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Buy Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset online at Snapdeal Amazon. Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset . Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: Blue Green

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Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset price at Snapdeal - ₹913

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Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹1,499

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The lowest Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹913 at Snapdeal.
Buy Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset online at Snapdeal Amazon.
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Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • Blue
  • Green

Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Bluetooth Profile A2DP/AVRCP
Bluetooth Range 10 Meter
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0
In the Box
In the Box Contents 1 Bluetooth Headset, 1 USB Cable, 2 Pair Earbuds
With or Without Mic With Mic
Other Features
Others Features Inline Remote
Power And Battery
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Charge Time 2 Hours
Stand By Time 48 Hours
Talk Time 4 Hours
Sound Features
Call Controls Yes
Music Controls Yes
Noise Reduction & Cancellations No
Other Control Features High bass quality wireless Bluetooth earphones.
Other Sound Features With Microphone
Brand Life Like
Color Blue
Design In-the-ear
Model Name H7
USB Support Yes
Wired or Wireless Wireless
Warranty Period
Warranty 6 Months

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I think aziz ansari uses these! pretty cool! AZIZ!!!!
what is the name of the background music?
I own a pair of Beoplay H7, and I bought it several months ago and haven't used it at all since. This is because when I first tried it out, the bass was significantly more quiet than I expected, and as I try it again today, the bass does not outperform that of my 60$ plastic Sony headphones. I know that this isn't because I've overused the headphones.. So could it be a defect? or is it just the original design? I'm not sure because I have other B&O products(earphones) that have significantly better bass than Beoplay H7.
I've been gradually falling in love with hi-fi audio headphones. It all started when I got my first pair of good headphones (Beats Tour 2012). I know one either loves or hates Beats, but they definitely marked an inflection point in my life. They sounded great to me at the moment, good lows, mids and highs, I had them for just over 3 years. Then I got a pair of PowerBeats 2 Wireless in 2015, those headphones truly deliver a huge amount of bass, sometimes even too much. The sound was muffled, but I got used to them. I actually got SO USED to them that almost 3 years after, when I decided to buy the Beoplay H7's, I thought that they sounded way too bright and had no bass at all. That was not the case, though... I was expecting the level of bass that I was experiencing with my PowerBeats. After a few days of only using the H7s I finally got used to them and MAN they sound gorgeous 😍 now we're taking things to the next level. I completely love how beautiful and complete music sound on the H7s. I was lucky I could get them NEW for $217 on Amazon one day. And if you love bass, these deliver a nice amount of bass if you use an equalizer, but too much bass is not the point on these headphones.
Hi dear friends..I wanted Tips friend. Compare the quality and clarity sound of the Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear M2 headphones With B&O H7..Friends who have this model or had tested these models please explanation. Which models is sound more than natural and more than detailed? And in the end, the earcups make up on the ears of artificial foam or natural leather? best regards
Bowers and Wilkins P7 wireless or the B&O H7 sound better ?
man I bought the h8. Don't ever get on ear headphones cause I straight up want to get the h7 or h9. ears will be sore after 30 minutes and other times will be sore after 2 hours.
Does anyone know the watch he is wearing //// lol
can anyone pls tell me, which are the best headphones between beoplay H6 2nd generation and beoplay H7, i actually want to know which has got more bass and detailed sound???? i can't decide which i should choose... help me
Does anyboy except me have hissing sound when headphones are turn on and connected via bluetooth. For example when i play some song, automatically goes that hissing sound. And when i stop the song, after few seconds hissing sound disappear?!
