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Lego Jabba's Sail Barge
The lowest Lego Jabba's Sail Barge Price in India is ₹11,474 at Flipkart.
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Lego Jabba's Sail Barge Reviews from YouTube

LEGO Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 set Review! (2013 version)
LEGO Star Wars: Jabba's Sail Barge 6210 Review!!! From 2006
Jabba's Sail Barge 6210 Review & Comparison
LEGO Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge Review 75020
I've had this set since 2008, I think. The Sarlacc and the smaller ship have lost pieces or been destroyed over the years, but the main barge is still intact. Some of the figures have broken hands and loose joints due to lots of play time during my childhood. Probably my favorite set I've ever owned.
In my Opinion, This Set Was Great For It's Time.
This is my first lego set EVER!!
On dancer on pranced on Hanna and blitzon
How did luke get a non robot hand?
This was one of my prized lego pieces, and then my cousin broke it and i lost a lot of the pieces. Still salty about it today
Best Christmas ive ever had when i got this back in 06! i got scolded so many times for sneaking into my mom's closet to find the box haha.
Cool review!! I have subscribed..😊👍👍
Finally! One that is not marked for kids!
The thing is a catapult for boba fett
They added Lando... *but forgot Chewbacca?*
i pretended the jail was the raincor pit and chewbaca was the raincor
lol jabba’s weed pipe
I want that sarlacc pit
The weed pipe
half ucs and half playset
1:50 that boba has a value of over €300. You know that ? BTW that is about the same in USD. So giggle on bro.... know what’s in your hands here ?
Wheres the frog? 😢
This is lego as I remember it. The new sets don't look anything like this. This has an authentic feel too it.
I got this set for my birthday as a kid. Loved it! :)
I'd say neither better nor worse than the new version.
Do you think combing the old sail barge with the new palace is a good idea?
Jabba was made into LEGO all the way back in 2003 in Jabba’s Palace.
How good was this video, had all the right angles keep it up mate !
Hoping LEGO makes a UCS version of it with full interior and 20 minifigures!
Old one is the best
Cool I'm Australian too
Brother got the og sail barge and I got the 07 mtt the good ol days
Fu optics dislike more talking bitch
I love the 2013 one and all, but the 2006 has more space (and more content, of course, although I already have the 2012 and 2017 Desert Skiffs).
The old one is better because it is bigger and the front panel is slanted too low.
Boba Fett with two blasters 🤣😂
hey down under bricks I was contemplating if I should buy the old one would you recommend thx
The new mini figs, the old nose ns sails, why does Lego not get the total picture in onne set. The cannon. Review the movie. What cannon ? Pitty. again by Lego. We have to rebuild the intire barge ourselvels, like much off the rest of the sets. 🧐
Is it me or is the old one more screen accurate.
Carbonite han what pretty sure it's regular han in the sail barge😂
The new ons is mutch better and bigger
I have both and I find that the new one looks cramped due to the smallller size
Can you use the new jabba in the old one ? For example does it fit ?
You said Leia wrong you said Leah
why'd toy get mad at this set for having a bad price per piece but you had no problem with the rancor pit having an even worse price per piece? I honestly think that for what you get $120 isn't too bad, maybe $110 would be a little better.
I would spend $500
for $130 it should have came with the skiff and pit
the original is better
8.43 Lego are cheeky af
the comment section is dead :( anyone from 2017
I have the original. It is bigger and better.
That printed piece is Alison in the Milano set.
The reason it is so expensive is that the molds for jabba, max rebo and ree yees are a great cost
$170 in Norway :O LEGO is sooo expensive here!
David Ur right they price it first
should i buy this or the new imperial star destroyer?
I can get the set for $113
I got the old one, it was very similar, the only differance was the lack of a skiff on the new one and the brand new Scarlac
I wish they put the desert skiff in the salebarge the hole set that what of been awesome
Thank you 
I found one for eighty five bucks
right now it's 88 dollars on walmart, the original price is 119 dollars.

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