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Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse with ...

Integrated with up to 15 programmable controls, the Logitech G G604 Lightspeed Wireless Optical Bluetooth Gaming Mouse lets you make preferred adjustments like ...


Buy Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming ... - Amazon.in

Buy Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with 15 programmable controls, 240 hour battery life, dual wireless connectivity modes, hyper-fast scroll ...


Buy Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse ... - Amazon.in

Buy Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse ...


Logitech G604 Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse Features

    Logitech G604 Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse Colours:
    • Black

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    Logitech G604 Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse Reviews from YouTube

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    NEW Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review (2020)
    Logitech G604 Gaming Mouse Review + 6 mins of Quake Highlights
    Logitech G604 Lightspeed Review
    fuck that im using it primarily for fps
    Tbh, weight, size, grip, aiming style, it is ALL personal preference, i used the G600 for shooters ,mmo w/e i was playing at the time, had no issues using it, worked perfectly fine, honestly i think the feel of the mouse is the single most important thing when it comes to gaming.
    Hi, I guess you have big hands, which hand size are yours?
    Anyone using this with Macbook Pro M1?
    I use my 1990 ibm mouse it's phenomenal I kill at oregon trail boi
    This mouse is actually pretty good, I use it on my gaming laptop, and the button mapping comes in clutch when my finger doesn't feel like reaching the CTRL key.
    Works on ps4 Thanks from Argentina
    As an FPS player I can attest this mouse still holds up outside of MMO and MOBA games. Admittedly my keyboard hand needs work. But having the extra buttons on the mouse allow me to keep my left hand focused on movement most of the time. While being able to melee, reload, crouch, and “interact” or “use” with out disrupting it.
    Does it have on board memory like th g502?
    Can you reprogram the + and - dpi buttons?
    Literally what is the point of hyperscroll
    Couple problems I had with this: 1. The "hyperscroll" wheel is way too loose, leading to accidental twitchy scrolls while web browsing and working. 2. Its notably heavier than other Logitech mouse, 3. blue tooth is very poor response.
    I have finally found a good replacement for Logitech G700
    This mouse is trash I just got it and I’m returning it. Worst quality mouse I’ve ever had. The cheap freebie from ibuypower is better quality than this garbage. Save your money
    Iam this mouse next year
    Okay, so Canelo Alvarez is doing Tech Reviews now?
    The sound test
    So can you click the middle mouse wheel down? As a button?
    Nah ima get the g600
    I'm glad Logitech has a replacement for the G602. When the 602 dropped of the market I was in a cold sweat fearing they weren't going to replace it. I assume my 602 won't last forever and the thought of losing that automation is akin to the fear of losing my multiple monitors! I'd prefer if it didn't make all the noise. I use my mouse on a cloth 'desktop' size pad, and I use it for NON-gaming functions predominately. My buttons are configured for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste without formatting. Then Other buttons call Macros, different macros in different Apps, and AutoIT scripts. Personally I think that if you are doing serious work you should be using a mouse like this; otherwise you are making life hard for yourself.
    Smash that like button if you love the background music. Subscribe if you don't :P
    That's insane you have less than a 1,000 subs I thought this was a 100k+ channel
    Bro calm down with the intro, we're not the girl you tryna bang lol
    Love the video, getting my g604 tomorrow, it's one of logitech cheaper wireless mouse with lots of button, going to use it mostly for video editing on the go, I have the wired g502, I wanted to get the wireless hero g502 but it cost 3x the wired one
    Because you're looking for feedback, I'll offer some. The video is a bit black crushed for detail, so when showing off a dark product, like a black mouse, it's hard to differentiate its features without lighting; raise your blacks in editing. The music between transitions is unbelievably loud, reduce by half; seriously, it's too loud. Plural of mouse is mice. The intro has some repeated sentences and phrases. A bit more script editing and grammar correction will go a long way for people who pick up on those. The bloopers are an appreciated touch and keep the real aspect of 'you' in the fore-front, unless others find it a gimmick, keep that section in. Good luck growing your channel.
