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Buy Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control, Hub and App ...

About this item. Works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant.Control your home from your smartphone; Control connected lights, locks, thermostats and more ...


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Logitech 915-000194 Harmony Smart ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Logitech 915-000194 Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote (Black) at Amazon.com.


Buy Logitech 915-000194 Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone ...

Amazon.in: Buy Logitech 915-000194 Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote (Black) online at low price in India on Amazon.in.


Logitech 915-000238 Harmony Home Hub (Black) : Amazon.in ...

Works with Alexa to easily control your home entertainment devices with your voice · Combine up to 8 remotes and countless apps into one easy-to-use smartphone ...


Logitech Harmony Home Hub for Smartphone Control of 8 Home ...

Take control of your smart home and entertainment devices directly from the Harmony Alexa voice control Use Amazon Alexa with your Logitech Harmony Hub remote ...


Logitech Harmony Home Hub Remote Device (For Smartphone) Features

  • Works with Alexa to easily control your home entertainment devices with your voice
  • Combine up to 8 remotes and countless apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Create customized activities to control your home entertainment. For example, simply tap “Date Night” and Harmony can turn on your Sony Android TV, launch Netflix, dim your Philips Hue smart lights and turn on your Sonos connected speaker
  • Harmony App for iOS or Android smartphone or tablet: Simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, 50 customizable channel Favorites
  • Closed cabinet control: Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets
  • Key specs are not available.
Logitech Harmony Home Hub Remote Device (For Smartphone) Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on Logitech Harmony Home Hub Remote Device (For Smartphone) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Logitech Harmony Home Hub Remote Device (For Smartphone) Price in India is ₹13,999 at Amazon.
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Logitech Harmony Home Hub Remote Device (For Smartphone) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Batteries: 2 AA batteries required.
Brand Logitech
Colour Screen No
feature Imported from USADelivers in 15 days
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number 915-000262
Item Weight 109 g
Manufacturer Logitech
Model 915-000238
Model Year 2015
Number of Ports 1
Product Dimensions 12.4 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm

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Logitech Harmony Home Hub Remote Device (For Smartphone) Reviews from YouTube

