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Lego Technic Street Motorcycle
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Lego Technic Street Motorcycle Reviews from YouTube

'Lego Technic 42036 Street Motorcycle' Unboxing, Speed Build & Review | Sariel's LEGO Technic Den
Lego Technic Street Motorcycle Review and Time Lapse Build
LEGO Technic Motorcycle Collection - EPIC REVIEW
Lego Technic 42036 Street Motorcycle Speed Build And Review
Just saw a used one on eBay for cheap! Gonna get this kit!
Thanks. I've got this set and all of the other ones. Looks nice but not as good as 8051 or 8420. Would have been better with the tyres and rims used on 8420 plus the 8420 disc brakes
A pretty nice feauture is that a lego star wars figure can be fitted on this bike. In my case its a stormtrooper riding it.
my building time 15 min
I really like this set, and I even ordered seperate orange pieces to make it look like a Gulf Racing bike.
Don't have a technic bike yet, but it would be nice to have one for variety. So many to choose from, though. Which of the bikes in the list @ 7:00 is your favorite?
You know what I noticed? Since the bigger and more expensive technic sets have the B models instructions online because they probably think "since you have $200 you obviously have a device like an iPad or something"
Mine doesn't have the 1x1 red tile! :OOOOOOO
if you want to make this thing look better, angle the headlight upwards: they aren't fixed in place.
of all of them, 8051 is by far the best
easy fix for the bare windshield- take the 2 plate pieces from the exhaust area and replace them with the ones already at the windshield area.
The narrow rear tire looks really good in the b-model, but the b-model sucks.
the "mystery piece" in the spare parts at 5:16 was not in my copy of the set.
Super! !!!!!!!!
this one has less parts.. and more big plates comparing to old bikes. i still think that the rims on 8420 is more sporty looking, the new 6 spokes rim is kinda plain
I got this set yesterday and I think it's super cool only downside for me is that it creaks after a while
I don't think anyone should install the Lego Technic app because it makes the building harder and may lead to confussion
V4?!! WTF!!!!
This looks much better than 42007
I think the final con listed at the end pretty much sums this set up; there's only so much the designers can do with a Technic motorbike model that they all look almost the same, even though they still look impressive. Kinda explains why there's only a new motorbike set every two or three years. I thought the 2x V2 engine set-up was nice and different, but as you said, it's nothing new as it was used before, albeit in a V4 set-up instead. I'd like to see a bigger motorbike model than this and the predecessors, just to be a bit different; maybe base the next one on the crazy Dodge Tomahawk...
Thank you for the comment.
awesome review + time-lapse build
Cool vid, I just finished building the Ducati Panigale V4 and was pleased to see you showed it in detail. Very nice collection! I would love to have them all - and as a biker I am always amazed with the variety of motorcycle shapes.
Do 7158 and 6231 count?
Argentino sos
WoW! 👍👍👍
Great video.
Nice video. Which bike do you favor the most out of all your collection? :)
Just building the Panigale, thinking about my first Lego Technic motorcycle I had when I was a kid. The red one with the two lights! That’s the one! You still have yours! Thnx for the video
It was really good
Thank you for trying your best speaking English
Great video!!! I had 8210 bike when I was a kid and was dreaming 8422 model but have't got a chance to get it. BTW Have you tried to motorized any bike?
Nice! Wow these look as good as new. Great job!
Nice collection, I try to collectie all Technic motorcycles myself👍
Thanks for having to redo an entire video just so that we can understand!!!!
Awesome Review brother, Great collections
Thanks for the video. I should make a video as I have all of them including the 3 wheel ones.
Nice job! I subbed to you, please consider subbing to me
love it
Super video. Thanks for english version
Great video showing most of the Technic motorcycles. Thank you

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