    Does this mouse register to drag click ?
    Thank God for no rgb. I'm buying this
    Can this connect to pc on board Bluetooth or do you have to use the usb dongle?
    nice mouse, but I noticed different speed of cursor in bluetooth vs lightspeed dongle, is it a bug, or I have to set something? my DPI settings are the same for both, bluetooth have higher speed for me in the same DPI settings
    Can i find someone that show us the whple thing how to setup it fam
    thanks for the video. Got this mouse for $44 Christmas sale!
    just ordered this mouse and i’m pretty excited. its on sale rn on amazon u can get it for $60 tax included
    Great review, the only thing missing is how this mouse appears in the Logitech software - as different Logitech Gaming mice have different capabilities. (e.g. g602 can't record keypress macros)
    I got the mouse for 40$ at best buy
    It is the best both for productivity and gaming!
    You look like Jasper Pääkkönen
    Way to dark, less editing and more lighting would be good
    The quality of the video made me subscribe :)
    So can you click the middle mouse wheel down? As a button?
    Astonishing quality! This is the youtube version of "dress for the job you want"
    Complains about weight struggles to lift 40lb bench press bar
    Crap, it has the G502 wheel. Otherwise perfect for all-round work and gaming (unless you're competitive)
    Here's a fun fact, weight isn't the end all be all metric for mice. I hate this nonsensical crap people shove as "BEST GAMING MICE WEIGHT 30GRAMS"
    I dont understand the obsession with weight. I’ve never once felt held back by a “heavy”mouse. Do you not wear shoes because the weight hinders you from walking?
    im confused how lite does a mouse have to be to be good cause that doesnt sound heavy i dont own a pc and am looking to build one so i dont know much about pc gaming
    Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Black Programmable (15 Buttons) for the review. Been looking for something new and I've bought and returned a Basilisk Ultimate (awful and loud friction on my hard plastic pad) and a G502 Lightspeed (right click was 50% tension of left click out of the box) got this mouse in today and I think it's really nice. It glides across my Helios pad better than either the Basilisk or G502 Lightspeed. Yeah it's heavy, but I'm used to the G502, a palm gripper, and not playing anything competitive right now. Good option for productivity and general gaming as you say.
    You play fast twitchy style games, which requires a very specific specs than 99%+ of those who need a wireless mouse for common use and slower FPS games.
    The back side buttons are gud for short 's why I'm gettign it. Weight is not issue for me since I use it more for productivity than FPS games.
    I hate all light mouses. I cant aim withi tried all these tiny mices that everyone raved about and man my shots were all over the place but tried this and this is my kind of mice. I liked my roccar aimo but it has no grip. What I dont like about this mouse is wireless. Why cant I get a wired version.
    Watching this video reminds me why I don't play twitch FPS'. That just looks stressful.
    Hey man first off thanks for such a detailed review on this. I’m wondering when it comes to heavy and lightweight mouses, is there an actual advantage when someone’s has a lighter mouse than you? Would this mouse be suitable for Fortnite comp?
    This gameplay reminds me of early Unreal.
    this game looks soo hard to play.
    The only reason the G304/305 isn’t my only mouse is because of WoW. This seems to be a better alternative than my 150 grams G600
    I'm a fan of the G602, so I was actually contemplating upgrading to this mouse for FPS. I do enjoy my G602 but I often exceed the comparitevely low 80 IPS rating on the G602 when playing CSGO. I prefer the styling on the G502 lightspeed however, and as far as extra buttons, as long as the mouse has a single thumb button (for VOIP), I'm satisfied.
    i use a heavier mouse for fps games
    Not for gaming? LOL
    It's still not a worthy successor to the G600 damn it.
    I would be interested in more "productivity mouse" tests. :) Just found your channel as I'm searching for a new mouse and I'm more on the productivity & comfort side than on the gaming side. It's quite hard to find good information though on non-gaming mice.
    Either this guy never uses a gaming mouse or he doesnt have a clue of what he's talking about. Having a replaceble battery IS the best feature here. What a weird review.
    Yeah1/4 poundI wish my Big Mac was only 15 grams. Can you imagine a foot-long sub at Subway weighing only 10 grams? FABULOUS! I'm so tired of lifting heavy food on a daily basis. Don't you think it'd make perfect sense though?
