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LEGO Motorcycle Dark Red Harley

Lego Harley Motorcycle Dark Red. Approx 3 inches long X 1 1/2 inches tall. Perfect for Lego Minifigures to ride.Choking Hazard for children 3 and under.


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Lego Motorcycle Dark Red Harley Features

Lego Motorcycle Dark Red Harley
The lowest Lego Motorcycle Dark Red Harley Price in India is ₹2,383 at Flipkart.
Buy Lego Motorcycle Dark Red Harley online at Flipkart.
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Lego Motorcycle Dark Red Harley Reviews from YouTube

Lego Creator 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy - Lego Speed Build Review
REVIEW: LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle Set 10269
Lego Creator Expert 10269 Harley Davidson Fat Boy Speed Build
LEGO Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy unboxing, speed build and review
i need your clothes boots and motorcycle
12:35 HOW???
I have this lego
I've just opened this set and missing the first piece :/
they should make the pontiac fiero
Amazing! I concluded the assembling process around 6 hours of work!
Поверь мне Карлсон, не в мотоциклах счастье. Ты что с ума сошёл, а в чём же ещё.
Never been much of a lego person but I got hooked after buying the fiat 500 model, ive also ordered the vw camper van I might get this at some point too
Can you add music links to where you got the music?
How can he buy all those legosets? Rich boi.
Thank you so so much for uploading this. I couldn't get one piece to go on the way it was supposed to and I was able to slow down your video and figure it out!!! Life saver!!
What’s its scale? 1/10? Or smaller?
It really helps when u run into problems cos the assembly book isn’t always clear .So thanks for doing these little podcasts
I think you should open some box like robot or something else
6:58 Why??? Why!!! WHY!?!?!?! (Nevertheless i love your work)
Muy buen video y que paciencia para armar todo esta maravillosa moto.
Lego Creator
Could you provide the codes os Wheels? I would like to request them. My dog distroyied my ones 🤦🏻‍♂️
From the minute I saw it...they blew it on the color gray. Why not silver or chrome
Just finished the set. It has amazed me with complexity. VERY well done.
I want to make it look like my bike. Can legos be painted?
Excellent video. However, when you talk about units of torque, there are two different units: Pound feet (lbf∙ft) And Newton Meters (Nm). *Nm* and *lbf∙ft* are two different units, so be careful when using them.
So from a Harley rider, physics lover and a lego fan: torque / rpm (or work over time it take to do the work) so we bikers do use horsepower and torque it’s just Harley’s are known for a lot of torque without much rpm compared to sport bikes which have lower torque but way higher revs hence Harry’s use of torque
Who's Arnie? LMAO
Well done, good to see Mike in beyond the brick, good luck!
They should have done chrome
the odometer says 1974? Come on Lego you could have at least made it 1990 the year the fatboy came out :)
You left brickvault for this Mike explain???
Lego + harley i cant wait to buy this
Mike do you work for beyond the brick now? If so that's great!
Mike is with Beyond the Brick now! Welcome back 👏👍I can dig it, great review.
I think this set is a triumph (no pun intended) of a build but I have no interest is getting it!
And he's back at it again
After the Mustang this build is to easy done is my opinion... it looks like a random bike
You are mike from brick vault?
Great review Mike!!
Chrome would be nice...
NEW 28 tooth gear
Compleate all gear 8t 16t 24 t 40t
People say it would look better in Chrome. I don't agree. The real Fatboy has brushed satin chrome and aluminium. This link takes you my 3D Lego Fatboy using Silver parts:
100 eur?? what a ripoff
"it does no have working suspension".... like the real softail :)
I am dissapointed that LEGO did not use Chrome parts. No one wants a grey Harley!
Great vid. Like all ways.
Who here knows nothing about motorcycles, but is going to buy it anyway.
Can't wait to buy it.
I'm cat
Great LEGO set. Must have.
Without shining chrome. Poor grey. Again.
Amazing and very professional review, Thank you so much ❤️
"Brake levers", lol. The left one is the clutch.
Today my brother turns 17 , , also amazing vids guys!!
Who else clicked on this video and knows nothing about motorcycles?
Building error: you put the right Harley Davidson logo tile on the left and the left logo on the right, that's why they're not level on the fuel tank :) Cheers!

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