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LEGO Technic App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109 Building ...

This toy rally car model is controlled via the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app and powered by an advanced Smart Hub with 1 XL motor and 1 L motor for a more immersive ...


LEGO Technic Rally Car Building Blocks for Boys 10 to 16 Years ...

LEGO Technic Rally Car · Detailed Cockpit. Open the doors to access the cockpit, complete with racing seats and a red roll cage. · Cooling System. Beneath the ...


City 60113 - Rally Car . shop for LEGO products in India. |

Leave opponents way behind in the race with Lego rally car. Press on the pedal of thrill and hair raising fun with the rally car sporting an adjustable spoiler ...


LEGO CITY Rally Car 60113 : Toys & Games

LEGO CITY Rally Car 60113 Toy · Bank Offer. Upto ₹1,026.90 discount on SBI Credit CardsUpto ₹1,026.90 discount on SBI Credit Cards · No Cost EMI. Upto ₹573.37 ...


LEGO Rally Car | - Flipkart

LEGO Rally Car (Multicolor) · Skillset:Motor Skills, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Problem Solving, Creativity & Imagination · Non Battery Operated · Age: 2+ Years.


Lego Rally Car Features

Lego Rally Car
Find the best deal on Lego Rally Car at Flipkart Snapdeal, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Lego Rally Car Price in India is ₹1,399 at Snapdeal.
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Lego Rally Car Reviews from YouTube

LEGO Technic Top Gear Rally Car Set 42109 | REVIEW
LEGO Technic 1:10 scale Rally Car review! 42077
LEGO Technic 42109: Top Gear Rally Car: In-depth Review, Speed Build & Parts List [4K]
LEGO Technic 42077: Rally Car In-depth Review & Speed Build [4K]
I recently saw this and was interested. This review was real helpful. I wasn't necessarily expecting a car with "RC" speeds, but i think this would be something fun for the house (my 3 year old will probably enjoy watching it drive) and, even more so, the office when they open it back up. I, personally, like the look of it (from what i'm seeing online) as I'm a fan of the hatch rally cars. I also saw a "light kit" online that adds headlights and taillights.
Wait isn’t this the guy from Brick Vault?
My one is not working and I have battery in it
I think the app limits the car
I’m getting that tomorrow
Not the Stig, They should call it Cpt. Slow or Jamess May Edition
It would’ve been cooler if it came with a sting minifigure
It looked faster on the table than on the basketball court. Could it be the ground surface could affect the speed also. Plus what engine could we switch it out with to improve the speed.
This is a great set. Have to get this plus that orange truck in the app also looks cool
Tq for the comments and btb for the product review. For the price and the speed i dont think its worth it. Might as well get a proper rc or just get the porsche technic bugatti or lamborghini. At least they look much more awesome on my display shelf than this stig model
U don't have to put the stickers on
This set was on my "to buy" list until watched your video! :( Disappointing speed for a "rally car". Also quite clunky controls! :( SO many LT kits are great in theory but disappoint in execution Race cars that are slow, cranes that topple over when you try to lift a small object I do love the "display" oriented models like the Dom's Charger and Porsche 911 RSR!
Im from the netherlands and i now that song it's from the YouTuber cromotag the song name is rookworst
Forget about the official Control+ app and use Controlz instead: honestly feel like this was a wasted opportunity on LEGO’s part. I have some professional grade R/C cars and I’d love to see a LEGO R/C car with even a brushed motor in it. It’s completely possible, though the motor may have to be a non LEGO piece. I feel like if LEGO and a major R/C company like Traxxas team up, they could make a really cool, pretty fast LEGO R/C car that would be genuinely fun to drive.
he is a bit many I think it looks awesome and I love the new diff in it
But how fast is it around the LEGO test track? Or did you skip that part because of the lack of a Stig minifig?
Wow that was insane
Dude you went to in debt your not taking this car to the club man it’s for kids lol
The veering to the left is the pre-installed "drift" option by lego.
the trash carthe worst model car of lego ever made
I personally love the way it looks but good review!
I have a guestion can you do a B model of set top gear rally car
Welcome back to bottom gear mates
Can this thing fit in the 42098 car transporter? Someone pls reply
Very cool I’m hoping all that for Christmas
Bad performance, well then just do a RC buggy swap. (Car guys know what i mean)
Thank you for being so honest about this set: it is really bad. Very bad. And while things may go wrong in a big company like LEGO, it is still surprising that they can go wrong so, so badly. If it is of any comfort, at least the colors are true, which cannot be said of many of the latest sets. I have always loved LEGO Technic, but it smells really funny these days. Most of it is just dead (hence the smell). So, I will just have to disassemble my older models (the Arocs, Unimog, Claas, Volvo to name but a few) and reassemble them - maybe their B models - and be very happy. Frankly, this set is an utter disgrace and not worth the "Technic" label, as there is none in it (2 gears and one differential at €130? You must be joking!). Still, I am wondering: How can it go so, so, so wrong?
Thank you for your review. Why XL motor is cheaper than L one ?
This set sucks!
Rtc steering?
I coverted mine to 4WD and now it drives mega quick
I would of gotten this if it was remote controled so instead I got a bunch of power function parts and alot of technic sets
Everyone saying the car is ugly, but I honestly can't agree. It's more of a typical rally/hillclimb car.
I just ordered the set, just because it is a quite cheap method of obtaining the power up stuff
It would be cool if you did a power functions conversion to see what the difference would be like
I bought this set for myself, but decided to let my 6yr old grandson build it with my guidance, we both loved every minute of the build. Then after downloading the App, he had just the best fun in driving it, as did his 4yr old sister. For $120 AUD it is good value, time with the grandies priceless. Adults buying and building it for themselves may not get as much fun or value. Cheers
This is very good car . I buy it.
Also, not every rally car IS AWD they actually have a specific class for each drivetrain
It look like a mix of a modern Audi sport Quattro and a Renault (Reno) Clio
remember lego has its limitations they cannot just make specific panel pieces for each set just to cover up the bits
What happen to your thumb Ah did the ripoff lego sets attack ya Same i have my hand bruised and my desk
The hole in the hood is most likely a heat extractor vent, the air goes in through the grille, then through the radiator angled up, then the fans, and finally, through the hood. Most racing cars have it designed just like that.
I am a person that puts the wheels on first, is that ok?
This took me 2 days to build 4 hours each
The Polish are the best at Lego.
Just ordered this model, I am a new starting builder so this looks perfect for me,
y know that you can take out the steering limiters
Why did you not review the b model
You are saying you will review the b model but I don't see any video the b model is reviewed from the b model review now.
this was my lego technic starter set.
That mid engine and your comment about this being modeled after a modern car made me wonder: are there currently any mid-engine rally cars around? I thought the Group B cars were the last rally cars that had those.
Oh I thought that the fire Extinguisher was supposed to be NOS
Is it just me or does this model look so awesome from the back?
It looks ok. But would be an awesome piece donor
lego technic is getting better and better
I just bought this set on Amazon for £60
The car is very well built

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