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Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Logitech C925e B2B Webcam

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Logitech C925e B2B Webcam at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.


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Check out Logitech Webcam C925e, 960-001076 reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Logitech products ... Logitech C925e B2B Webcam.


Logitech C925e B2B Webcam Features

Video boosts collaboration between team members who canât meet in person. Enhance every opportunity for collaboration with the Logitech C925e Webcam, which delivers affordably priced, HD-quality video in any environment â in the office or on the road. The C925e works with virtually all video conferencing software applications, so you can quickly set up and run every meeting.HD 720/1080p 30fps1080p 30 fpsH.264 with Scalable Video Coding and UVC 1.5Dual Stereo MicrophonesOmni-directional dual stereo microphonesLogitech RightLightRightLightâ¢2 TechnologyMultiple mounting optionsMultiple mounting options

  • Color: Black
  • HD Support
  • Built in Microphone
  • 3 MP Image Resolution
  • USB Interface
  • Night Vision
  • It is a webcam
  • Item Weight is 177g
  • Dimension is 3. 3 x 3 x 12. 7 cm
Logitech C925e B2B Webcam

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Logitech C925e B2B Webcam Specifications

3 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
720p with supported clients
Application Compatibility Windows\xC2\xAE 7, Windows\xC2\xAE 8, Windows\xC2\xAE 10Mac\xC2\xAE OS X 10.7 or higher
Automatic low-light correction
Built-in dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction
Certifications Optimized for Microsoft\xC2\xAE Lync\xC2\xAECertified for Skype for BusinessSkype\xE2\x84\xA2 CertifiedCisco Jabber\xC2\xAE and WebEx\xC2\xAE compatible
Compatibility Windows\xC2\xAE 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10Mac\xC2\xAE OS X 10.7 or higherSUSE Linux\xC2\xAE 11 SP2 (for Cisco\xC2\xAE VXC6215)(Webcam works as a standard plug-and-play device)
Drivers/Software Downloads Required? No
H.264 /video compression
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (USB 3.0 ready)
Including clip and cable Height x Width x Depth: 73 mm x 126 mm x 45 mm
Integrated privacy shade
Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD, or CRT monitors
Up to 1080p video calling at 30 frames per second (up to 1920 x
Weight Including clip and cable 170 g
Without clip and cable Height x Width x Depth: 29 mm x 126 mm x 32 mm

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Logitech C925e B2B Webcam Reviews from YouTube

