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LEW Traditional Fingerless Bag Mitts Leather Specifications

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Batteries Included No
Brand Lew
Color Black/Red
Size M/L/XL

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 phantom boxing el cucuy, rival rb5 bag mitts
Louis Marciano Robinson Ali used thin BAG GLOVES Why
Louis, Marciano, Robinson, Ali used thin BAG GLOVES ! Why?
Rival RB5 Bag Mitts Review
Rival RB5 Bag Mitts Review!!
Have you tried the Rival RB5? If so, how do these compare?
Bag mitts are the shit. I love my Rival bag mitts.
I’ve been wanting these exact gloves! I followed your link to the winning store but it looks like only black is available, Did you recently purchased these from there? I know they can do custom colors for another 35% or so… Might go with the option reluctantly if I have to LOL
If you use these kind of gloves you will learn how to throw a punch properly. Regular gloves have too much padding and you won't know if you hit with your two nuckles or other parts of your hand. Highly recommended especially for beginners who just started to learn how to throw a punch. Plus you will get stronger with lesser padding. Not just winning gloves of course any mitt gloves I meant.
I spar with these, I would recommend they are great
Are this gloves for beginners?
Can you use this for mitt work?
With these mitts specifically it seems as though one would be only paying for the Winning name. The Rival bag mitts are far better and cheaper for sure.
So you actually ordered from winning usa how was it like been wanting to order from the website but its kinda sketchy know there hasent been an update compared to kozuji u actually get a hook up on winning usa but debating if i should ur thoughts?
When I hit the punching bag often I used to do it with no gloves at first then with gloves with more power. But sometimes when throwing a hook with no gloves, the skin on my knuckles would get scrapped off for missing and just grazing the bag. So I got a pair of these mits. They're great. Hands get stronger.
It wasn’t until the 1970’s that boxers began using more cushion on the heavy bags... from Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, Durán, Hagler and Leonard used these gloves. I still used this style of glove... so do my sons. It strengthens your hands and teaches you to land properly. Great video.
Ive seen Charlie Zelenoff sucker punch people with these 🤣
when you put these on does everything go black and white?
Do they come in different sizes like most bag gloves do? Love your content btw
thank You, i have being waitting for this review for a long time
They have gloves that look like these on the No Boxing No Life website, but they say that they're good for 30 rounds. They look like bag gloves, but are they if it says 30 rounds?
Do more of the winning lesser known products I've always wanted a review on these thank you so much haha
Check out fairtex bag gloves
Can you do a video on the double end bag vs the cobra bag ?
I like bare fist on heavy bag. I don’t like hitting the bag much with gloves on. Same thing with double end bag I don’t like using wraps or gloves. I do mma so I normally use 16oz gloves no wraps for bag and sparring. I also have 14 and 4oz gloves. My 14oz are Yokkao Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. They are great for blocking kicks and support. 4oz are Combat Corner mma sparring gloves. They provide good protection with padding.
The glove in action: https://youtu.be/kOVjaeGjUq0
Would you recommend these or 4oz MMA gloves for bag work/ conditioning
What size did you get? I'm about the same size as you. I'm thinking medium or large?
These gloves made my fists drastically stronger i can't say more than these are superb for training.
Hey fit2box, im planning to get my hands in these. I wonder if those L sized gloves are too big / small for you with handwraps on. I'm around 13.5 stone and 6'2 tall. Thanks a lot!
I thought hand wraps are a major part in wrist and hand protection.
Amir Khan uses these
Do you wear handwraps when you're wearing them?
I watch this video and I immediately went and purchased a pair of these right after and today I had a real good bag session with them at the club for around right before I use my 16 oz gloves and so glad I did it truly trained me to hit properly
Great review! Do you think you could wear 180-200 inch hand wraps with these?
F2B: yet another spot on review, cheers mate. I've been using the RB 5 bag mitts for @ 4 years on heavy, double end and speed bags and love them for all the reasons in the review and the many informed expert comments below. i have one pair in my normal size large to use with conventional wraps to toughen knuckles and wrists and a pair in XL to use with the excellent Fortress Boxing quick wraps to rip the heavy bag at full power for 8 rounds with no issues at all. One point Russ Anber makes about the RB 5 is in addition to toughening up knuckles and wrists, they condition fast twitch muscles more than heavier gloves. Using them with the Fortress Wraps gives that extra protection and support when desired without compromising the fast twitch effect.
What size should i get im a 14 stone guy atm but in good shape id be around 13 13 and half stone should i get l or xl
Jack Dempsey said to never use bulky gloves on a heavy bag (ever). He valued hand and wrist conditioning as well as proper targeting/accuracy above knocking a bag around with puffy gloves.