The point of the exchangeable battery mainly is so you can swap out batteries in 2 to 3 years time when its degraded. These cans are build to last a whole lot longer then most rechargeable batteries. Why are so many reviewers miss this?
450 lol
Great review except BeoPlay Says on their site: If you forget to turn the headphone off, Beoplay H7 also features an intelligent battery-saving function that automatically kicks in after 15 minutes and turns the power off.
Anyone with glasses and wearing these? i often can't wear a headphone more than 30 min until i get sore from the glasses pushing into my head. But thought maybe these has better cushions?
how is the bass of the H7?
Can it connect to more than one device at a time via bluetooth? if so, how many? thanks.
Wait, what headphones have a pressure sensor to turn off the headset when not in use? I'm curious to find out now.
What a clueless reviewer. At least do some research on the product you are reviewing before publishing a video on it and misinforming the public. The H7 differs from the H8 in being OVER EAR rather than ON EAR. As such it can do away with ANC as it provides an element of PASSIVE noise cancellation. It is NOT equal but provides decent isolation and has more accurate less EQd sound reproduction as a consequence. Not to mention it has a different DAC, which IMHO is superior to that of the H8s, but the sq is still not quite as good as the H6.
are thye loud ?
Please review soundcore life Q10
Thank you sir coz i was not able to connect then you said to hold the button then i got it
Bt 4.1 🙄🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
For how long were you able to wear it without any discomfort? 30 minutes, 2 hours?
Please give a link again because on other sites it is of 3000
Sir which is better leaf beast or starboy 3 plzzz reply sir
Mere pas bhi leaf ke headphone hai aachhi quality hai.
Plz review leaf force
He is like Salman khan
Which country product?
Is it indian company?
Is the bass good . By good i mean very good
Even for this price, it looks cheap
after sale service kaha milegi. mtlb service centre
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Does it more durable than Sony mdr xb 550ap?
Can we play pubg? Mean any lag?
Does aux supports phone call??
For 14 quid, you really can't go wrong with them. Cheers for the review
Great video im keen to get these!
are they good they cost 18 pounds on amzon
Stereo sound?
This or jbl 500bt?
Hi! Can you use the mic when it is plugged in pc? Thank you!
What about the mic?
I just orderd it and i can’t wait to try them! Keep ago like this💪
Do they have usb type-c?
Do you still use this now? Any updates? Thank you!
I live in Canada
They're good but I can't get mic to work on my laptop but is fine on my MAC.
You are so adorableeee that you made buy the headphones just a few moments ago lol
I know this video is a year old or something,but if I could get a reply then that would be nice. If I use the wired option, does the battery life stay as it is or will it also consume it (even though wired)?
How do you know it’s fully charged
Greetings from London. A great informative video. I have just purchased this headset and feel reassured by your review. Many thanks for the information.
Is the mic good for like mobile gaming like Fortnite
You're like keeping everything nice!
2:15 to keep everything looking nooice But seriously though that was a really good review, thanks! I just bought this as a gift for someone, will have to see what they think!
Can you plug this into a pc with the cable and does the microphone work on the pc too?
6.10 - 'better' song by Zayn❤️❤️
I've had many cheap headphones and the over ear mpows blow away most other cheap headphones in sound quality.
Who else watching without headphones on
Cool. When's the next episode?
I know this video is 2 years old - but I just want to say that chi-fi IEMs (Chinese HiFi) have come a long way. Even though I own IEMs that cost 100s of $, I daily drive the BLON BL03. These are amazing value for $30. So people can get good quality audio without breaking the bank with this...
i have the Mpow ones for a day and went in to the garbage can, absolute low quality,muddy ugly sound.
Marques, you damn well know my kids aint gettin no beats
5:18 why did his voice change here? Lol
I have the exact headphones in the thumbnail
NASA is a fraud ,take that shirt off.learn truth.
The best ... Áudio Téchnica ATH-M50X BT, Oneplus Bullets 2 and KBear Stellar 😁👌📸🍺🇵🇹
People buy this headphones are because of price. 🤣
We need more of this
I used these for a couple years on trips and day to day use and they are decent.. and then I got AirPods..
I mean, he ain't wrong.
Them mpow flame headphones are really good
Why do idiots wear NASA shirts?
This guy is a boob.
Audiophiles AKA classist assholes