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Lenovo Yoga 710 Laptop

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Faisal Z
Had mine for 3.3 years never an issue.
I had this laptop. There is a chronic issue with the display cable, It is broken easily and screen starts to flicker. You can find the details on YouTube. So many people experiencing same issue. My display got broken 3 years later ( You may think not bad) Moreover, mouse pad got broken in 2 year. It doesn't answer clicking and the worst one is speakers got broken in only three months. So overall this laptop look good, however I really don't recommend it.
I have used this laptop intensively for almost 3 years now . I remapped the shift key .Other than a meh battery life this laptop has been fast and great sounding the dedicated graphics are not much but i would re buy in a heartbeat .Solid machine used for production every day. Just be careful with the screen that is high quality an very comfortable on the eyes.
This laptop is pure trash.
you speaks so fast and I could NOT know what you are saying
Amazing review! Very complete ! thank you!!
Now, how could you do a whole review without mentioning that opening the lid of this laptop is a Herculean task? How?
My 710 don't have a finger scanner!
can i use note pen for this pc?
Articulate and well done. Thx.
Should I️ get this 7th gen or go ahead and get the 8th gen?
Oh G0d!! Whats amazing review!! WOw))
Thanks for the review. I always enjoy watching your videos :)
Support any Ethernet adapter ???
I don't recommend it, I always heard a click on the right hinge, 4 months later, the hinge broke the screen, and obviously, Lenovo warranty doesn't cover the damage. I don't recommend it!, $700 to the trash!! haha
who shift from the right side anyway? i didnt even remember that was there lol
I have this computer, it's great!
Can you make a video about how to fix chrome being sluggish on sites like youtube and netflix?
i hate this thing. i've had it for 3 years and it's literally the worst laptop i've ever owned. it gives me about 25fps with constant frame drops on CSGO, headphone jack stopped working a year in, and i did nothing but take care of this stupid thing. oil magnet. literally on fire after starting up. this thing starts off just fine but it sucks once ya get past the 6 month mark if you want to do anything heavier than having 5 tabs open on chrome.
it wouldn't break even if I fold it all the time... Right?
I have the same specs but the gpu is intel integrated trash. Can that be upgraded to the gtx aftermarket?
what gaming graphic card would you recommend to upgrade the lenovo yoga 710?
IMO the heaviness is an incredible asset because its made with metal chassis and is incredibly durable for its slim profile. Just something you didn't mention
Got this computer for college and if it can play gta 5 thats all the graphics capacity I need.
The sd card sticking out like that is a deal killer.
I don't recommend it, I always heard a click on the right hinge, 4 months later, the hinge broke the screen, and obviously, Lenovo warranty doesn't cover the damage. I don't recommend it!, $700 to the trash!! haha
The 15.6" is on sale at Best Buy for 649 Bucks .. great deal .. ( expire this Saturday )
can i use it with lenovo g570 2gb ram and pentium procsessor
nice that you mention the weight in kg thanks from ger
I can find this used excellent condition $500 buy it now!!! Very good deal budget beast.
The screen seems to wobble quite a lot when you tap on it
I might consider buying this computer except with some different specifications the way I might plan to order it, however I'm most worried about the fan. Bad reviews on it on bestbuy.com say that it was *loud and annoying* for the least part, but every other good review didn't even mention the fan or noise. Does anyone who owns this computer or have used it have any feedback in regards to the fan noise, heat, etc.?
This is the best review I've seen for this laptop
I hate living in the UK... The i5 model is Priced at £849. That's $1100. How does something cost $300 more just to get it in my country?! >:(
Great video man !
is this the 14" or the 15.6" version in this review?
its 2020 and I still have this laptop.
I have one
why mine is bliking sometimes
which games can i play in this?
Hi there, is this laptop's ssd the pcie variant or?
Great review I got mine from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MU8UJI1/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B01MU8UJI1&linkCode=as2&tag=wwwbeautyandc-21&linkId=7b96fed197d516639378e35208330f77
Will this laptop run world of Warcraft on low settings?
Would this be good for video editing
This is not a quiet laptop! The fan noise is disturbing and high pitched! After the Windows 10 Build 15063 (Creators Update) there's only ONE chance to get it quiet: A third party program. Lenovo doesn't really care, the latest Bios Update doesn't help. And this fan noise is a deal breaker for an otherwise extremely good laptop.
do u think yhis labtop is ok to use after effects or any video editor program?thank youuu
is there a difference between nvidia and the intel graphics adapter? is it worth to pay 200€ more for the nvidia version? i want to use the notebook for school and office things.
how does it compare to Inspiron 5378 ?
Hi, can we get 4K resolution at 60Hz via displayport with the micro HDMI port?
I do a lot of work on photos with lightroom. Is this notebook suitable for it? I'm interested in this version: Core i7-7500U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GeForce 940MX (80V40061GE)
How is the Fan noise going with you? Cause i got one and it is very annoying especially when opening Adobe products. Would i consider mine as a defect?
Great review! How do you compare the build quality to the XPS 13 and HP Spectre? Mine feels a bit.. creaky, like it's going to break eventually when I lift it up by a corner with one hand.
I spent less than 5 minutes with this model at BestBuy and already knew the small right Shift key is a problem. It kills me when professional reviewers start talking about benchmarks and miss obvious functionality flaws. Also, I think the speakers are on the bottom which is a second mistake. Third, what's up with the ENORMOUS bezel on the bottom of the screen. Are we supposed to be blind and not notice it because it has thin bezels on the other sides? Utter manufacturer stupidity from Lenovo, as usual.
Thank for the video Can you tell if the computer supports an active stylus (pen)?
I wonder if they will release one of these with an active digitizer?