Logitech C925e Webcam Unboxing, Set Up, Review & Problems
Comparing video & audio quality of Logitech BRIO | PTZ Pro | C910 | C925e | Huddly | Jabra Panacast.
*For my need, I wish it had a winder angle but it's a standard wide angle camera. Use the same type at work and they are very good. If you use Windows 10, make sure you go into "privacy settings" and "allow apps to use your camera", then do the same thing for the microphone. Initially it worked when I set it up, but the next morning it didn't. Took me about 90min to figure out windows wasn't allowing apps to use it. Hope that helps someone.*
Nov 2020 - I bought a Logitech C925e, plugged it in to replace an old Logitech, and it worked OK. But I was interested in Ben's helpful YouTube report. The two C925e documents - the 2016 two-sided specification leaflet, and the four-language 16-page setup booklet - do not mention any video control options. But I went on the Logitech website and downloaded This enables all C925e video functions. The immediate visible change is that the field of view is much wider, and all other tasks, including focus, can be fine-tuned if required. And their is no loss of sound synchonisation.
Mine is really glitchy and messed up
Hi Benn, could you let me know which is better - the C922 or the C925e ? I am a bit confused on which to get: the C925e has the privacy shutter, however the Logi capture software does not work - instead there is a seperate Logitech camera settings app. On the other hand the C922 has the basic tripod and the Logi Capture software.
Thanks for the review, I canceled my eBay best offer bid. :-) The microphone and non-synchronized audio was a deal breaker.
Thanks for the review, I'll definitely be avoiding this camera.
Hi Ben, thanks for the rapid reply. Good to know that the 920 worked better for you. The 922 prostream is the latest model on the market and has some upgrades from the 920. It shoots 60 fps; You no longer have to reinput the camera settings every time you boot your computer; the newer software www.logitech/capture seems to have better functionality; it has Personify for customizable background; comes with a 7.3 inch tripod you can mount with the same tripod mount the 920 has; same mic and auto-correct for low light. Just like all cams, they are on backorder everywhere in the States. If you would like to connect off YouTube shoot me your e mail address. Thanks again for all your excellent service to the community.
Hi Ben, Your review is so helpful. I've been on back order for the 925e for 3 months and now that it has serious basic problems, I was wondering if you did a review of the C920? If not, could you summarize your review of it as compared to 925e? Your main negatives were: no 1080p (others claimed they had it), audio (mic) quality & bad sync, low volume when recording, color not as bright. I'm subscribed so any updated advice for people looking for a better webcam that doesn't have these issues would be most appreciated!
Would you know to tell me a way to remove the automatic focus?
Thanks. This is a very detailed review and is very helpful.
Thank you
Just got my C925e, 1080p works fine (tried in OBS, also Skype), didn't notice audio sync issues too (though it's probably a common issue for many setups, because there is Audio Offset option in OBS).
Hi, do not you come with the tripe to 925? the c922 comes with tripe!
Audio sync issue is probably related more to PC performance and software/configuration you used. There are many complaints about that with different webcams, including C920.
shit webcam
Why is it 20 fps when it's advertised as 60fps
Hi, just a query, I bought this webcam for live streaming and when I connect it to my laptop and stream, the quality is good but the issue is that in the videos, the images are flipped vertically, meaning a right handed player is shown as a left handed player and everything that is on the right has moved to the left, can you please advise me how to solve this?
Hi There! May you tell us which software do you use to edit videos? Thanks and Greetings from BR.
Any luck?
FullHD /20 fps!
Bro can I get your number
wtfits se acha camera le leta
Amazing information
give me link your leptop
Bhaiya mere subscribers glitch kaise shi kru 515 krta hu fir 2hours mai 513 ho jate hai Total 75 Subscribers youtube nhi de rha mere vapus
Very nice video bruh Can it be usefull to the laptop and desktop aswell?
Congratulations sir
14k its for 7k
Super amazing quality.
Amazing. Congrats for the webcam
Amazing congratulations a lot Sir
background music name ?
Clear review
Amazing sir camera quality is superb
Amazing work brother. Keep it up
Logitech Camera Quality is Amazing
amazing sir
Nice video
Nice video. Thanks. You helped me to make my decision.
The C930 is obviously better but honestly I think it's so damn ugly, the silver accent in the front is the worst, I'm seriously considering the C925 just because it's just black without glass or anything. If it didn't cost twice as much I would go for the streamcam.
I liked the video and the comparison. I wish you would have compared the audio of both cameras. Thanks
thanks for doing this, I was about to get the c925 but now convinced after watching your video that the c930 is the better option. i will also consider other webcams
Thanks, this was a big help. Does seem like there is lag time on the audio of the 930 and well as lag on the focus. Along with the poor color of the 925 makes me wonder about both. Only question I have is are either USB 3 compatible?
