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LG HBS-910 Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Bluetooth Profile A2DP
Bluetooth Range Class 2 (Upto 10 m)
Bluetooth Version v4.1
In the Box
In the Box Contents 1 Bluetooth Headset, 1 DATA Cable, 1 USER Manual
With or Without Mic With Mic
Other Features
Others Features Harman Kardon® Signature Sound, Retractable Ear BudsSleek and Lightweight Design, Quad-Layer Speaker Technology™, Dual MEMS Microphones
Power And Battery
Stand By Time Upto 3 Days
Talk Time Upto 15h
Sound Features
Call Controls Yes
Music Controls Yes
Noise Reduction & Cancellations Yes
Other Control Features Call & Play/Pause Buttons
Other Sound Features Harman Kardon® Signature Sound
Bluetooth Headset Model Name HBS-910
Brand LG
Color Silver
USB Support Yes
Wired or Wireless Wireless
Warranty Period
Warranty 6 Months
Warranty Type Brand Warranty

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These are amazing. I will never buy another pair.. But I only listen to podcasts..not music
Good buds for stereo but bass is almost non existent. If you are a basshead, look elsewhere
I have these headaphones. They're BASS is worse than previous generations. Not good audio quality. The HBS 700's were better than this.
In the intro. You say "model HBS"
Hi! Thanks for your review! You mentioned that you wouldn't recommend this earphone for running due to bouncing. How about just walking? I haven't liked the cable noise of most of the earbuds I used over the ears and was wondering if this earphone would have less of the cable noise when I go for a walk.
Lg aptx
My mom just bought this for $160. I am listening with them right now and it sounds like absolute trash.
I bought mine last December from Amazon, and now they will not turn off even when I click the off switch.
what is the last model of the lg bluetooth headseat??
LG mics are terrible, I don't know how could they charge this money for such a bad mics like those, i had the lg tone pro and the bass is bad, mic is terrible, one of the headphones stopped working ( I don't pull them out roughly ). The best thing in these is the battery i have to say.
Does anyone know how to do a reset on these 910's?
does it work for BLU
can it litsen to music instead of calling?
I had the HSB-900 on contract with BestBuy. My headphones did break and I was able to replace them with the HSB-910. After a few weeks using the 900 I was ready to throw it away because of the sound. I had a set of Skull Candy wired headphones that offered a superior base and overall sound. That was until I read on the Internet that switching to a larger earbud improves the sound. If did and I love it. In the review, it says that they're not great for noise cancellation. I beg to differ. My wife is constantly throwing me stuff to get my attention. I would like to see a usage video showing how to connect to other systems and how to switch from one source to another.
$90?? Motherfuckers better call Jesus
can you please make a review on the LG tone active + I'm trying to see if it's worth buying for gym workout
People always says I'm going in and out , I love the sound it makes for songs but voice calls :( suck , I like using my apple earbuds better
do they offer insurance
I think these are far better as running headsets than the others specifically BECAUSE of the neck piece. There is no stress on the actual ear buds as you run so they never slip from your ear or need adjustments
My daughter broke mine so there all floppy now 😞 atleast they still work iguess 😒
Thanks for the review! We owe you a beer! You might lower the volume of the background music as it does interfere with your speaking. Best of luck!
nice vid
I know..You do not subscribe to me.. But I'm subscribe to you already .! .. always be happy I lost 800 subscriber
Lg tone 910 or Lg hbs 820? Which one do you think is better?
At *Costco.com*, the model HBS-912 is comparable. Only comes in matte black for $50 roughly (Member's Only): https://www.costco.com/LG-TONE-INFINIM%E2%84%A2-Bluetooth-In-Ear-Stereo-Headphones.product.100312775.html?catalogId=10701&langId=-1&storeId=10301&krypto=I1ZTEuzbVMXmJDF0XW4mMZUnrE9ACeUYspw6r54BUtXCFi9kRh3x3S%2BfTIx0wIZAzoKKkYiXFKkt%0AXPJ3d2ICkX67qR%2Bi1IzgP1Hylxz5n7Q%3D
What is infinim?
Lg Tone 1100 or Lg Tone 910 ?
Oh hey. I want bass and high sound. Which bluetooth earphone ı should buy, wgich lg tone actually?
Thanks Man
can be purchased in blue? kohls
Hola, espero que sepas español, el sonido es el mismo? Porque si es asi que caso tiene comprar el mas caro?
Thanks for the video. I've been looking for the best Bluetooth for making calls, just got the LG platinum HBS-1100. I hope I will not be disappointed.
Holy crap, dude, please write a script next time. "They both use the aptX whereas the Platinum, however, is more in the sound department." So much fluff, so little detail.
I had the HBS900. Used mostly for calls. Didn't really appreciate it until I lost it and bought LG TONE PRO HBS-780 Wireless Stereo Headset - Black. Went w the non-retractable because I didn't think retractables would hold up. However, the HBS-780 seems too light and won't stay put! So, based on following, and using with S7, and in Aug S8, which LG should i go with: #1 Incoming call quality. #2 Comfort or staying put. #3 Sound for music would be last. Appreciate your videos - very good! Thx! jim
somebody please help. I bought new tone infinim hbs 1100 today. now that battery is down I'm recharging it. problem is that it doesn't work while charging. what do i do? i previously had a level u pro which had a horribly low volume but it worked while charging. i don't use it for my phone i use it with my pc or my hybrid 2 in 1. i don't like phones. this is bad news for me if there is no way to make it work while charging. if anyone knows anything please help.
You called the G5 a mid range phone...The specs say otherwise.
Boy, get you ass out ta here with your prepaid ass phone haha
The ear buds always end shorting out for me
and so forth
Would you consider the Note 5 a high end phone that would support the better sound quality of the LG 1100?
LG Platinums are "50 dollars more" and they sound LOW, No BASS... they simply suck. the infinims sound way better. both 1st and 2nd generation..... and another thing. no phone is ever moving forward with aptx hd.... so dnt buy these headphones.
I trying to see which headphone to buy for my s7 edge but cant decide... please help md
If a person is looking for the best voice quality (speaking and hearing the other person) with an iPhone 6 or later, which one would you suggest? Is there a difference, in your opinion? Thank you for your review.
Please🙏do a Review on the LG HBS 920 Also (not as important) but review the LG hbs F110. There's NOT 1 YouTube review for either
Dude you're full of BS. I tested both, the Infiinim 910s (II) sound better.
don't buy the 1100, poor radius, on/off button hard to move with the finger, sometimes it doesnt connect to phone. The 910 is the best one ive used....bluetooth reaches far! sounds great! get an equalizer app on your phone if u want more bass.
Thank you so much, I was still searching for this comparison, until I found your nice comparison, it's great!