Logitech Harmony Hub Review - Control Your TV with Your Voice or Smartphone
Harmony Hub Setup, the SMART Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony Elite Review - The Ultimate Smart Remote
Logitech Harmony Hub - Review and Setup with Android and iOS
like the features, setup was difficult for some of my devices (August Door lock, Bose speaker). but all switches and outlets (5), thermostat, tankless water heater. Unfortunately all I can do is turn on/off Bose. It doesn't support volume or changing channels, but I believe that is due to the particular speaker I have Worth getting if you already have other devices to use it with. I don't sit around and ask Alexa questions much so that doesn't really matter to me
*Absolutely the best universal remote I've ever owned. The big sell for me is that there are TV channel icons for each of my favourite channels so I can see exactly which program channel I want to watch. Set up is relatively easy and this remote is quite intuitive. I set up my TV, my music and even my Netflix to play automatically. I especially like that the remote lights up so I can see the remote commands. An excellent product all around.*
What remote will you recommend in 2019 Majestic?
Hi Chris I’ve got a Sony 4K projector in my theatre which doesn’t feature cec So I’m looking at a harmony hub setup How do you find the powering down of your projector due to the 2 step confirmation process? Is it easy to configure the hub for this?
how much of a delay is t here from you select a change on your mobile to it happening?
Nice video, I’m looking to do a similar set up. Say you have 2 identical Samsung smart TVs right next to each other. Can the hub control them separately? They’re both connected to internet. My concern is if the hub can only control the TVs using IR, then if I send a command to watch tv, it will try to turn both TVs on since they’re are next to each other. But if the hub can somehow identify the TVs separately using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or something other than IR, then I would be good. I do currently have a remote app on my iPhone that lets me control each tv separately, so I would think a harmony hub could accomplish the same thing hopefully. Please let me know your thoughts on this.
Hi I just wanted to ask you is it possible to give a command to the Alexa device to good turn on YouTube on the TV I have connected a harmony device to Alexa so I just wanted to ask you so it by giving a command I can use YouTube to watch on the TV
Good thing I saw your video before buying one. When you said "these things need internet all the time", I was going "what?!?". I looked it up and it is confirmed. I am very IT literate and can't think of a decent reason why this would be needed. There are several indecent reasons, privacy issues being one of them. Well, now that I know, I'm not buying this. Problem is what to buy instead because I have found few products which allow you to control all devices with a smart phone app without requiring a IR blaster on the phone itself. Why in this day and ago of smart devices, do we still need conventional remote controls?!? Not a happy IT guy here. Thanks for the heads-up
Disabled and hate messing with TV and Blu Ray remote control. I have a ten year old Sony Bravia
Is it possible to configure remote buttons in the Harmony apps? I have my projector, AVR, PS4 added and the default buttons in the apps are useless. I want to hide the ones I don't use and add new one. Is it possible?
Do you need a different hub for each floor?
Great videos keep it up!
hey what up i have a harmony and a echo dott no matter how i try i cant get them working is there anyway u can help me
A+ information. Quick question. How is your tablet mounted on the wall. I have two tablets that I would like to mount and I cant find anything out on the market.
Setup prompts slightly diff on my iOS app, but after getting it dialed in & settings tweaked to work well for my devices, I then synced, opened Alexa app, enabled the skill & boom! All works well! Loving this. thanks again for all your videos. So far I’m controlling TV, AC (Honeywell WiFi), & Hue lights (super expensive, but sweet!), all without any hubs! (Beside hue bridge ofcourse). Next I’m going to add front door lock. hopefully HomeKit would suffice, going to see how far I can go without spending money on a physical hub. I have an upcoming home improv project looming; getting 13 LED recessed fixtures(downlights) installed in my great room (kitchen/dining space/living room). I want smart switches to control them. Any switches that run on HomeKit or Alexa directly? (Again, trying to avoid buying a hub).
It doesn't have zwave or zigbee but if you also have a smarthings hub it can pair to that and the smartthings hub can control both zigbee and zwave devices
Great video. What tablet are you using?
how bad is delay?
Is there a better solution that isnt cloud based?
First upload had some audio issues. What other questions do you have? Full voice assistant tutorial coming soon!
Did you know that the Logitech Harmony hub is actually compatible with Google assistant bet you didn’t know that
What is a good web page for doing set up?
Hello great tutorial. Would a Harmony remote help me turn everything on at the same time. For some reason my Denon AVR doesn't turn on the TV. HDMI to arc and still nothing
My friend has the same remote… older gentleman and he does not know or remember how it was set up… I added a Roku to make his old tv a smart tv… problem I’m having is trying to figure out is how to change the input from tv and roku easily for him… he is 79 yrs old and he doesn’t have the tv remote any longer which would be easier for him to switch back and forth but that’s not an option please help. Thank you
Can I connect 4 Samsung smart tvs that is the same brand and model to this remote controller?
Hi how i learn a new remote which is not listed to the harmony hub
I have the older Harmony 890 universal remote and I also have the Harmony Hub. Can the hub power on/off my Lutron lights in my theater? The older 890 remote can dim the lights incrementally or turn them all the way off. I haven’t seen a way to do it with the Harmony Hub remote.
Moving in to a living room with 3 different tvs. (2 Roku, 1 fire stick) would the harmony hub be able to control all 3 tvs at the same time?
