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Lego Black Panther Pursuit
The lowest Lego Black Panther Pursuit Price in India is ₹3,186 at Flipkart.
Buy Lego Black Panther Pursuit online at Flipkart.
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Lego Black Panther Pursuit Reviews from YouTube

LEGO Marvel Black Panther Pursuit review! 76047
LEGO Captain America Civil War Black Panther Pursuit set review! 76047
Lego Super Heroes 76047 Black Panther Pursuit - Lego Speed Build Review
LEGO Civil War : 76047 "Black Panther Pursuit" - Review
I really want this set
Please give me this lego set please
Also you could put Hawkeye on the back of the truck
The w shape is probably stands for wakanda
W= Wakanda
I thought you would be just2negative about the jet
I used general zodds pants for Black Panther too
Omega Oni: Are You An Oni?
W for wankanda
The winter soldier is Bucky
i have general zod and im getting this set so... YEAH!
Thats weird bc when i got the set the winter solider did come with leg printing and the leg printing looked exactly like the polybag version that you showed, did that happen with any one else, plz reply
Another day, another Bucky!
Got this for $18 today at Walmart.. must’ve been a sealed return or one they had in the back-stock for a long time ? I hadn’t seen it at my Walmart in a long time then I saw it today.. forgot that CW came out two years ago
Looks like a 20 dollar set
i like how lego gave every minifigure a vehicle. They need to do that more often, like if you agree
hey just2good, i love ur videos! Can u give me some tips on how to set up a reviewing studio and setting up a tripod in the right place? Thx, and btw i subbed
R. I. P black panther :chadwick boseman ❤️
I hate my father
I want this set
Please give me this set
This is my favourite set
Soy fan
I like black panter
how much does that set of lego in mexican pesos
how many legos do you have ALF
yo tengo ese lego
R u a millionaire?

Should I get this set or airport battle or bike battle with Harley Quinn batman and dead shot
Winter Soldier, looking awesome.(Again)
should i get this or the original ghostbusters set
I have the same unmasked captain America
Extremely cool, loc it
I thought the fire extinguisher was just a running gag for lego
You say *SHIT* too much LOL
He said stud shooter instead of spring loaded shooter
To be fair there really isn't much detail to put on Black Panthers legs. And the detail there is you can't see in most angles.
batman should be made with those ears an black panther with a cowl
one day you will be cleaning out your studio and find a stud jackpot
You could use that black panther head piece to make a custom daredevil minifig if you put it on backwards
When I get this set, I'm definitely using the extra Black Panther head piece for my own custom Red Suit Daredevil!
take quick silvers head and put it on bucky
The best Civil War set is the Tanker Truck take down.
Fire extinguisher is supposed to be a joke
Por que hablas mucho amigo Y porque no hablas español has perdido un siscriptor por tus mamadas
Quit complaining you are lucky to even have those sets I have to make sharpie customs for these 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
yeah at least it's something accept it
you can make a video or explain  how you made your custom ?
I don't really like the black panther head I rather prefer a helmet
Why did that make this set because it's not even in the movie
Who else got Captain America civil war ads?

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