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Buy Lego Technic 42046 online at Amazon. Lego Technic 42046 - Get Away Racer
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Lego Technic 42046 Features

  • Cruise the streets with this cool, powerful vehicle featuring massive extra-wide rims with low profile tires
  • Huge vertical exhaust pipes, heavy-duty front bumper and awesome dark-grey and black color scheme with cool flame stickers for a real look
  • Activate the powerful pull-back motor to make a quick getaway
Lego Technic 42046 - Get Away Racer
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Buy Lego Technic 42046 online at Amazon.
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Lego Technic 42046 Reviews from YouTube

'Lego Technic 42046: Getaway Racer' Unboxing, Parts List, Speed Build & Review
LEGO Technic Getaway Racer review! set 42046
Lego Technic 42046/42047: Extreme Police Racer Speed Build & Review
All Lego Technic Action Cars ever made - Lego Speed Build Review
Could this be modified so the doors would open? Possibly add a Technic Seat (2717)?
I've just got this recently and you mentioned changes to the wind-up motor; the change they made was removing the clicking clutch inside, so the motor just stops winding when you reach its peak. I found this out by accident earlier, wondering why it wasn't clicking; forcing it further is risky as the axle will start bending and the tyres may wear down a tad. :P I'm sure you likely already knew this though :)
The pricing is totally ridiculous. Approximately 20€ for such a small set is a lot of money.
Did you make a review for 42033 + 42034 combination?
You should have been made a review for 42011
Can you please do the combination of 42046 + 42047 it looks nice?
I got it at a Lego store in canada
Golden rims ! :D
if it s not any trouble for you, I d like to see the models without the stickers, maybe then you could add both pics to compare. I m thinking about getting this model for the wheels and black panels, I m piling for a batplane. I loved the jumping, especially the slow motion, great job!
Another small build that is only good for the parts (imo)
Love how the whimsical music contrasts the flaming skull in a freaking sunglasses that adorns this hot rod :D
feel like you need rock & roll music for this car. ;)
I 😍 pullbacks
*sees that one con says it needs 2 sets to be built* isnt tha the point ?
I built it and it took me about 2h-2h30min and I'm a average builder
Cons: potentially unsafe? Hope hamster didn't get hit by that...
you forgot the con instructions only on online
Looking at the spare pieces, I do agree they could've been used with this combi model, like having extra bracings for the rear wing, an opening roll cage surround for the cockpit or flared wheel arches. But I guess they felt it didn't look that nice or appealing and thus scrapped them; still, it won't stop us trying and finding out! Of the four combi models, this is easily the best looking one and possibly the most polished; took me by surprise! Do you reckon this is worth it from getting both sets?
I really enjoy watching Your videos, it's shocking how much work you put in every video you do. Wish you luck on climbing up the YouTube ladder, you deserve to be in the top :)
bulid car fiat 126
So... They stopped doing worm gear functions? I still have my Dragster combi set for the race car and the blue off roader.. R.I.P. Worm gear functions. I think the race truck (after the dragster) had only tilt able wing and winch. But the dragster was the stuff. The dragster has a worm gear powered opening cage and adjustable spoiler. The body only looks crude from some angles due to the angled slopes it has. Its nice that they also allow you to customize the wheel for the dragster. Note: you can use record breaker wheels too. I name the dragster with only the race car's wheels the "Tarmac Edition" cause seriously.. Who puts a tarmac tire for the front but a off road tire in the back? The ground clearance doesn't change.
That thing is an absolute BEAST. XD
co będzie następne?
Sariel will you add a steering motor to motorize to steer it remotely?
More videos please :D
IMPORTANT QUESTION: on the lego website on the technic page why are so many of the sets sold out? and whats the point in keeping them on the website if you cant buy them?
Love ur videos
Co to za nutka? ;)
hey guys !! if u r a lego fan please subscribe to my channel .. you will love it !! iam a starter .. so i would realy like to have some supportive people like every one in here :) .. so can you please check my channel ?!
if police in reallife race during duty they r already fired!
czy wygodniej ci jest bardziej z tabletem czy z instrukcją
I heard there is a Mercedes super car is coming, the size is similar as the 24 hour race car
Y Love lego the fórmula 1
I have one of them its the stunt truck
Я люблю лего техник
You are missing one pull back car /action car. Its calld outfun set 8496
I have the record breaker
I have 2 of them the stunt truck and whack! car
He built the stunt bike wrong -_-
Race car is My favourite set
I have green truck
Are these sets?
I have whack and bash
I only have two of those
I have the stunt truck^_^
My first car is whack
I disassemble my Black Champion Racer and did a Batmobile Tumbler.rsrs
I have the green one

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