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Put a sand bag on top to stop the shaking
Bro you sound like jamari
i just order the black one and it came today unfortunately it leaks out the fucking whole so i have wait another couple days for a new on
They stol my bag and swivel and I was left with that plastic ball and I need to find the wmawivel that fits it.
The platform is bouncing because you need to weigh it down with a bag of sand
Very helpful bro... I just set this up for my kids and the original bag and swivel were TRASH!!! Lol glad I saw this vid I was ready to bring it back to the store! But now I think if I just change the bag and swivel we’ll be better off
The red bag last like a month the black one last more then 6 months get the atomic title speed bag it's super fast and small get the S not XS
How do you put the speed bag on the swivel? I’m having a hard time with that
Good review and comments 👍🏽
We highly suggest the crazysales punching bag https://goo.gl/wA2h37 as being a good supplement for trained fighters aiming to work towards cardio, power, reaction time, and also basic head movement (the bag snaps back in place with nearby the same force the way it was hit, so that it may possibly potentially hit you inside face after the well committed punch or haymaker). We also recommend it for aerobic fitness users purchasing a fun way for you to let off some steam without nervous about injury. It really is properly designed, long-lasting and plus our opinion basically a very good investment.
nice review, thanks. I have the same exact Speedbag platform and speesbag. it sucks tbh. wating for my title Speedbag and swivel to arrive.
Keep it up bruh
Has anyone found where to buy the best one
Have you tried rival boxing's speed bag swivel?
I bought one after watching this, once they were in stock. It's absolutely amazing for the standard boxers speedbag workout apart from the pin lock popping out and trying to avoid my eyes BUT if you want to do any kind of freestyle movement on that swivel (different angles etc) .. It's not the swivel for you ( it simply wants to move forward and back )
Rival came out with a new swivel that looks very similar to the lightning-fast. It's about half the price of the Title swivel. Can't find any reviews on it though.
I bought this swivel on Title’s Amazon shop based off your video and a couple others. Mine came in in a plain white box with 4 tiny wood screws and a made in Pakistan sticker and had a bunch of visible black machine grit on the backside of the bearing. No title branding and the mounting holes were too small for the provided screws, I’d have to ream out the holes and put in different longer 1/4” screws (since I modded my EA platform and added two 1” boards on top). Was wondering if you had the same experience when you purchased your title lightning fast swivels? Thanks
hi, coach I just subscribed. I just bought a speed bag set but in about 2 months, the speed bag popped. What speed bag would you recommend for performance and durability
that lightning fast swivel is sold out....what is my next option you recommend? not sure what platform yet im buying but leaning towards the everlast adjustable and adding the table tops on top like i've seen. Not sure if all swivels universally fit different platforms.
What about the ball swivel ..I hear that had better ranges for more types of excersises
Cheers for the review bro. Helped out alot.
Good info, like all your other videos and well explained, thanks.
Perfect, I hate the bigger swivel cause I get the occasional wobble. Definitely getting the smaller one
was on the site! TITEL.com.... could not find it! send a link please! quick twisted swevel please!
thanks ! for the video! ! what t what thickness platform you recommend! I planning to do it! again thanks for the video!!
Neoprene washers between the pin and clevis take the slop out left and right. I used 4 washers and improved on this already great swivel.
had a chain style swivel and just got a lightning fast swivel based on your recommendation and it ROCKS! thanks!
Hi, so how does that compare with a ball& hook swivel which can no longer be found? Thanks
if you're not using a traditional "ball-hook" swivel you don't really know what you're talking about on a speed bag ... stop promoting brands you're misleading people.
Have you ever used any Rival Product's.
I noticed u have weights on the platforms, I’ve had to do that too
Thanks for this
I can't believe I waited until after using mine 4 or 5 times to look up a tutorial on how to use it lol. I am hitting mine way too hard!
amazing and inspiring bag work. thx
How do you adjust these balls to put them higher or lower?
Very good, but bag, not hit back!
Some of these have a more elongated shape like an American football does that make it different?Should i just get the round one?
Nice, thanks for posting these tips
2:19 Heavy bags are great with the right understanding. At first I would miss a hook on the bag and almost spin around. Shadow Boxing not only gives you better balance and form, it also teaches you how to miss strikes and not lose balance. Same with these other training tools, you benefit from then all together
I almost bought myself a cobra bag but i think i will go with the double bag instead 😂✋🏽
Make your own reflex speedball easy and fast!! https://youtu.be/ljYdzi9oNqs
Will the double end bag break quickly? I'm buying one plz help
Holy shit bro you have some good ass technique.
I saw thumbnail, i clicked, i retained nothing, put a damn shirt on boyo for the sake of all add girl boxers out there
Great points! You can work on so much ... not to mention the footwork if you have the space around the bag.
Next tutorial: how to get your sharingan
Thank You.
Hey Shane, have you tried out one of those "Cobra" speed bags? They have similar action to the double-ended bags (and are much more expensive) but they have their own bottom weight. Here's a link so you can see what I'm talking about - https://www.amazon.com/Slow-Time-Shop-Adjustable-Teenagers/dp/B08727R2L3/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=cobra+bags&qid=1608948724&sr=8-7. I was just wondering if you might prefer the action of the Cobra bag compared to the double-ended bag.
I'm 5'5. Does the height of the bag matter? Or is this just for accuracy ? I want to prepare for taller opponents.
We have that bag at 9 round fit. Im terrible at it. Im going to practice and get my timing down So i can look cool like you .
Thank you 🥊