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Buy Lenovo ThinkPad X280 (20KFS05L00) Laptop online at . 12.5 inch Screen Intel Core i5 Processor 16 GB Memory 512 GB SSD Lenovo ThinkPad X280 (20KFS05L00) Laptop Colours: Black

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(Renewed) Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Intel Core i5 8th Gen 12.5-inch ...

(Renewed) Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Intel Core i5 8th Gen 12.5-inch Full HD Thin and Light Laptop (16GB RAM/ 512 GB SSD/ Windows 10 Professional/ Black/ 1.16 Kg) ...


Buy Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Intel Core i5 8th Gen 12.5 ... - Amazon.in

... 20KFS05L00 online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Intel Core i5 8th Gen 12.5-inch Full HD Thin and Light Laptop (16GB ...


Lenovo ThinkPad X280 (20KFS05L00) Laptop Features

  • 12.5 inch Screen
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 512 GB SSD
Lenovo ThinkPad X280 (20KFS05L00) Laptop Colours:
  • Black

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Lenovo ThinkPad X280 (20KFS05L00) Laptop Specifications

Battery Information
Battery Backup 48 WH
Battery Cell 6
Connectivity Feature
Bluetooth Yes
Newtwork Ethernet Native Ethernet
Wireless LAN Yes
Brand Lenovo
Color Black
Display Resolution 1920x1080
Fingerprint Sensor Yes
HDD Capacity 512 GB
Laptop Part Number 20KFS05L00
Model Id 20KFS05L00
Model Name Thinkpad X280
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Processor Core i5
Product Code LAPLENOVO-THINKLENO686598E6157006
Screen Size 31.75 cm (12.5 inch)
Storage Type Flash Memory Solid State
In the Box
In Sales Package Main unit Charger
Port And Slot Features
Mic In Yes
Multi Card Slot Yes
Number of USB Ports 4
USB Port Type 2 x USB 3.0 1 x USB Type-C 1 x Intel Thunderbolt 3
VGA Port No
Processor And Memory Features
Clock Speed 1.60 GHz upto 3.4 Ghz
Form Factor Notebook
Memory Slots 1-Soldered Memory
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Cache 6 MB Smart Cache
Processor Chipset I5-8250U
RAM Frequency 2400
Return Policy
Return Policy 7 Days Replacement Policy - Product replacement is accepted by seller within 7 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered Cancellation allowed.
Warranty Details
Covered In Warranty Physical Damage
Service Type Manufactured defect
Warranty Summary 3 Year Onsite Warranty + 1 Year Premier Support+ 3 Year Int. Warranty
Warranty Type Carry in/ on site

