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Buy LEGO Police Patrol Boat Building Blocks for Kids (Multicolor, 5 ...

Kids can play out scenes from the LEGO City Adventures TV series with this floating police patrol boat toy. It's packed with cool features and comes with ...


Buy Lego Police Patrol Boat, Multi Color Online at Low Prices in ...

Lock up the crook and transport him to Prison Island in the LEGO City Police Patrol Boat, featuring a cell with breakout function, buildable brick spotlight ...


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Lego Police Patrol Boat
The lowest Lego Police Patrol Boat Price in India is ₹3,599 at Flipkart.
Buy Lego Police Patrol Boat online at Flipkart.
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Lego Police Patrol Boat Reviews from YouTube

A classically excellent toy! LEGO Police Patrol Boat review! 60277
LEGO City 2016 Police Patrol Boat review! set 60129
POLICE PATROL BOAT - LEGO City Set 60129 UNDERWATER GoPro ACTION! Time-lapse, Unboxing, & Review
LEGO Police Patrol Boat Review! Set 60277 From 2021!
The bost really gives a simplistic feeling of Classic Space for me, which makes me like it more
I really like this one
I like the red submarine... stil need one for Robin in my batcave, lol.
this is similar to the 2011 one
Personally, I would of preferred the interior to be more closed up, like that police boat from the 90s
It’s funny to me to see things like drones in LEGO sets. Mainly because when I was a kid drones were a fantasy and definitely not in LEGO sets.....
They should have made these floating boat sets Power Up.
In canada the set is 80 $can.
Back in my day the police sets actually looked good
This is a very very nice police boat that can float, it's got just about everything it needs to a be a great set, except the price, youch! I kinda agree with you Jang, 50$ should be the maximum for this set, yes there is the boat haul, but still, not worth 60$, way overpriced!
A man has fallen in the lego city river *HEY!!!* build the high speed police boat throw the lifevest and head back
A floating shark is a dead shark
Only 4 issues I see. 1. Stickers and water. 2. The top windshield looks like it needs to be capped. Looks... incomplete. 3. Not really an issue just would look better if the red submarine had lever pieces for the joysticks. 4. Should be $10 less.
60 dollars?! That’s 80 in Canada!!!!!!
You are by far the best lego reviewer ever. Keep it up 👍
The submersible reminds me of a semi submersible boat
I 100% agree with you on the price, it would be good as a $40 set, not a $60. I was really into this set till I saw the price. No thank you. Good review as a always, keep up the good work!
Why is the bad guys' vehicle always red?
I'm definitly waiting for this to go on sale to buy it for my son. It'll be great in the bathtub!
if onl lego sharks would float

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