Do you know if work with rf signal?
HI, can you tell me if it possible to control tv with voice via logitech hub + google assistant also for changing channels and adjusting volume and not just turning tv on and off?
hithank you so much for the video.harmony remote works very well but the back button isn't working with you tube arrow button works with netflix etc to go back but with you tube tv the back button and the arrow button are not the exit button. : (
Harmony don't connect to servers and won't restart device, it is annoying
Thank you
I didn’t know you can put four remotes in one remote
This all assumes the Harmony would work perfectly, which mine never has. It can almost never connect to my phone, it's never been able to talk to my DVR despite it pairing successfully, and the remote never once worked. What an enormous waste of money.
Just wanna ask. If I set this up for my dad in his nursing home. Am I able to remotely control his TV from my house or if I was at work?
So there is still no such thing as a true RF Universal Remote that works with a Roku device if it does not also have a IR Receiver in it like a Roku Stick? It costs almost as much as a decent quality Budget friendly Denon Digital Receiver for a Universal TV Remote or if you get one of the ones with a Color Display in it it will cost more than your Digital Receiver and still not be true a RF Universal Remote.
Does your companion remote have led indicator lights that light up when you press buttons mine does not. Tried 3 batteries
I see your great video I broke my universal program remote I want to buy different because the control I have is programmed with the technician program, you Recomend harmony now or a different please answer me thanks I appreciate
I thought for sure this commentator was a pilot on another channel
Now that Logitech has quit the Harmony market do you has a recommendation for a replacement.
So much talking and so little content. Holy crap this was annoying
It's hot garbage.
Good advice
I am coming from a Harmony 900 but have been relying more on device remotes for quick launching of apps or voice input. While it appears the Harmony Elite has been discontinued by Logitech - would that mean the app would still offer the core functionality? I'm contemplating spending $400 to get an Elite before the remaining inventory disappears. Thoughts?
Great review. Made my purchase much easier to make. Thank you
Hi Matt! Just finished watching your YouTube video on the Logitech Harmony Elite Hub-Remote and I'm really not sure what my next step should be. After watching about 4different Harmony HUB-Elite videos, I'm convinced that at least so far, you would be most likely to have the best answer as my sense is that your understanding of the underlying technologies is broader and better, so , here goes. I am often accused(by my wife) of giving too much detail, so I'll try to be as concise as possible and risk that if you need more info, you will ask. I have been using Harmony 650 button remotes for about 10 years. My wife (much smarter than I am) would tell you that they saved our marriage and well, she is usually RIGHT(at least the last time I checked). In abbreviated form I would say that my issue may be either unrealistic expectations of the range of the Harmony 650 (advertised as "up to 50 ft". We have a retirement/get-away home twice as large (tot. sq. ft.) as our 1600 sq ft. detached condo home. We use a Harmony 650 button remote in both locations. Operation in the condo where transmission of IR is less than 16 ft and directly at components is nearly flawless. My problem is in the retirement home the family room is much largerand the AV equipment (Yamaha receiver(currently), Samsung HD 4K TV, Sony BR Player, Phillips VCR-DVD (and Windows PC which is not really operated via the Harmony). When we built the retirement home my wife wanted all of "my electronic toys" out of sight so we built an AV closet. The equipment in the AV closet is in a 7 ft tall 19 inch equipment rack on casters which is great but when inside the closet there is not much more than 10 inches of horizontal space between the inside surface of the closet door and the fronts of the components in the multi-shelf rack which are at about 4 to 7 ft. above the floor I had been reading about HDMI over CAT-5/6 ethernet and was intrigued. Ultimately I decided to try it and I think I'm happy with my decision. Here is where in the spirit of full disclosure things get a little interesting. The HDMI extender (transmitter & receiver) initially was not truly functional, in that the HDMI VIDEO transmission was great, but the IR control was 75% unreliable. One of the features of the extender was power over PoE or power over ethernet where it was not supposedly necessary to power the link at both ends, i.e. at transmitter AND receiver(via "wall wart" 117AC to 5 VDC adapters). I surmised that the IR portion of the extender was definitely not working reliably, so with nothing to lose I connected a second AC-DC 5v power adapter to the receiver end of the extender and suddenly the IR relibility went from 80% unreliable to about 75-80% reliable and fresh batteries in the Harmony made no difference except that increasing the IR distance on the Harmony 650 from 22 to 27-30 ft degraded my 80% reliability to 50 or 60 % at best. I had remembered when I looked at different Extenders that there was a wall mounted receiver version that allowed the use of either an IR receive photo sensor with a 3.5 mm plug at one endof an 8 or 10 ft. pre-molded cable and very small 3/8" dia. photo sensor at the other OR a separate multi-cond.longer than 10 ft cable with bare wire screwdown terminals on the receiver and a sepatate IR photo sensor also with screw terminals that could be potentially larger and more sensitive to accomodate a longer range . I had nothing to lose. I immediately ordered the new wall mount receiver and after an extensive search also located a separate larger IR photo sensor. Well, lets just say that the wall mount receiver and larger IR photosensor definitely got me better than 95% reliability at up to about 24 ft. degrading to about 80-85% at 40- 45ft. Well in all honesty It has never been any better and my wife who insists that NO