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LEW Ankle Wrap Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Lew
Color Black
Material-Type cotton
Size One Size

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Wish I saw this video before I purchased the zenith, not very comfortable with wearing it with my shoe.
1:15 Skip button “Okay, on to the first brace.”
I sprained my ankle brace a year ago but my ligaments and still stretched out so I really need one because sometime it will want to bend on itself when I’m walking or something
Like your review
just rolled my ankle yesterday:( i need some braces cause i’ve rolled them 20+ times in my life
What about torn ligaments down there on your ankle and a foot
I have a ton of braces of all types and the best I have found was the ASO. It gave the best support and the most comfort.
What about aircast a60?
Great presentation. First broken ankle here.
I could not find this exact Mueller brace model on the internet because many of them look not the same as what you have in the video. 3:18 Please show us the link.
I do cheer , can i use this Brace?
Will this be effective for tendonitis in the ankle area?
What if you play basketball and every time you play it hurts
Thanks for the reviews.
Will the Muller brace help for skateboarding? If you had a previous injury and you're trying to prevent future injury???
PT student 🖐️ your video are helpful on me.
I am glad to be here. I have been having pain with my ankle for a while now. I have just got a tynor ankle binder. I began a walking program which has bee great for my fitness but ankle would give me problems. Thank you for the information
Hi guys, I sprained my right ankle and cos I was putting all of the weight on the left one it is now weaker than the right one. I feel dull nagging pain that feels like muscle overuse. Should I use ankle brace or just soldier it up and keep walking until pain dissappear?
I had compound fracture and broke both bones in my leg I had surgery 4 plates 24 screws 2 wires in my leg in few days I get to put pressure on my leg any advice??
Hi Bob and Brad, 37 weeks ago I had a sprain where 2 of my metatarsal overlapped and realigned, I was put in a boot for 2 weeks. The day I came out of the boot, I slipped and my foot, very forcefully slammed into my front door (I was running n slipped on the wood flooring) and had quite a severe inversion sprain, got told to walk on it as normally as I could. However its still extremely sore, shocks in my ankle, the malleolous is agony. Iv tried so many supports, cryotherapy, stretches. I have fibromyalgia and hypermobility. Any advice id desperately take gratefully. Xx
ASO brace link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TZTO756/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
Came here because i have arthritis and i stumbled across bob and brad. Brad a snac 😂
Aircast a60?
What about elastic band wrap, such as ace bandage? Would it be appropriate as daily use during recovery time? Mine is almost 3 degree sprain
My feet hurt every time I’m at work because I stand all day it’s hard for me to get up in the morning and walk right I’m only 20 years old
Would the Yosoo brace be best for arthritic ankles?
Omg the freaking air cast I didn’t like it 😢
Hi. So I have pretty weak left ankle. Every time I start walking or jogging I by default twist my ankle. Its soo wobbly. What supporter would work best for me?
I was born disable and I was born with cerebral palsy and I was born with my foot turned out because of my cerebral palsy does this ankle brace can help me for my ankle pain
I use my ankle stabilizer and my toes get numb, is that normal??
Would you hear a loud “pop” with a grade 3?
hello Dr my arch dropped on my left ankle I no longer have a arch on my left foot. Tried different orthotic soles for my shoes now it's beginning to make my knee hurts. what do you recommend. I had screws in it and then they were removed now my ankle is turning inward.
Anyone try any of these braces?
I have a bad ankle injury on my left inside ankle for the aso brace how would you wear it. From this video it seems like you laced it to protect the outside. I would need it for the inside.
Thank you so much for this incredible information
So I sprained my ankle on Saturday and I my foot is swelled but the ankle swelling has gotten lower it still hurts, is that normal? I'm on crutches also.
Can dis b used for pain ? Please reply
Its not at all effective.. i have been using ths on doc recommendation
Is it sold in pairs , Please ?
Pls tell can I wear this on daily basis with shoes for 5 to 6 hours in office.. pls reply.
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I was expecting some commentry?
I have a complete rupture of the ATFL. This is perfect. So fast to put on (once you figure it out!), fits inside my shoe and is a great exo-ATFL. I think if I were playing tennis, is want a much more structural brace, but this is great for every day. And I can wear it all day.
A few weeks ago, I had a tough time taking walks. Today, running a distance of 5 kilometers has been feasible. I will surely recommend this plantar fasciitis solution to all my running pals, try it out yourself!. The easy way to find this guide is using Google. Name of this guide is Jacob Ballοycut Hope
So.... does it work? I want to try it for skateboarding
I have size 13 feet and most ankle supports are too small/tight for my feet I need to find out with longer wrappings
My question is should you wear it with socks or without
The video was pretty fast. I went to the settings menu and adjusted the playback speed. Maybe it will help you too.
Can you make this video faster !!!!!!
I just got mine today my ankles and arches loves me. lol I love them glad I got them.
I agree. Putting them on too fast. Maybe add verbal details as well.
Thanks for your tutorial! I could not figure out how to put this brace on before your video!
Ok they are going to fast. Please slow it down
Would this help someone with a fractured growth plate
Is this an appropriate brace to handle a posterior tibial tendonitis injury?