What about the ?
Sure there isn't a protector over the cover of the 925? Looks so bad
Thanks for doing this so long ago. (Pandemic shopping).
Thank you! You saved me from bying wrong webcam :-))
Hi Otis, you sorted out my queries and were the only person who had a comparison with the 925 - much appreciated thank you
I have one question in mind. So the Logitech C930e has a bigger field of view and I know we can zoom in but does that zoom work even in Google Meet and Zoom or does it zoom out?
c930 Beter like c925e Thank you.
2020 and this video is still relevant! Thank you!
Thank you for this. I liked that you showed them side by side and you did close ups. I was on the verge of buying the C925e for Zoom meetings. dodged that bullet. I have a bunch of unused decent photo gear and will set up that instead. (probably use the 6D) I will add, you have a very cool name.
Thanks Otis this was super helpful.
Thanks Otis for your video. I think I'll give the c925e a miss (very dark/dull colours and soft focus). not sure if I'll go the c930 either (might just stick with the webcam that came with my top of the line Sony 3D TV I bought 5+ years ago.) One criticism is that you do not mention the specifications of either camera, namely the resolutions and framerates you are demonstrating. I assume 1080p30, but it would have been good to lead with that and maybe do some rapid movements to show up the different framerate benefits/shortcomings. Demonstrating with different (lower) resolutions and (higher) framerates would have been nice (maybe contrast and image quality changes with higher fps). The lip sync is off for both cameras so I assume that this is due to processing your Mac is doing to produce side-by-side images. Maybe a description of your software/stream setup would be of value too. Finally, you have a Mac so why not use Bootcamp/Parallels and install Windows 10 where you can install and demonstrate those drivers/settings. I know more work, but it opens up your audience. This video is of most benefit to plug-and-play Mac users.
What else does it do? Is the a mic and speaker built in for meeting? 930 diffiently better.
Great video! If you could mention the specs, fps, etc. Do they both mount directly on tripods, and so on?
good video thanks
Hey Otis, Thanks for the video. I've been struggling to find a webcam and one store has both of these in stock :) I thought your video was real good, nothing I can think to improve, although this video is 3 years old so you probably don't need the feedback anymore :P
Extremely no-nonsense, very useful video. Thanks for taking the time to share it!
The setup Brio R with Google desktop mic has a great sound. Do you think that a person that is 5 meters away from that microphone, will still be heard very good ?
well yes but the quality is like 2 times worst than they actually are
The most useful webcam reviewwwwwwwwwww
Thanks for the effort but, as others said before me, c925e and c910 are far better than shown here
Thanks for the video and made it short and straight to the point!
*Camera is really nice. Had no issues having it work on my windows 10 computer. Discord had no issues using it either. Light turns blue on the webcam when it is being used by a Device which is a nice reminder that it's on.*
There must be something wrong with this test setup. I am researching for a webcam purchase, and from other video demonstrations, the 925e is no where near as dreadful as it appears here.
There seemed to be a focus issue or smudged lenses on every camera but the brio. Im not saying the brio isn't better than the c series, but I do know that the 910 and 925 can put out much better images than seen here. That being said, the brio is a best choice no brainer value unless you go the video audio capture card route. Your video also made it easy to resist any temptation to go for the ptz option which is obviously high on ptz not so much on video quality. Brio wins unless you go larger format sensors.
En av dom bästa videos jag sett där man jämför kameror! Toppen! Smidigt, snabbt, enkelt och tydligt!
Very useful video. To the point and time saving. Thank you very much.
Extremely helpful and thank you! I agree with Dan, I love the simplicity of this video. I hope more people find it (I found it by searching google, "logitech brio sound quality"). I was curious to hear how my logitech actually sounded to others. Again, very, very useful!
Im aware of how expensive is the logitech PTZ but ill be honest,i dislike brio is muchhhh betterrrrrr! Yes,Ptz has better zoom options and wider angle but in regards to clarity,it doesnt meet the requirements to justify its price! Thank you for the video because has shown me which camera is better!
Does anybody know the name or can provide a link to the desktop microphone he was referring to
Do u think Brio is good?
thanks for the video! I love the simplicity of just getting down to business and showcasing each camera one after the other. I wish other youtube comparisons were this straightforward!
Excellent video Frederick Can u please tell me if u need windows drivers for google speakermic or is it plug and play
Theres clearly some problem with your c910 and c925 configs. They offer much better image quality then that, and both in widescreen aspect ratio.

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