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LEW Super Star Grappling MMA Training Glove price at Amazon - ₹999 ₹999

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The lowest LEW Super Star Grappling MMA Training Glove Price in India is ₹999 ₹999 at Amazon.
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LEW Super Star Grappling MMA Training Glove Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Lew
Color Black/Silver
Size standard Size

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Thats mma gloves .
pls suggest me a good punching bag under 4k which bag did you ordered pls tell
This are not for Boxing and bro you don't have 10% off knowledge in boxing you just reviewed this for YouTube video and affiliate marketing.
Guys buy a bigger size then your hand bcoz you also have to wear hand wraps not only Mma but boxing too
not good for boxing.
What's wrong with your finger
bro. thankyou..... seeing this review I bought one.... I'm more satisfied.... I bought many before but I've to replace one after other....
Mine gloves are already dispatched😊
Would theses work if you wanted to do like some cross training boxing? So like start with jump rope then go to bag, then push up bag, sit ups bag ect.???
If Dan Inosanto was part of it, then the gloves are probably intended for mixed weapon fighting. Most techniques in FMA like eskrima or kali to disarm people is to attack the arms and wrist so they can’t grasp onto weapons.
Really interesting gloves to say the least
Glad to see this type of review. Would love to see some mma glove reviews too if you start doing them! Like I said when you were reviewing muay thai gloves, it is good to get the perspective from someone who boxes.
Hey quick question on boxing gloves. I want to buy 12 ounce gloves to hit the bag with. But I weigh 170 and my hand circumference is 8” which makes my hand size a large. But all the size charts and all the gloves I’m trying to buy say that they have 14oz gloves or higher for my hand size and weight.. So where/how can I buy gloves that are 12oz but still a size large for my hands?
I think its badly design but it has a lot of potential as a sport-karate/kickboxing/ muay thai. but a redesign is definetly due..
How do you deal with lace up glove that left too much space in the wrist cuff
i love the new intro!!
Absolutely creepy. They look like Luke Skywalker's robotic hand but nastily swollen at that. Very detailed and solid review, though - as always. Peace.
how many boxing matches have you been in
I saw on a Joe Rogan podcast with guest and owner of ONX MMA Trevor Wittman. He’s creating a glove similar to Bruce Lee’s style but for actual mma competition. Apparently it’s a project in the works.
Damn, I was close with that guess @ 12oz!!! Great review! I'm curious how they'd feel while wrappin' up a chokehold.. would like to try 'em, but dont think I'd buy 'em..
maybe review Rex boxing gloves ? those phantom model are cheap and look good
There is a brand that makes boxing, MMA, martial arts equipment etc called Isami that has made an MMA version of this glove
What up Carlo 🤟🏾
weirdest gloves i seen
Hey Carlo! ISAMI has an updated version of these gloves. They call them " Bruce Lee MMA GLOVES " I own them as well as the more traditional style Japanese MMA gloves that were used in the " SENGOKU " promotion. Both are really great quality but expensive, lol. https://www.chokesports.com/collections/mma-gloves/products/bruce-lee-mma-gloves
Look pretty damn goofy, but whatever works. P.S. the bots in your comment section are hilarious
Heard they were worn to protect hands when they practice with wooden swords.
the strangest thing I've seen ..
How much cm bag please reply
Pls reply 1st wear wrap and wear glover is it. Only wear gloves is possible? ??
Which brand of boxing gloves are best for serious heavy bag workout in 2020?
I have usi heVy boxing bag is dis glove reliable for heavy punches
Useful information
Bhai price kitna ha bag ka please reply
If we punch by this glubs on someone's face....would he/ she be hurted
How good is usi punching bag and how much does it costs?
I am a jeet kondo fighter any one want to fight with me
Sir, could you tell me more about that punching bag. I mean are the filled when purchase or unfilled and if filled, then how much does it cost. And is it a great value for money??
What u've filled in ur punching bag.... Plz tell me
What should be weight of gloves im doing heavy bag boxing for fitness purpose
Im beginner going to start heavy bag punching should i go with lew gloves or usi
is beg mai andar kya bhara hota hai bhai kou batayega
Hi buddy , I am very novice in boxing. Just bought punching bag last week. Plz suggest me which gloves size will suit me. I am 28 and hight 5'11, weight 76.
as per my view...Lew boxing gloves are not good for professionals...but yeah if you are doing mma,boxing or kickboxing just for fitness...go on for these gloves...otherwise if u r a professional fighter this gloves are crap for u ...Fighters should go with everlast,usi,venum or lonsdale.
Hey there buddy...Mma and wushu fighter here....5 times national, 4 time state and 1 time international level gold medalist💪💪
i am 15 years old , weight 55 kg which glove size should i buy ?? pls give suggestion?
I saw in other videos that more padded gloves are used for sparring and heavy bag, so as to protect the other person while sparring and protect ur knuckles while heavy bag workout, but u said different.
U diddnt wrap ur hands right that’s why
Love the vida
Do I need to wear handwraps before wearing the gloves?
Do You recomend? I want a gloves of venum or Everlast?
I use these for jiu jitsu they’re nice
Just got both boxing gloves and MMA gloves yesterday. Thanks for the video!
Good video bro !