What is the highest percentage of power on the bag that have you used with these gloves?
Great review. I also have the RB10's which I love. I want to get these mitts but I am unsure about the size I should get. I noticed you bought your RB5's size large. What size are your RB10's ? Mine are size large and they fit well so I guess I should get the RB5's in the same size. I've read they run kind of large and that's why I'm asking. Thanks.
I just ordered a pair of these of the Loma blue and yellow edition. Beside working on speed on the heavy bag, I can see these being useful for the double end bag, and reflex ball head band as well. For anyone that has used a tennis ball headband, they know how difficult it can be, as you have to hit it precisely with your middle knuckle for it to bounce back properly if you are not wearing gloves.
I love these mitts ! i got them cuz of the vid and so glad i did ... they are GREAT to throw upper cuts in!! they really do promote proper punching n fist technique !!! although i did get an annoying cut on my right hand index knuckle ! but i think that was cuz of wrong fist form wen my fist n bag make impact.... 10/10 5 stars A+
You are celebrity now: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
Great videos. Can you review the new RDX A-3 OR C-3 PROFESSIONAL GLOVES please. It would be nice to know if they are on par with other gloves out there.
Professor! Could you share your thoughts and maybe a bit of history on mitt work? According to Freddie Roach, mitt work wasn’t even around until the mid-to-late 70s and that boxers before shadowboxed, worked the bag, and sparred. He said boxers then were way better. Is there any truth in what said? Thank you for any insight you can provide
your channel I really like, true to boxing and very informative 🙏💯
Watched both videos from 2018 and this one. What's the secret? I hope you are not going to respond with a rhetorical question.
Just ordered some
I love your old school style Punch Professor, thanks for sharing your stories and wisdom man!!! Stuff like that dingle ball, lost art for sure!!!
Would they wear hand wraps underneath the bag gloves?
The manifestation comes before the truth itself.
People who run with their shoes on all the time, don't realize how weak their feet are until they try it barefoot. The less sole your shoes have, the better relationship you have with the CNS and foot mechanics. The thinner padding will make you be more mindful of proper hand contact. God bless!
They use it to use it for the maximum of power hit plus to use correct punching linement
I still think Ali was the best for his speed and Mike Tyson for power punching Plus Sugar Ray
Sry bro but I'm the fish that got away respect goes along way you ant got heart for boxing what you say means nothing respect in God is Kool but respect for a man on this Earth is way more important wake up guy ....ty but no thanks gave you a shot Mr all talk....
I don’t know the reason, but my guess is hand conditioning without so much hand abrasion.
Just checking in on ya, Professor. How ya holding up down there?
Hey Professor, do you know anywhere or anybody I can buy some genuine leather bag gloves with little, or preferably, no padding?
I've been a boxing fan all my life and studied the greats. This channel is just a dream for a fan like me. Can't believe i just found out about it. Also small gloves i believe for conditioning and getting a better feel.
I used to use those gloves we called them mittens. One thing they did was toughen our knuckles. They would tear the skin off your knuckles but If you persisted and put up with the pain within a few short weeks your knuckles were healed and hardened. They also allowed you to snap your punches and hit clean with correct angles.
Punch Professor: where is your gym located? 👀
Can you talk to us about the crouched off centre posture of fighters like Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano? Particularly because Joe Louis is still regularly described as having the most perfect technique in boxing history by pretty much all highly experienced world class coaches. But louis' technique doesn't seem to have been copied by anyone, despite the technique looking extremely efficient as Louis barely even moved during his fights. And guys like Marciano never get described as having great technique to be imitated.
This is probably the only video out there that actually answers this question, thank you!! Unrelated but I accidentally made a mini round the world bag by attaching a ball to a string onto a kangaroo bag. Instantly thought of this channel
does that mitt have a metal bar to grip the glove let me know thanks.
I bought these not too long ago. In terms of size, stick to the chart on the website: the size they recommend - based on your hand - takes hand-wrapping into account, i.e., if you have size L hands (according to the chart), get a L and wear wraps. If you go a size down and get mediums, you won't be able to use hand wraps in them.
Hey man I see you use the size medium. What size are your hands according to the chart? I hear that they recommend to go a size down
Where I can find these champ
Heu guys, here is the link for these. My mistake, they run $39.99 CAD and they come in Black and Orange (as mentioned) AND Red. Check them out! https://www.rivalboxing.ca/collections/gloves/products/rb5 Hopefully one day I can have an affiliate link for you guys? 🤔😂 Thank you for watching!