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Livestock Reproduction in Latin America (Panel Proceedings Series) Book Reviews from YouTube

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The Animal Farm by George Orwell in hindi full summary, analysis and explanation
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Animal Farm Book Review
I'm attracted to this book. Perhaps it's out of my being insatiable when it comes to travel writing, but also because not much has been written about South America. Travel writing is not just sightseeing: it's history, it's politics, it's economy, it's culture, it's food, and it's language. So, as much as I would love to read what Bruce Chatwin and Paul Theroux had to say, I want to touch the real thing, and I guess that with Galeano, much as it happened with Luis Sepulveda, I'm not going to be disappointed.
Good work, I was reading Galeano, and to me, it was a big surprise. Such a great writter. Greetings from Brazil.
I enjoyed your vid and have been reading most of Galeano’s books for many years. I just heard a vid where he says he had a dog, named Morgan who used to put his paw on table to get him to stop writing and go out for walks. Amazing body of works by this great poet and writer.
Thanks for this amazing review
Found this video looking for book reviews of Galeano's "Open veins of Latin America", personally I find it interesting because I'm from Peru, but also because its like you just said It's not the typical perspective you get from history books. Thank you for this video.
Last ka ending to aisa nhi hai, jaisa ki tumne bataya.. Last me to kuch aur hi hua hai..
It is also a summary of What animals think of man 😅
Novela kya hota h bhai
Nice explanation sir ji 🙏🇮🇳🙏❤️
Thanks☺️ 🙏
Watching this video just one hour before my exam start 😅
Bhai, you are boss. Itna lamba novel itna khubi se apne bataya!! Salute to you. Kolkata me abhi bhi is novel ka drama/play hota hai..
This video is very helpful for me thanks
After 4 year😁
I am watching this in 2022😂
Legend watching after 4 years Actually its novel not novela
Legend watching after 4 years😎
1:05 Story
Legend watching after 4 years
Watching after 4 Year✌️😅
Ultra legends watching after 4 years 🤣
Legend watching after 4 years 🙌
20/07/22. 😊😊
Thank you sir
Sir apki awaj ki maa ki Lori ki trah hai 😂😂mai story kam suna soya jada😂
This was such a good video! I now want to look into both of these authors and all of their works, for your discussion about them made me feel enthralled about wanting to know more. I am definitely inclined to learn more about South American literature and am curious to see the connection that Chico Buarque makes with Budapest. Thank you for sharing! -Josh
Well here we go again! I love the idea of Tropical Night Falling and Budapest. Off to do further damage to my budget. Thanks Juan. I have read Kiss of the Spider Woman as a result of seeing the film many many years ago. I enjoyed it very much.
I read Budapest ages ago. I liked it a lot, but I simply can't remember anything about it! 😆 Chico Buarque has also written a musical theatrical play, A Ópera do Malandro, that's such a gem.
Elderly women protagonists is one of my favorite tropes. Will definitely check out Tropical Night Falling!
Would love for you to make a full review of tropical night falling
I did put Tropical Night Falling on my wishlist. Thanks for making me aware of it, I had never heard of this author before.
I love your recommendations. Would it be out of the question to hope for you to do a video on any Javier Marias novel in the near future? I saw your agenda for August already but I'm still keeping my hopes up. Love Javier Marias.
We are currently living in animal farm... Everything that goes wrong is either trump or Putin's fault. for example the "Putin price hike".
You must have a talent in review ing books smoothly said it all
"Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad"
Albeit a common misconception, “Russian Revolution” is a misnomer. It was designed to be a Bolshevik Revolution from the very beginning.
Just finished. Wasnt expecting that ending Loved the characters, especially Boxer
I will work harder…
I am here 6years later (since this video was uploaded) just finished reading this book. I have 1984 before and was deeply moved. Immediately got Animal Farm book. Just amazing read!
Animal Farm or Lord of the Flies six of one half dozen of the other… humans will never learn the lessons of either!
Wait why supports the idea that Animal farm is/not a perfect society?
I read this book recently and the message is very clear and alarming. It summarises the politics of under developed countries.Humans should know what their rights are and also fight to get their rights and avoid being exploited.
I just finished reading it. Written so long ago but applies 100% today. Thanks for the review.
This is the saddest book I have read. It's the story of self determination in Africa. From Ian Smith to Robert Mugabe. This is some weird prophecy. It's really a sad book if you hAve seen what humans can do.
It isn't just about communism it is also about capitalism. And it is happening in the west right now
i actually listened to the audiobook for literature class back in college and fell in love with the story.
RIP Boxer
Animal Farm resonates with me, as someone who is of Ukrainian decent and having my family flee. The line that as stuck with me over the years is; "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
I finished 1984 today n my next read will be animal farm
Just finished yesterday. Great book
This is surely one of my read-ret. If I had read it before than it would had definitely helped me in my class 9 history lesson. The russian revolution was so darn confusing but this book really helped me in understanding the revolution just in 15 min. Glad I read it:))

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