    I used to use Logitech mice 10 years ago, but switched to gaming brands like Razer, just bought this for wireless use as sometimes the wire gets snagged on pad edges. I like all the buttons and I am confident it will work in FPS games too. 70& productivity, 30% FPS gaming.
    Yeah, the bluetooth polling rate is only 133Hz so the lag is very noticeable while gaming. But if you use it for productivity/general browsing then using it in BT mode will save the battery. However the battery life is very good even when connected to the dongle. The original battery (Duracell) lasted 5 months of daily use (mostly gaming). Impressive.
    @torvesta is that you?
    Replacing a battery every six months is a downside? Eish, first world problems.
    Good honest review! I've actually just ordered one of these to use with my "gaming" laptop that I bought a few months ago. Since then I've been using an old spare wireless logitech mouse that had been sitting in a drawer in the kitchen for as long as anyone can remember, may have even came with the house. or was there before the house, maybe its just always been there. nobody knows!. (I think) it actually came with a pretty cheap wireless desktop set at some point though. On the AA battery thing.I think using AA batteries can be a pro and a con. Personally I would rather everything used AA or AAA batteries, I find it more convenient. Especially since I always have quite a few rechargeable ones on hand already. So when something is complaining about a battery being low its easy enough to just swap them out. Instead of having to start finding the correct cable,, then if your using a laptop on your bed getting tangled up in it.
    You actually have a MX 3 and missed the chance to compare them? Almost no one does :( I think I want to have the G604 because of its higher polling rate and no acceleration and I also read about the very sensitive / fast scrolling thumb wheel of the MX3. But I'm still not sure which one to take. And I'm also not sure if it makes sense to spend 4x the price of an M500 that even has a longer warranty period, similar size, similar wheel.
    Replace the battery every 6 months is downside? How lazy are you? Well he looks like sloth, so it’s fair for him.
    standard AA battery is everything I look for in a mouse, I don't want to throw away my expensive wireless mouse when it doesn't hold a charge anymore. Give me a break.
    if it takes you 6 months to use 240 hours of gameplay you ain't a gamer
    The removable AA battery isn't really a downside because it would make the mouse last longer. It's better than having a built-in rechargeable battery that would wear out in two years and not hold a charge after some time.
    Why do People have such a issue with no rechargable batteries? You have to replace it every 240ish or every 6months depending on what connection you use. I have no issues putting in a new battery every few months so i just dont get the hate for non rechargable batteries.
    To be fair, you put a lithium cell of decent quality in there it will last literally months, and there's nothing stopping you having a whole pack of batteries on hand apart from your own organisational skills. plus rechargeable batteries are a thing. the real selling point is the 8 g keys on the mouse imo, perfect for more complicated games with lots of keybinds.
    I like heavy mice, I ordered one of these from bestbuy today
    I used to use the G700, and then the G700s. I have been waiting for Logitech to put out a competitive utility mouse like this for ages, and have been using the G602 in the meantime(and hating it). I have small and inflexible hands, and have trouble reaching keys on my keyboard, and often missclick. Having a mouse like this with so many buttons, that's also fast and reliable is a gamechanger for someone like me. It allows me to perform actions in games with excellent speed, while keeping my left hand on WASD. I literally can't play MOBAs or other competitive games without a mouse like this. And no, I don't want a mouse with 12 buttons on the thumb, that's like trying to find a cheeto in a bag of dried dog poop. It doesn't matter what you do, you're getting poop on your fingers.
    How many times do we have to go through this: If it is integrated battery you would have to plug in your mouse for charging. With normal battery, you just pop in a new one every time you run out of juice. If you want rechargeability, just use rechargeable AA batteries.
    Can you not use the eneloop rechargeable batteries
    This guy has no clue as to what hes talking about since when is replacing a battery once in 6 months even remotely a problem
    I've had this mouse for 2 weeks and the battery hasn't went down 1 bar, really impressed with it

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