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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 (81EQ000SIN) Laptop Features

  • Key specs are not available.
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 (81EQ000SIN) Laptop Colours:
  • Grey

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 (81EQ000SIN) Laptop Specifications

Battery Information
Battery Backup 6 Hours
Battery Back Up 6 Hours
Brand Lenovo
Color Grey
Gaming Laptops Yes
Graphics Memory Integrated
Laptop Dead Weight 1.4 Kg
Laptop Part Number 81EQ000SIN
Model Id Yoga Book C930
Notebook Type Thin and Light
Operating System Windows 10
Processor Core i5
Processor Generation 8th Gen
Product Code LAPLENOVO-YOGA-LENO69842195049C0D
Purpose High Performance;Gaming
Screen Size 33.782 cm (13.3 inch)
Screen Type UHD
Series Lapbook
In the Box
In Sales Package/Accessories Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide
Return Policy
Return Policy 7 Days Replacement Policy - Replacement is accepted by the seller within 7 days of delivery, only if there is physical damage. In case of defective product, kindly provide job-sheet/DOA certificate by an authorized service center for product replacement. In case of wrong, missing or undelivered product, please highlight the issue within the 2 days of delivery. Cancellation allowed.
Warranty Details
Covered In Warranty Manufacturer defect
Not Covered In Warranty Other then manufacturer warranty
Service Type On Site
Warranty Summary 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Type Repair

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 (81EQ000SIN) Laptop Reviews from YouTube