technology is good unless itcan be as simple and reliable as a 12" well masrked ruler. (I already told you that she is usually right!) OK, fast forward about 24 months and she is fed up with 90% relaibility and insists that we need a new receiver. The previously mentioned Yamaha sounds great but I knew I was in trouble when I went to re-program the Harmony 650 for the Yamaha and the Harmony server came back with a warning about there being a second set or version of IR codes for this model of Yamaha receiver which I had initially purchased on Ebay to use in another room and as a back-up to my 2006 Integra(Onkyo) $2k surround processor pre-amp. Well 6 months ago the Integra Pre-Pro finally succumbed to the dreaded HDMI board failure that I had already lived through once 7 years ago and cost me $400.00 to repair(and if I believe what's on the web will probably die again soon. I just received a new DENON AVR-X3600 receiver and a new SONY BlueRay player. Based upon what I've shared, do you believe that migrating this system NOW to a Harmony HUB-Elite would positively impact the situation. I do have about a half dozen Z-wave devices in this same house and I'm considering installing an ECOBEE Z-wave thermostat, the Home automation aspects don't really interest me that much. There is no telling what the wife will expect(or threaten!) although her Alexa DOT makes her feel powerful for sure. I would be extremely grateful for your insights based upon your experience with the HUB-Elite Harmony remote Thanks also for indulging me through the explanation and I apologize ahead of time id the answer to you is obvoius or a "no-brainer" that didn'r require as much explanation. appreciatively Stan R. (stanrosenblatt1@)
I own the Harmony 900, do you think it’s worth grabbing the Elite or just use the 900 for current (new) tech/tv/receiver…
Best universal remote by a long way
Awesome video I like music and even they part you put those message words on gray area awesome look good video there
Talk to the camera its just bothering me. Also i can tell u reading atleast try like u actually talking from your head
I know this video is old but I haven’t seen any videos on how to setup control for two different rooms, like 2 different zones you can switch between and control.
Does this remote work with Lutron ra2 lighting?
Good remote but battery life stinks.
My father in law is having problems using this remote with the Bose lifestyle 650.
This remote is awesome, but can i buy a second remote and have it function within the system?
What ir extender and denon avr model you got?
Matt: EXCELLENT video!Clear/concise/articulate/factual!.What a nice change from 99+% of the stuff that is posted these days, THANK-YOU!.
I beg to differ. Nothing but trouble with a Harmony Elite. I always have to press the help for my TV to come on. When I swich everything off, a few seconds later, it all comes on again, The hub and the remote never sync as they should. The software sucks.
I bought a new Asus router and could not get my harmony hub to see it. I eventually solved it by going into router settings and changing the 2.4 security to WPA/WPA2 -Personal.
Good advice
Thanks again for an amazing video. So I use my LG smart TV with Apple TV. However, I’d like to use Alexa Voice Control to turn on the TV and open Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Should I configure the Harmony to connect directly with the LG Smart TV or should I connect Harmony with Apple TV or should I connect it with Alexa Fire TV?
Will I be able to control all my devices if they're in a bedroom closet with the door closed with this device? My movie/gaming room is in a bedroom.
I have an old Harmony 900 still a great control has the usual issues for it's age I would like upgrade to harmony hub with the control can I copy across my existing settings using the old Harmony 900 software without having to reload all my devices because my tv is not supported on the logitech site
Does this hub have to be next to my tv within its regular remote reach or I could place it next to my computer in a different room with my other hubs. Also, if I have few tvs, do I need a hub in each room? Thank you
Great videoI have the harmony smart home package( with remote included). Not sure if it's harmony hub 2 version though. Hoping to set it up with nvidia shield tv box, samsung hdtv (not smart tv), smartthings stick and my windows 10 home built computer( which has and IR remote capability. Hope to at least be able to start up and shut down the computer at least. I also have a harmony wireless keyboard. The smartthings usb stick came with the nvidia shield.
Need help: All my Harmony stuff works great except one thing. I want to play my smart TV and watch Netflix. However, the audio comes thru my TV only, but I want it to come thru my Onkyo receiver. If you or anyone can help, please email me, keithswango@
Very nice video Is there issues programming ARC ? Can’t seem to find this on any tutorial Again, thank you
Nice review. I've seen another review where they said that when you are on a activity and you choose to move to another activity, the hub first turn off all devices then turn them back on. Is it true? In addition I read a review from a buyer who said every Logitech or Google home update you have to reprogram the remote and activities.
Can Logitech Harmony hub use with smartphone without IR?
Good video. My friend se everything up but favorite TV channels. How do I do that on an iPad?
Are there any pros and con to having a remote included with the hub, Vs just buying the Hub itself
Do you know ab setting up wifi plugs
WHY DI I NEED A LOGITECH ACCOUNT fuuuuk i hate these manufacturers, an account for every thing i haul home. Also the Logitech forums are riddled with users saying their hub stops working when they disconnect is from the internet So now you need internet your turn on your tv.
Very detailed review. Thank you for uploading
Can I navigate through my Blu Ray features - Pandora, Amazon, input from iPod, Chrome Cast dongle with this hub? It’s so time consuming to use the BluRay remote
Will this work with a windows pc?
Excellent, comprehensive tutorial!
Harmony works great. Worth the money. I have the Hub and the Harmony Ultimate One Remote.

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