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Lego Sand Baseplate, Multi Color Features

  • Toys and Games
  • Sand base plate, measures 36x36 studs
  • A supplement to any Lego collection
  • It is the perfect starting point for your inspired, open-ended building play
Lego Sand Baseplate, Multi Color
The lowest Lego Sand Baseplate, Multi Color Price in India is ₹746 at Amazon.
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Lego Sand Baseplate, Multi Color Reviews from YouTube

LEGO Classic 10699 "Sand Baseplate" Unboxing & Review
LEGO SAND / Tan BASE PLATE Review 10699
LEGO Classic: Sand Base Plate (10699) Exploration
Max Baseplate Review | Are Max Baseplates Compatible With LEGO?
That base plate looks good for my farm moc,because that base plate looking like a wheat field.
Nice video
I was freaked out when I realize these base plates cost about $12.5 in Japan... too expensive, even as LEGO;)Anyway, nice review!
Great review! Just ordered some road plates + I found this tan baseplate for ~$6. I think it's good price for it :)
Great Review
i think 7.99 is overpriced rather than 5.99 or 4.99 like it was like 1 month ago
Saw bricktsar apt

Mmmmm, over 900 I am, play with this baseplate, I cannot.
Two words... Tatooine Brickfilms. Finally! :) Great review! 
I like it but I want the blue back
I love this video. The whole video. I really love the whole video
Pay no attention to the creeper. Much more appropriate than @***** as a creeper.
Not save for those 100 or over - lol
Hate the price!!
I think too pricey.  But what choice do we have.
I'm 168
I don't like the new prices
Thanks for the review! Tan is good to have but I wouldn't imagine many people buying these in bulk the way they would have bought blue in bulk, unless it's for a desert or large beach MOC.
Why that’s Set got cancelled but I didn’t have it yet :(
now i will know what to buy for base for my garage because this i have is not really good
I remember using the original green baseplate & the bigger grey baseplates. I always dreamed of building a white house on them, at least the I got to build a small 1 on the green baseplate. I don't remember if I had ever seen any of these.
I like using these things but they are mega super expensive (the larger ones)
Wow, so glad to have an amazing reviewer like you to help me find all the little details Lego puts in their sets. Wow, this set is one worth reviewing!!!!!
Useful for making a Geonosis moc,....or a desert moc...but who creates a desert moc.....
That would be great to have with my beach house i made
4-99 XD lol
This is by far the most creative set I have ever seen xD
make a tutorial for lego classic 10696 pls i will sub i need tutorial for my set of lego
i felt you didn't really cover enough of the features of this set.
It's worth the buy.💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
you are the best with that voice xD
Hey Jaystepher! I've noticed you haven't made a MOC house in quite a long time. I was just wonderin' if you have any that you may have been working on lately. Anyways, I love your channel and keep up the great work! :)
Why would you review a base plate .-.
Worth pointing out that (despite what BrickLink says) this is not quite the same colour as the older tan baseplates. It's close, but not the same. At least it's not as far out as the green! No idea why anyone would prefer a bright green plate over a normal green one...
JAYSTEPHER can yoy make a cool and small house with a newbie lego items .
Jay you should make a city or town
Wow! Thanks for the revieuw! In the store i couldn't really feel and see through the plastic. So now you've opened it i know that i for sure am NOT going to buy it! Thanks for saving me €12.-!
I found a nameless brand of base plates that are just as comparable as max has anyone else found these
oh i already commented on this lol
I actually have one green Max space plate and one gray and they're fine and they work great with Lego
dont buy fake lego kids
Wow almost three thousand views
I going to get Lego base plates today they are official Lego base plates and I'm so excited
You know its a bad sign when you have trouble opening the stupid thing.
if price is way lower, why not. Nice comparison :-)
The grey one is also a third of the price of a real LEGO baseplate the green one is half the price of legos but the grey on is shorter
I love these lego are my first opinion but I found these bases plates for a $1 at a doller store in the city and bought 20 of them for $20 it was worth my money. They aren't lego brand but for the price of $1 it was a pretty good deal. I used them to make a lego table.
These are cheaper than legos tho idk I might pick one up
COPPA has now came into effect and I can't turn on notifications :(
Thank you for watching! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions! If you would like to buy these baseplates you can use these Amazon affiliate links: 🟩Max Baseplate GREEN: 🔲Max Baseplate GREY:
I liked this video comparing the MAX nameplates with Lego. I held off purchasing one for much less the cost of Lego just to be sure because it looked like the raised parts were slightly larger in comparison. Now I know they work, are sturdier and a tighter fit so thanks!
You need to buy a new green Lego base plate to make a fare comparison.
As long as the Max base plates are low in cost to Lego then I don't see a problem but from what Iv seen price wise from max blocks is to high. I think I'd rather buy used lego base plates rather then buy other brand base plates however I have got new none Lego base plates. The easiest none base plates to get in the UK are from Block Tech which is produced by a brand called WOMA and are good quality.
Very Cool Video .
make an animation of lego star wars
Just a headsup, i think you made a mistake with the video title, it doesn't quite make sense....👺

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