to turn off right light?
@scan computers you completeley forgot to mention that the C920 is not compatable with Nvec encoding.pretty big miss there.
Super review. I've attached a wide angle adapter to my present webcam - works well. Managed to get an adapter mount to fit it (MS LifeCam is round.) I've had it since 2012. Looking to upgrade.
Is the audio good? I want to record my singing.
Thank you for this video. I was about to waste my money on this. May God bless you
Just buy an lg v40 and use that as a multi purpose tool like a webcam.
Is Logitech c930e can be used as document camera?
Dj here join my live youtube sets come over and subscribe
Please, inform me about your microphone.
Can i use this camera for youtube streamings & recording videos plz tell me because i've orderd this product recently so that i can cancel it if it cannot serve to my purpose
Sir, what is your mic? :)
I want to do Facebook lives & webinars Only Logitech C930e is available now. Do have to wait for C922 pro Kindly suggest
Works for me in OBS Studio 25 in Windows 10. You might need to install MJPEG codec support (K-Lite Codec Pack or anything similar). Still having problems with this camera in other recording tools though.
problem is you dont know sh*t about video. this is a good camera
Your T shirt Text is reversed!
I too have purchased this camera. Its a business camera and works best with live streaming with Teams, WebEx etc. with the features such as wide screen. Not really good for recording or youtube , it seems.
this doesn't even work
thank you for your advice . You are right .
Hi- are you available to help? Still not working for me
can i use this camera for live youtube videos only?.i dont deal with obs or whatever third party.i just want to go liveis this one good for that?
You sound enthusiastic, but you look dead inside.
Getting the C922 now thanks to this video.
what is your mic? look fantastic!
I think the problem with your initial point is that you’re not using zoom controls. The c930 can zoom to help with field of view.
I smashed the like button!
For some reason my c930e is buffering a lot and isn't as smooth as this video. Noticed it within the first month of owning it. Anyone have any recommendations?
Which one is the best one for streaming?
really great video. I am getting the C922. Best! thanks.
Thanks for the comparison it was very helpful. The other feature I was interested in is the 60 FPS in 720P on the C922.
Mic gate is a bit aggressive
Kind of an old video but I just wanted to point out that for live streaming games the C930e might actually be a good choice. You don't need the full 1080p when you have your camera in the corner and the game fullscreen. So you can crop it in to get a narrower field of view. And then for the intermediate screen where you have the camera fullscreen, I acutally prefer the wider camera angle because it shows more of the room.
922 for the win
What was software for C930E
i think i love you i have the c930
Is working your microphone well?, It sounds like a .
Thank you. It was helpful!
I saw that bottle of lotion next to ur mouse, lol
are you trying to test your microphone or your Camera?
I dont get it. is this a test? lol

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