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Logitech Cooling Pad N120 AP Features

Logitech Cooling Pad N120 AP

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Logitech Cooling Pad N120 AP Specifications

General Specifications
Brand Logitech
Category Cooling Pad
Color Grey
Model PN 939-000351

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Logitech Cooling Pad N120 AP Reviews from YouTube

Logitech Cooling Pad N100
The ULTIMATE Laptop Cooling Comparison - Pad vs Vacuum vs Stand
Logitech Cooling Pad N200
Logitech N200 Cooling Pad
i use this laptop stand but my laptop is still overheating when i put my hand on the gap to the left where all the heat comes out. and the fan on the laptop stand is in the centre so it doesnt really cool off my machine since every time i use it its like ON FIRE
was looking for a way to clean it, the fan is full of dust
Don't get this. It's so bad. It barley works. I have plugged it into all my USB ports and it only works for about 30 seconds then it stops. All my ports work with other decives. I can't even return it or get a new one because for some reason they decided to put the serial number on a sticker that rubs off. God.
I have this cooling pad. It is not enough for my laptop, so I had to buy another pad. I had 2 cooling pads and I use them both, although my laptop still make a sound like a hair dryer!
Mine has stopped! what should i do?!?
Um ok o.O I wish there was a review on the N200
how the i clean this thing. Im pretty much ripping the top off right now cuz its pissing me off and I thing something is wrapped around the fan. It works just stuck DANGIT
Dont buy this I had one and the usb got loose and it doesnt work anymore, and ive only had this less than a year. For 10 bucks more on amazon u could get the ZALMAN 3000, chek it out, works way better than this piece of crap.
hpland12, It should! I have a 17" MBP, and it works great. Thanks!
I love a reviewer who talks to people like they're 2 year olds.
Hi. Have you tried the Ergo Tilt? I have one, it's pretty decent.
you think this will work on a alienware 11x?
@cjames222 yeah it was his cooling pad meowing when it turns on. Only the really good cooling pads meow when you turn them on.
@arsaurav Thanks.
@kris019940 Yes, it works perfectly fine on a desk. The N100 is what I use every day.
I might think I'am gonna buy this, but those it work well when standing still on a desk? Cause when I play games on my laptop I use a Razer keyboard, so the only thing I use on the laptop itself is the screen.
@Kux1 You are welcome Kux1. Let me know if you have any questions.
@LaptopStandsVideos thumbs up! :D
worlds largest source of laptop stands. ROFL!
In a pinch I just stick the laptops power brick under the back to raise it up, how do you cool yours?
Verdict: just use a stand
what if you combine cooling pad with vacuum?
the thing why the GPU didn't seem to get better with cooling is, and this if from laptops that i have fixed before, they don't have the GPU heatsink in direct contact with the GPU chip, intsead theres a 1 to 3 mm gap filled with some sort clay like thermal interfacewhile the CPU is actually in direct contact with its heatsink
Hey, i know it's a stupid question, but i read something about laptop coolers being harmful for the laptop fans? Basically they might make the fans overspin or something which can cause damage to the bearings. Is it true?
A stand is almost similar to coolers and also cheaper
Stand + Vaccum Cooler?
Thank u for information
Very good video!, I ended up buying today a "Targus - Chill Mat+ Laptop Cooling System with 4-Port USB Hub - Gray" but it was to noisy however the temps were way better on my Dell GE 15 SE. Then ended up customizing some feet for the laptop below and worked out way better for me. Not to mention the temps were close to similar using the cooling pad without the added noise from the two fans on it. I will be returning the cooling pad tomorrow. XD
Easy for a I7H 9th generation not for a I3 5Th generation
Now, I am wondering how's this laptop performance will be like in a subzero condition?
Lenovo Y- 73/91 Acer helio - 71/92 Acer Nitro - 75/87 Gigabyte - 75/90 Eluct - 83/95 Msi Alpha - 70/82 Asus ga - 80/89 Dell G3 - 81/92 Razor blade -73/94
i wont be able to use the opolar vacuum fans because my fan exhausts are behind the hinge
What are you doing with 10 laptops? Donate one or two ☺️
Laptop fans in general aren't designed for extra air to be blown at them. They work better on a passive surface that's at least 1-2cm off the surface.
What about alienware
I use a cooling pad AND a big arse fan that sometimes is freezing me, also i can't really use built in microphones with that I think over time when we play for many hours, its necessary
Thanks you, great video, it’s 4am and I was wondering.
I have my old trusty coolermaster stand that have adjustable inclination and movable clipon fan. The later serve well to adjust to every kind of laptop openings underneath.
I have logitch cooling pad n200,its fan doesn't work now,,how to fix it
Your Notebook may have gotten cooler after you unplugged it from the cooler because the battery wasn't powering the fan on the cooler anymore. But I'm sure the temps would go up afterwards.
Hi, YES!  April is 1 year since I purchased the N200!  When I found out they were going to be discontinued because the company won't be making cooling pads any more I went and bought 2 more!  It's PERFECT for my 13" MacAir!   It does a good job of sucking out the hot air because my Mac vent is where the monitor connects to the keyboard, in the fold!  My daughter also took 1 of my other cooling pads I had bought, same model to use for her older MacBook & says it's doing a good job.  We are both heavy computer users!     Read my Review PAGE & blog posts for descriptive info.   Thanks! Kobi
is it working? i mean is that thing can really reduce the heat from laptop it self? i use a cooling pad too but not logitech and that's useless.
:) Hey it happens The lap pad is pretty much attached to my laptop! I mean I carry them around together! There are so many out there, but when I found this one and it worked so well, I decided to make a blog about it! I update it every so often and so far the only negative thing I can say is when the lap pad is on for a very extended time the switch gets kinda warm, not Hot but warm like it may need a break :) thanks for the reply!
Well at least i can say it's not a BAD product, just i had an rotten apple eh
That's too bad you had a poor experience! I'm using it now & I use it about 10+ hours a day & it has worked fantastically! I like it so much I went back & bought "2" more same model lap pads! I live in Florida & I often like to sit on my patio using my laptop, we've had serious humidity for months now through the summer! It's been on 24 hrs+ & it's had NO problems. Logitech makes good products, it's too bad you had a . I have used & abused this lap pad and it's still going!
Hi, Not my best video ever but I luv the N200! A 14" is perfect size, as I use 2 laptops, my MacBook Air 13"+ & My Dell PC 15.6".the Dell is too large for the lappad as it has an extra key pad so its not the best fit but anything 12" - 15" even though they say 16" I would think is ideal, but always measure to make sure if laptop under 13" it will fit on the 2 rubber pads. Glad I could help! :)

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