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Can it be used with two external monitors?
So no SSD slot, no RJ45, no RAM upgrade, no removable or second battery In summary, this is not a ThinkPad, the real ThinkPad generation stopped with X270.
Gone is the boxy design, which means it's now pointless.
Does the thunderbolt 3 port can be used with eGPU?
X270 7600U the best ! Upgrade to 32GB ddr4 ! X280 ram soldered point less?
I love this review! It delivers the information very fast and up to the point well enough for an attention lacking person like myself. HahaThanks!
Great review, as always
Sorry Lenovo - I am very dissapointed = You guys missed the LAPTOP true meaning. I don't want another small and thin gadget Go back to your first LOVE - Real Laptops.
IBM VS LENOVO every time I watching this add I become sad. New News 2020 Lenovo T14-15 with no extended battery, the Lenovo bridge battery will come back only if Tim Cook Apple decides to add it to thier MacBook line. Apple sets the trends and Thinkpads CEO the morons slaves follow the lead but in stupid instead of smart, just like cheap stupid dirty chickens, I never expect to witness a day thst Lenovo CEO become a common slaves of Rome they follow whatever them master Tim Cook the slaves holders. 1862 Lincoln freed the slaves . 2020 IBM must freed Thinkpad from Lenovo, otherwise buying new T14 is like live inside the movie 12 years of slavery
Wow I just love your videos. You give so many details that make it easy to make the right choice when purchasing something. I bought this computer because of your video. I didn’t even know it was touchscreen until I watched this video
Super duper shitty. RIP Thinkpad BTW Great T-shirt. Keep on moving
Just ordered mine maxed out with everything. $999.00. I think it's a good deal. What do you all think?
I was a full-on Windows user about 6 years ago, until I switched to a Macbook Pro 13" Retina Display because of requirements by my office. Then about 2-3 weeks ago I decided to buy myself a X1 Carbon Gen 6 i7 16GB RAM 1TB SSD WQHD just to reminisce using Windows and I just regreted the purchase. What I did not like mainly is the WQHD screen, the colors were just to hurtful to my eyes. I just could not use the X1 for long hours. So I trade it online to a Thinkpad X280 i7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD FHD I absolutely love it. Specifically with the FHD screen. I was fortunate to compare the screens of X1 Carbon WQHD vs X390 FHD vs X280 FHD surprisingly I find the X280 FHD the best and is better than the X390 FHD. I thought that since they are both from the same brand manufacturer and the same FHD screen resolution, they would be the same in quality, but it's not. And now, I just have no problem switching back and forth between my X280 FHD and my Macbook Retina screens. For those interested to buy a Thinkpad and prioritize on a good screen, consider buying the Thinkpad X280 FHD - and with it's portability and performance, the X280 is an almost perfect Windows laptop.
Besides thunderbolt 3, and 8th gen CPU, this is a huge step backwards from the x270.
Hey Lisa, is the Cable Antenna for the LTE in there?
Why Lenovo keeps running the Thinkpad live? If we want thinner and slimmer we will buy X1 carbon.
Hi, can you please send me free Thinkpad laptop, I am student cant afford a new laptop, thanks
They got rid of the hard drive bay, but you can use high capacity micro sd cards or a 2242 nvme second drive or both to increase storage.
how long lenovo takes for delivery
Sorry but this isn’t a review video at all.
How much in Phil Peso?
how's the battery
No specification? Please.
lenovo is crap and has rude customer care
Kuch b nahi btaya tuna laptop k bara Mai kya ram hai kya graphics card hai faltu Mai video Bana de
Why don't you guys provide the exact specification of any device? Please tell us which CPU and GPU is there inside the laptop and tell us about the ram and storage.
can you review X380 and L380 yoga's please
I like you very much
Chap guy
Keet it up PLEASE
I love yore VIDEOS
Swipe fingerprint? U think its not swipe. It touch
Hi, which editing program are you using?
Does the model with IR Camera will not have fingerprint reader?
On the MacBook you can charge your computer with any of the usb c’s. Can you do that with this computer?
When you were unboxing it I thought my phone was on mute so I turned it up really loud. Then you started talking in the next scene and it scared the heck out of me. xD I feel dumb now. Anyways GREAT video
2012 called wants its bezels back. Amazing that $300 laptops now have full 1920x1080 IPS displays but somehow lenovo cant manage it at a decent price.
Look at that disgusting thick bezzel. My thinkpad x61s from 13 years ago looks so much better. WTF is wrong with lenovo.
the dual channel memory makes the gpu faster
Cmon man
Using coins as a measurement device is useless for international viewers.
There are ways on the internet that show how to make the fans quieter by keeping the machine from getting too hot. These techniques might also improve battery life. Here is one such strategy that I've found: "go to the MAXIMUM PROCESSOR STATE tab, and by default these should be at %100 percent both. so what you will have to do is lower both to %99" I haven't tried these strategies yet as I don't have one yet. But my old Lenovo Yoga 11" is wearing out and I need to replace it. Do you still like this model? Thanks for the excellent review!
quality review
No Ethernet port = No buy ! I dont want to use a dongle.
This makes a great business laptop,for video editing I stick to the mac.
Thank you for the information we are editing of our phone for my sons YouTube channel we are trying to get into a window laptop it's hard to choose the best laptop on a budget ! Have any advice
What i did to lower the temp and increase battery is to undervolt my thinkpad e470 -0.100v is the sweet spot for e470.
We tried to deploy a few these to our employees. Management changed their mind about it no bridge battery. We'll be going with the T480 instead.
My school requires me to buy this lol
Can the USB-C port beside the dock be used with regular USB-C cable or do I need a dock?
It's an ultraportable laptop, what do you need more than 16GB of RAM for?
can you increase the ram memory up to 16Gb ?
Great review
Will the X1 nano 13" replace the X280?
Best keyboard in the business.
Please i forgot password on this device and i want to how to reset it
uhhhhh Thinkpad porn very good
Great review
good review mate i watching this for my x280 xDXD same configuration with full hd multitouch for my opinion the best busines laptop for daily uses for my part just i have one issue with x280 wen you use your laptop rendering or workload cpu cinebench or adobe premiere export video i5 8350 is throttling cpu and down cpu clock to 2,5ghz BTW very happy for all ,
I actually prefer not being able to open a laptop with one finger. I want the screen to be as tightly connected to the base as possible. Wobbly screens are the worst! Edit: Great review btw
Thank you. I'm waiting for my 7th Gen X1 Carbon

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