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 | Dual screen Windows laptop
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - Review
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Unboxing & Review
I wish it was 13 inches and had slightly better specs. But other than that, I'd buy it if I could.
The LCD panel can be used as a keyboard while using the eink as the main screen?
Can the bottom screen be used for multitasking or is it strictly for keyboard/note taking?
To get the fingerprint reader work every time flawlessly, just warm up with your mouths breath the finger that you got registered with. Then gentlybut firmlypress it on the fingerprint reader. Viola, and magically you are in
I remember the older one having no secondary screen... It's just a lit up keyboard and a black writing surface... I Don't know if it's the same thing but i like the old one better... I'm talking about the one with intel atom in it...
I love the concept but not sure I could see myself buying it. Maybe if it would better polished on features and build.
As a novelist, uh, no.
I remember seeing this and I was like this is my dream laptop, still is
"tricky to recommend" - that is an underpowered, weird, and expensive piece of technology. So disappointed in where tablets are at right now and furthermore what an absolute waste of amazing technology the e-ink display has been.e-ink had so much potential!
can you share the bottom screen using webex/skype or some other web conference apps?
Anyone know where one can order or find the exact Lenovo Precision Pen that ships with the YB C930 in USA?
I'm late but I loved my old Yoga book. I'll definitely be getting this.
How about 1 yr later?
got this yesterday for $499 best purchase ever
Guys this laptop is good for rendering and photoshop?
Thanks for the review! Is Kindle working on it yet and can the pen be used on the LCD screen and not just the e-ink screen? Thanks!
"I do a lot of typing".. Then learn to type with all fingers! It's painful to watch. Other than that, great video keep up the good work, best wishes. :)
I was looking at replacing a Chromebook with this device, just basic stuffI already have a beefy laptop for stuff that requires it but I can't carry that around all the time. :-)
I love this device and the previous one, lenovo has to keep doing this kind of PCs
Hi, would you say this is good for studying and running software like Vultr (creating test VMs or running Boson test simulations?
Anyone know why this product discontinued?
Strange i bought the wrong one im so disappointed. it's supposed to be a yoga book but has no e ink. what have i done? can someone tell me were did he buy his with an e ink display?
I think I want to buy this. Hopefully, I won't be that expensive though
What is the price of this laptop
can we get battery for replace I need
How much it's cost..!!!
Weight is 775 grams. I think you quoted the weight of the package at 1.4kg LOL. Guess you didn't know about the double tap to open feature.
There is no surprise, experimental and concept products come costly. The product fails if demand is low. This is most impressive of all the foldables as it brilliantly thought of integrating e-ink display. Specs are really low. The secondary display should also contain the menu of application launched on primary display as it would give large workspace area.
got this yesterday for $499 best purchase ever
im using it rn hahah
Can you animate on this?
First down
I use a YotaPhone with e-ink screen more than 2 years and I really don't understand where is the problem to create such a tablet. Why this does not replicate ALL THE FUNCTIONS on the eink screen? I even watch movies often on my eink gsm! Especially serials we just listen to them, not really watching... Also the parameters of this does not look good. Video card, RAM is small, processor is 1Ghz? wtf
I like it, this is my idea of a true portable Windows laptop nowadays...but why did they cut its legs short by putting only 4gb of ram on Windows 10?!Also, they could make a slightly wider version to accommodate bigger keyboard keys, slimmer bezels and that fingerprint reader can't fail that often!!
Just think about a cup without a real grip on it. They say you can hold it with its touch grip. This is not really stupid as much as this laptop's touch keyboard. It's beyond stupidity and plus very expensive unnecessarily..
Asus is better than Fuckovo or Lenovo.
Do you know if you can select any field and write handwritten notes that auto convert it to text.
Reminds me of Nintendo DS (:
Is this a good laptop for college?
Dudes missing the point. This is perfect for lectures!
I agree with your last note here on the review, that this will pave the way for more innovations in the same direction.I have been thinking that there could be a device that would incorporate two screens on top of one another, where a software manipulation can turn On/Off one of them one at a time for E Ink or LCD experience.For right now, I will stick with getting a nice tablet, and a not so expensive 10" dedicated-E Reader device, a least I could highlight and search for word definition on the fly.Thanks
My yoga book c930 is not displaying on the screen it only display on the pad can it be fix?
Watching this video using my C930 Yoga Book. After using this device for almost a year, I think Lenovo could've done more specially with the e-ink display. the device is worth buying as a supplementary to-go laptop, but if you are considering the Yoga Book C930 as your main laptop you need to think twice about that. Personally I am in love with this device.
Can i mirror the main screen to the Eink screen to read other content ?
Since this review I had the chance to play with one at Best Buy,. And it actually allowed you to use the E-Ink screen for Windows apps (like OneNote).
as a proud owner of a Yota Phone (dual with e-ink and lcd display gsm), I find it very bad that the ereader only shows PDF files. What about the processor and Video card, the parameters looks very bad as numbers?
Thanks! Photoshop tip: cannot use this device for it!
CANT TYPE IN THE DARK...........Im out
no backlight is a huge negative
Wish it runs Chrome OS instead of Windows 10.
you can write with the active pen on two display
i get the first version .it is very good ..i will get this version
Adding front lighting to e ink readers seems counterintuitive - you buy an e ink reader supposedly to reduce eye strain - reading in the dark from a small localised light source adds to eye strain / possible headaches (depending on duration of course), but definitely not a healthy habit. Tech companies add some new feature consumers didn't really know they wanted, or really even needed and suddenly it becomes essential... It's not like you'll want to quickly check notifications on an e ink reader
I picked up the first gen yogabook for like $250 in android I use it as a pdf reader/annotator and note taker. I love the idea of the yogabook 2 it looks like a great note taker and pdf reader. It has the potential to be a perfect device for students (when paired with a bluetooth keyboard). I just dont understand how it only has 4 gigs of ram at that price point. As a statistician this looks like a fantastic coffee shop device for reading papers and even some light coding (w bt keyboard). Honestly my phone has 4 gigs of ram I dont know how lenovo messed that up
I would get it but I'm broke
It is nearly March 2019 and it is still waiting for Kindle support. It is available in Europe with LTE, more RAM and more storage than in the US. I am waiting to see what's next...
Honestly, you went into that review with ALL presumptions and closed mind. You already have your mind set that:a) a tablet must be an iPad (if only you understood how wrong you are)b) that the touch interface of Windows is "bad" (see "a")c) an e-reader should be backlit (no, it shouldn't. If it is, then you lose the quality of a passive display - i.e. paper)I gave up at that point. There's no value in no effort and all-in bashing.Please, don't waste our time doing reviews if you can't do a review objectively.
1:17 is shit. Same money I buy iPad Pro 12.9 2018
basically jack of all trades, master of none. maybe this could be a future for laptops, but to this day i don't care about laptops with touchscreens all that much.
I own the original Yoga Book and was completely pumped for an i5 version with usb-c. The e-reader keyboard seemed like an amazing idea. Finding out that the e-reader is not back-lit is a big kick in the nuts. Not being able to type in the dark is a huge oversight by Lenovo, especially since the form factor of these devices are really great for last minute in bed productivity.
Thanks for the review , just one question, does the keyboard support multi language or the letters comes printed on the keyboard depending on the origin of buying ? In other words if i change the language would the letters on the keyboard changes to that language letters too ?
I never thought about using this as a e-reader, definitely an interesting device. I don't think I would be able to give up a dedicated keyboard though for work - really need the tactility! Great video!
are there any alternatives to this laptop?
I have the previous android version of this device. Honestly, if they made an android version of this, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I still use mine everyday. I hope they continue to make them, but include and android version next time. I also prefer the Halo Keyboard on the first one. I don't need an e-ink screen.
Hi new friends here...I love your review, I always want to buy it, but all my friends tell me not to. From appearance perspective there's no better looking laptop than yoga book.Thanks for the review
They could have made this laptop really shine if they just put more effort into the delivery. Making it actually a full blown e reader for all your articles on browser or any reading apps. That would have made this a dream come true for college students. But I think this has potential. It probs wont get many future iterations which makes me sad. But if it did keep leveling up then it could have totally become something amazing.
What you talking about. You can use the pen on main screen to work on Photoshop or Illustrator in real time with 4096 level pressure sensitivity.
Cool music good review btw

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