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Lego MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Features

  • Equipped with touch, color, and infrared sensors
  • Weapons include: Tri blade blender, heavy hammer, blasting bazooka, and gripping claws and arms
  • Intuitive software (PC and Mac) with icon based drag-and-drop programming interface
  • Control and command your robot with the enclosed remote control or download the free app for your smart device
  • Includes 550 plus LEGO Technic elements
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Lego MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Reviews from YouTube

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Review - A lack of enthusiasm
LEGO 31313, MINDSTORMS EV3 - Unboxing
LEGO Mindstorms 31313 - EV3 MindCub3r Review
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Review
hello there! a review of the new mindstorms 51515 would be amazing!
I’d really like to see a review of the new MINDSTORMS 51515
i have 4 ev3 bricks and have 1 nxt hub
perfect video, thank u for such valuable fruitful video
Yep, this version of Mindstorms is too dumbed down to be interesting. Doubt I would have gone for it the same way I did the OG RCX as a kid. I can still remember how pumped I was when I got it... I think it was the Christmas of 2000.
0:50 Nxt 2.0: "am I a joke to you?"
4th Gen Mindstrom is here now.
The EV3 software is genius. The new ev4 sucks
LTT: EV3 is not good Mindstorms Generation 4: Hold my beer
I wonder if Taran will review the upcoming SPIKE PRIME mindstorms set.
You know you've watched too much LTT if your first thought at 4:50 is "watercool it."
Nxt is still better it also helps the the big drivers can be used with nxt so I’m pro nxt
Also the program app NEVER even ONCE crashed on my LAPTOP!
Wow this is just a waste of time
Honestly, while I agree with a lot of his points on the EV3 kit, I still absolutely love Mindstorms and would choose it over other kits I’ve seen. Got an EV3 to play with along with my 2 NXTs recently and it’s honestly a great upgrade and is something that I’d very easily recommend to anyone interested in robotics. The build quality for one is amazing, programming software is great for someone like me with little experience, and there are so many places to go for extra instructions for robots when you’ve already gone through everything that’s included with the set. Only things I would have liked to see are an extra touch sensor, and perhaps another medium or large motor. While the set is amazing, its biggest issue is it just doesn’t feel like the massive upgrade the NXT was over the original set.
I'm using the educational kit
I hope Lego officials read the feedback. I could understand Lego using custom port connectors, instead of RJ11 or any other type. So that there is less chance someone back engineers their stuff or hooks other devices to it, but the one thing I do not completely understand is the charger for their LiPo battery. The charger alone costs 37 Eur and has a unique connector. Now, they just couldn't use a standardized 9V charger with a 300-1000mA adapter which costs 8-10 Eur. It had to be a unique and costly adapter. Bearing in mind the cost of sensors, compared to Arduino barebone sensors, you do get the other meaning of the word 'priceless'. Pardon, Linus. Nothing has to do with you. It's just that Lego official has their comments section disabled. Let's do the math. The charger costs 8.6 % of the total Lego Mindstorms ev3 45444 set. Current prices, as of March 7, 2020. Lego Mindstorms ev3 45444 set - 429 Eur Charger - 37 Eur. % fraction of the charger: 37 / 429 * 100% = 8,6 % with rounding. Really? I do understand the connectors, but does even the charger have to be so pricey? While it could have been - 1,9%, had it had the price of 8 Euros and would be found in any DIY store, instead of ordering from a specialized retailer since the Lego one is not something one finds on the usual store shelf. Oh, and that even doesn't include the battery itself.
Ev3 is more for fll (first lego league).
NXT sensors: Ultrasonic Sensor Infrared Link Sensor Acceleration/Tilt Sensor Infrared Seeker Sensor Light Sensor Color Sensor Touch Sensor Sound Sensor Large Motor Temperature Sensor EV3 sensors: Ultrasonic Sensor Infrared Sensor Infrared Beacon Gyro Sensor Color Sensor Touch Sensor Large Motor Medium Motor In all, the Lego NXT is superior in motors. There can be 3rd party sensors like the NXTCam. But for 1st party. NXT is the winner!
I think you buy another pack with lego mindstorms and hide sensors in this pack. For me its fake
2020 tem?
Lego comprar 31313 acabou?
I know that nobody cares, but... *This is my dream set*
What a luck . How can you get 2 motor and remote in 1pack .lol
waste of time watching this
oi voce e de brasil ne pela descricao no dhl
I am too poor to afford this it worths rs 36,000 which is double my dads monthly income
I am too poor to afford this it worths rs 36,000 which is double my dads monthly income
I’m subscribing this is awesomely amazing
i got it for 120
Very cool I I subbed could you do the same thing?
In my birthday, i have this box
Love robotics
Soooooooooo lucky
I’m watching this because i already ordered one so some satisfaction needed
Nxt sensors and motors work on the ev3 since it’s backwards compatible
Wath is the price
Amazing video! Great idea!
scan error
When it says when you don’t set the arm correctly does that mean, you didn’t build it correctly, or that if you set it up in a weird way it breaks itself
GUYS HELP. I am an average person in using the EV3 so I decided to build this and then just download the program from their website but it didn’t work.
Please provide link for building and program. Thanks
help! whenever i try to put the program into the ev3 block i get this: Unable to compile some documents for deployment: ScanCube.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanPiece.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanFace.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanMiddle.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanEdge.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanCorner.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanAndSolve.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. ScanRGB.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. CalScanRGB.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists. MindCub3r.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists.
Can you please put a link in the description so other people can build it
How long does it take to program and build
amazing it uses the petrus method
But its still cool
Mine don't work
Mien don't work
Mine don't workshop
So aggressive
Thanks for this great video and review of MindCub3r. I notice that the turntable is rocking slightly as it rotates. This may be because it is catching on the corner of the EV3 screen as it rotates. Please check the position of the EV3 in the build instructions. It is intended to be centralized on the two supporting pins which I think is one hole to the left of where it appears to be in the video. Some people have found that this rocking can affect the reliability of the scan. Many thanks again
I am a young engineer. Now I've watched your video, I'M GETTING MINDSTORMS EV3!!!
Entered of won gonna build a dorito machine
handy toy for kids and adults
way, way cool
entered hope I win
thanks for the giveaway :D
I entered
it looks amazing haah nice video
Ive entered to get the iphone 7 I always wanted 😥💔

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