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LEW Mouth Guard Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Lew
Color Clear,Black,Red
Material-Type rubber
Size Boys or Adult

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hi i need help please say me that what to do i have all the teeth problems together . my teeth are higher , bigger and have so much gap . i am almost 15 and i dont want braces no matter what . mom is saying night guard will work alternative of brace . plz suggest me
So we can use this instead of paying 300 for the Mouthguard
Can we wash it with hot water
So. My dental one is acrylic. But does this one end up rubbery or solid?
What's the name of the product
Ok me and my mom will seek you out, when we are ready. Hint We Need to have a consultation phone wise and in real time too.
Yes thank you for this information.. And I subscribed.
God bless you.
I wonder if the dentists guard would be any more comfortable?! He wants to charge me 85.00 for it..
Hey I had 1 the dentist gave me for free actually but because of that is wasn’t made the best and shrunk. Any problems like that with this brand. I really need a night guard. Thanks
We can get a custom one for 80$ on ebay, 800$ is ridiculous.
My expensive dentist one hurt like crazy after several years. The cheap one I have? Feels soooo good.
I got mine for $80 at the dentist. America is stupid.
These DIY mouth guards are very dangerous to your dentist's income. Please, be considerate! the average dentist in Ontario makes $140,000 a year, please don't risk embarrassing your dentist by not contributing to his/her income.
That’s false, my insurance covered almost 100%. My dentist even told me almost all insurances cover this once.
Dr's Night Guard is really good. Saved me after getting 2 root canals. My dentist and endodontist informed me I grind and clench my teeth. That's how I ended up cracking one tooth, having it abscess and then I needed 2 root canals. I had not choice but to get the mouthguard because I was waking up with tenderness on those teeth. The guard worked. $40 bucks Canadian
Typical - Insurance is required, but they can choose what to cover.
I just bought the equate brand of a Nite Protector, it only cost $15.00 , Walgreens had them at $25.00-$50.00.
The reason the majority of the population are going to buy the cheap mouth guard is because your 'customized' night guard is too darned expensive for the average person. Your greed has pushed the population to buy cheap and affordable replacements, so please don't sound so concerned, you guys are actually concerned for your profits
It will only cost you a leg and a arm
My insurance actually covered mine for tmj it’s a $400 night guard they are making custom to fit me. But thing is I have a lot of issues my jaw will lock up but like it will only open an inch or 2 I have horrible migraines everyday a lot of jaw pain sometimes even swelling. But anyways insurances actually do cover them I just got my impressions down for mine a week ago. So idk where that came from if dental insurances don’t cover it .
Panel full of dentists on a Dr. Phil style show that charge $300+ dollars for one of their night guards demonizing cheap mouthguards. Gee, I wonder if there's a conflict of interest
So what do we do because I can't afford the dentist one
Fake doctors. Money guys
Dental Guards can be covered by health insurance, it's not covered by the dental insurance but TMJ issues are covered under certain health insurance plans.
I used to watch The Doctors years ago.. then I got did my own research (8 years worth) and became educated about it
Let's show all the dozens or hundreds of people who have been benefiting from these "over the counter" mouthguards.. no, they only show complaints.. I bought two mouthguards for $300 dollars each from dentists.. and I don't have much money.. I recently bought one in CVS , after I did research online about reviews for the best brands.. and I've been sleeping like a baby.. it was $30, versus the $300, and it is just as good, if not better..
3:03 hah, the crowd reaction.
Does the dr do the impressions or the dental tech? And who dispenses it?
Careful everyone; at 1:12 he read a negative review of an over the counter night guard gone wrong. Go read reviews yourself to get the real truth, not these scare tactic people here. They only want to sell their $500 night guards to you without competition.
Hy sir how are you i like your knowledge please help me almost 17 months gone my jaw left side give sound abnormally when im open mouth sound come like some think break and when i talk my upper and lower teeth touch together how can i care my jaw im wating your answer pleas
My tmj causes me to be dizzy any suggestions ??
what if i have all of the symptoms! i have migraines and my temps feels tight most of the time, i sometimes grind my teeth and theres clicking noises in my right joint and ear pain and some times i cant breath so i breath from my mouth,,, whats the most suitable for me?
Thank you for that video!! I’ve been looking all over for someone to explain the different kinds as opposed to what I seem to find where I live, SoCal is that each dentist seems to have only one kind they favor. Do you happen to know any dentists you respect in the southern CA area of San Fernando Valley or surrounding areas? I’m currently close to Woodland Hills, Ca and I’m having a hard time finding a dentist who can help me with a mouth guard for Bruxisim and I think I may have a sleep apnea issue too. I am scheduling a sleep study to find out. I so appreciate any referral of you happen to know anyone in my area you’ve come across. And thanks again for the awesome videoS! Wish you were in my area!
I was injured in ufc and I have a slightly misaligned jaw. Will a mouth guard work and it pop’s little
I need you for a dentist! I have TMJ, and despite the mouth guards I’ve tried I still have discomfort. You have been more than helpful!
Plese help me. got mine. It covers the low jaw. It is not hard material. It is soft. But the problem that it causes me headache. The thickness of the beginnings of the night guard is higher than the front teeth .. so when I wear it : my lower teeth (lower jaw) don't close fully on the higher. My doctor said that it is okay! But I don't feel that. Please tell me what you thik. It costs me 120 dollars 😫
Awesome video !
PS Too many commercials, doc!
It's uses any clicking sound
Just got my night guard, it feels so tight. Hopefully I adjust soon....
Product link: https://amzn.to/2N0jSBw
My dentist’s mouth guard is $750 - insurance pays $250 but $500 out of pocket. I asked him abt this option and he said it won’t stop grinding but will protect my teeth. He said the Wilson brand from Walmart works $2 each but use only on bottom jaw. I will try that just can’t see my self paying $500 plus I used to have a pair 10 years ago fir which we paid $350 and they were so hard and nasty Mild plastique taste ... just hated them. Had to get a crown today because I cracked a tooth due to grinding so to protect my other teeth I must try this again! 🙏☀️
Awesome you rock beats reading the instructions lol 👍🏼🤙🏼
They are way to bulky and come out nothing like the photo on the box. The only one I have had any success with is the ones made by SOVA.... my only beef is I wish they were a little softer and not so hard once formed up.
does it turn into a hard plastic?!
any results update? thanks