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Buy Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset online at Snapdeal Amazon. Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset . Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: Blue Green

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Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset price at Snapdeal - ₹913

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Amazon ₹1,499
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Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹1,499

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The lowest Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹913 at Snapdeal.
Buy Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset online at Snapdeal Amazon.
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Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • Blue
  • Green

Life Like H7 Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Bluetooth Profile A2DP/AVRCP
Bluetooth Range 10 Meter
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0
In the Box
In the Box Contents 1 Bluetooth Headset, 1 USB Cable, 2 Pair Earbuds
With or Without Mic With Mic
Other Features
Others Features Inline Remote
Power And Battery
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Charge Time 2 Hours
Stand By Time 48 Hours
Talk Time 4 Hours
Sound Features
Call Controls Yes
Music Controls Yes
Noise Reduction & Cancellations No
Other Control Features High bass quality wireless Bluetooth earphones.
Other Sound Features With Microphone
Brand Life Like
Color Blue
Design In-the-ear
Model Name H7
USB Support Yes
Wired or Wireless Wireless
Warranty Period
Warranty 6 Months

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Does it has mic on the both earpads? How's the mic? Does it suitable for call?
Will these be alright to game with , is the mic good?
I have the mpow air se i love them for gaming for anyone thats wants some cheap gaming headsets (i got mine cheap but it can differ)
Sure would have been nice if you had covered the controls and how they work!
For 14 quid, you really can't go wrong with them. Cheers for the review
Great video im keen to get these!
are they good they cost 18 pounds on amzon
Stereo sound?
This or jbl 500bt?
Hi! Can you use the mic when it is plugged in pc? Thank you!
What about the mic?
I just orderd it and i can’t wait to try them! Keep ago like this💪
Do they have usb type-c?
Do you still use this now? Any updates? Thank you!
I live in Canada
They're good but I can't get mic to work on my laptop but is fine on my MAC.
You are so adorableeee that you made buy the headphones just a few moments ago lol
I know this video is a year old or something,but if I could get a reply then that would be nice. If I use the wired option, does the battery life stay as it is or will it also consume it (even though wired)?
How do you know it’s fully charged
Greetings from London. A great informative video. I have just purchased this headset and feel reassured by your review. Many thanks for the information.
I’m watching this with the mpow h7
I just tried the long press - it does control the volume, except for when it skips instead. :-(
I looked up H7 reviews precisely because of the volume control issue. I didn't even know those buttons could be used to skip tracks and I accidentally skipped a bunch of Pandora tracks while the noise from the washing machine made it hard to hear the music. And yes, I finally looked it up and they are supposed to be the other way around. I read reviews of these before buying them and the reviews were very good. I'm surprised nobody mentioned that and now, on the first video I watched, you mentioned it. For me, another issue is that when I pair them to my PC, there is LOTS of static. The phone, though, is fine. Yet I've paired other Bluetooth headphones with the PC with no issue.
Yea , Hi i have a problem i ve got the same ones , they work with phone but cant connect with pc can someone help Windows 7 Pro X64
How are these for gaming? How’s the mic
mic test??
I love this brand of head phones especially the newest ones there cheap and good bass
How is the latency? Can you use it for gaming?
are they better than normal apple headphones
For £15 I think they’re decent haha
Great review.
Mpow h7 Vs oneodio studio dj
Does the padding touch your ears or does it goes over it.
For me the biggest issue with them is that every time when it runs out of charge, it says "Power Off" in a super loud voice. Like I'm just studying and doing my thing, but then all of a sudden, an absolute blast of noise goes to my ears. it's really annoying.
Stereo sound?
What about the mic
The way you opened the box with the editing is the reason you gained a new subscriber!
I got this 2 days back. Gonna return as the bluetooth connectivity breaks a lot
I literally got mine today, and no complaints so far. Had these on for 6 hours now and counting, and it isn't painful on the ears or the head as I feared. For it's price, not bad.
Get it here... Using my affiliate link helps support the channel: Mpow H12 Amazon US: Amazon CA: Mpow H10 Amazon US: Mpow H5 Amazon US: Amazon CA: Find the best headphones in this price range here:
Edifier w860nb or Mpow H12?
i just bought the Mpow H12
Need some guidance man Mpow's vs q10 vs q20 soundcore ?
mpow h16 vs mpow h5 ?
Any recommendation between MPOW's M17 and M19 IPO?
0:47 i was looking for headphones with a good bass so i bought the h5 because of what you said, and no... Those headphones don't have any good bass at all, they have a very poor sound so thanks for nothing man
Purchased the mpow H10s and probably the most awful sound ever! Major ear drum suck as well.. Ears ringing for 3 days after 30mins of mixed usage. Returned to Amazon. Dont know what I expected for £32. The headphones even creak when you move your head.. the headphones are so small, even on my very small ears, it couldnt cover.. So in fact it is on ear headphones and not over ear. 5mins of usage will cause very sweaty humid ears.. Get some Bose 2nd hand instead and buy new earcups to go with it. This is not worth it. My apple earphones that ship with iPhone SE from years ago has better sound than this.. shockingly awful. If anyone is looking for ultimate sound isolation and dont mind inner ear designs I can thoroughly recommend Aukley Latitude Wireless. Only around £20.00 I have two pairs of these and best noise cancellation from an inner ear ive ever achieved.. check which I used as a reference for more. Please ignore all Mpow H10 reviews.. Most awful sound ive ever heard.
Please review mpow h19
Which sounds better Anker soundcore vortex or Mpow h12 and how much better? [I like pop songs]
Glad you reminded me to subscribe at the end. Subbed!
Hope you get your hands on the H20's man.....I've seen great reviews and I value your opinion.
H5 or H20???? What about de mic in games?
Loved this headset⭐️⭐️>JustU.Faith/Mpow?崎 for the price until the top developed a crack and the tension on my ears became too loose to hold them in position. Other than the longevity it was a great deal.
Any thoughts on the new hybrid model?
These headphones are fake
What do you think is the best headphones for under $50?
Can anyone recommend me some headphones under $100 with good build quality?
None of my Mpow headphones are on your video , but I have to say Mpow are not crap china rubbish...I also have the latest Bose and I can tell you I prefer the Mpow's for the money. No really difference in quality. I use the Mpows everyday at work and no issues and they sound great.
i watch this with my new mpow h12.... its good!!
cute dog
I got the 29.99 ones and they last 12 hours! I love them. I wish the ‘next song’ feature was a little more like my power beats 3
Do a review on te nuraphone or NEW nuraloops already
i have the mpow over-ear ones lol
Mpow over ears are amazing very durable and comfortable and they are able to control your music or podcast just from side buttons which are easy to click but not easy enough to misclick
Hey can you try out neurophones their type of headphone
Bring this back plsssssssss
video quality is off the charts! IMO a lot of the reviews are bots.
Marques DO prime picks for TWSs
You should continue this series ..
Can you review the Soundcor q30 noise cancellation earphones
Marques: So what have we learned here today? Marques: You guys are some broke as $hit MF's
Get KZs. They the best cheap brand
the panasonics can survive anything
well I am using, MPOW Flame and these are the best for me ... plus Infinix quite 02 are the most underrated with noise cancelling.. and even cheaper than Mpow Flame..
"they come in the box with your phone" 🥲
Love how the rating says, "No mature content."
Intro songs are great for like almost every video
Apples EarPods usually last more than 2 years so when u get a new phone you’ll get new EarPods. That until 2020
I got the mpow 059 and they are good but I'm changing