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Buy Lego Mighty Micros online at Flipkart. Lego Mighty Micros - Hulk vs Ultron
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Lego Mighty Micros Features

Lego Mighty Micros - Hulk vs Ultron
The lowest Lego Mighty Micros Price in India is ₹999 at Flipkart.
Buy Lego Mighty Micros online at Flipkart.
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Lego Mighty Micros Reviews from YouTube

LEGO Marvel Iron Man vs Thanos Mighty Micros review! 76072
LEGO Mighty Micros Hulk vs Ultron review! 76066
Every Lego Mighty Micro Set !!!! | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review
LEGO Wolverine vs. Magneto Mighty Micros review! 2017 set 76073
7:24 Magic, Magic I tell you
I had the spiderman I am sad because I lost it but I have the spiderman mech now!
You forgot wolverine and magneto
My favourite one is flash and bane
Why dose red skull look like he has jaw pain
2020 anyone ?
My hopes for future sets: DC: Superman vs Darkseid Batman vs Red Hood The Flash vs Reverse Flash Marvel: Thor vs Thanos Professor X vs Magneto Cyclops vs Quicksilver (Quicksilver used to be evil) Possible Crossover sets: Superman vs Thanos Batman vs Black Panther Captain Atom vs Ant Man
i am going to get all of them in a month
Please do an update.
Cap should have been in a jeep and Red Skull in a tank
Now do every microfighter Ever made
Y duz da Flash hav a car. Also, ZAMBONI! 4 captain cold
U need 2 stop using sound effect
Not all
That doesn't look like jack
I keep my lego boxes somewhere hidden but my Lego Dimensions boxes go in the Lego Batman movie Story pack box also for Lego dimensions
I got three of these two were DC and one was Marvel
In 2018 they made small size capes especially for Mighty micros
The magneto head would work with batman beyond
Why don't you mention magneto's dual sided head?
just2good Can you Tello me another uses for the Magneto's black head? I'm really into MOCs and alternative builds
Magneto have two head sculpt
magneto has back face printing of a old guy on my one
Just got this baby for $2 at Walmart!!!
Magneto got an alternate face.... right? its the human face
Why does Magneto have a black face?? It's not bad!! I actually love the face.
Magneto has a double jead
This Magneto head can be used for Moon Knight
Magneto has a double sided face
You didn't touch on magneto dual head
The magneto figure in the set has a double sided head.
Am i the only one who thinks that lego should make another x men sets?
3:03 i see a Magneto's face
magneto has another expression
I would like lego to make a mhigty micro of hulk vs red hulk
Wolverine's vehicle is a version of the Black bird jet used by the X-Men
Magneto's vehicle is a version of the Magnetmobile in the original X-Men comics

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