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AT-TE (794 Pcs) . shop for LEGO products in India. Toys for 9 - 14 ...

LEGO AT-TE (794 Pcs) (Multicolor) · Skillset:Problem Solving, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Color & Shape Recognition, Creativity & Imagination · Age: 9+ Years.


Star Wars AT-TE Walker 7675 . shop for LEGO products in India ...

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Walker 7675 (Multicolor) ... Even with its flying STAP vehicle, the battle droid doesn't stand a chance against Anakin Skywalker and the ...


LEGO Star Wars: AT-TE (794 Pcs) (Multicolor)

Enter the Star Wars battlefield on the Lego AT-TE. This massive six-legged vehicle transports troopers and speeders right to the scene of battle.


Star Wars At-Te 75019 . shop for LEGO products in India. |

Buy LEGO Star Wars At-Te 75019 Star Wars At-Te 75019 from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping.


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Lego AT-TE
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Lego AT-TE Reviews from YouTube

LEGO Star Wars 75019 AT-TE Review! (2013)
LEGO Star Wars: 7675 AT-TE Review!!! From 2008
LEGO Star Wars Comparison - AT-TE (4482, 7675, 75019)
LEGO Star Wars 2013 AT-TE set 75019 review!
Hoping for a new AT-TE in the next year or so! 🙏
I've had this set since I was very little. It's been years, and now I'm just starting to brush off the dust on this beautiful baby!
Just got this set for $200
Laat or atte? Atte cuz I don’t wanna pay 300$ for an laat lmao
Correction: 2003 at te (when you were talking about the original at te)
I like how you said its supposed to be around a hundred dollars today but on amazon when Lego sells them there $430! And the gunship is $700!!!! This is outrageous its unfair!
“What’s up studs” I’m gonna save that one for later...
This is overdue for a remake along with the at-ot and drop ship.
The year is 2013, life is simple, you walk into target, counting stars by one republic is playing on the speakers, you see all the cool lego sets, atte, gunship, etc. Life is good
Ah yes, one of many sets from that year that everyone wanted, but nobody could afford.
I actually modded mine as a kid, i took out the extra missiles in the front compartment and placed down som plates. Then i added a small holocrone table so i could have mace windu standing there commanding the battlefield :D
Seems like a lot of people didn’t get a lot of the 2013-2014 sets they are some of the best sets recently. I remember hearing everyone a few years ago that they forgot that the republic gunship even came out.
I got this set the year it came out, such a fun set. I wish I kept the box though.
i could see the droids they were in the bottom right in the explosion
I wish i had this set
GUYS HELP A GUY IS SELLING ME THIS FOR 350 along with a LEGO venator. Should I get it
We need a new at te its been 4 years and the last on we got was not a proper at te
I bought a 90% complete AT-TE (missed the big gun on top and all the small ball turrets on the front and back) without minifigures for $32, worth it?
I just found this set for $50 a steal
compare them, 2002, 2013
I have the twilight
I love the rotta figure , it’s cute
Those top panels on the AT TE you said were stickers, but mine were printed???
$89??? Man LEGO used to be actually affordable back in the day
I just picked this up for 20$
You don't need to turn the cannon of the AT-TE, you can open a hatch in the dropship which fits the tip of the cannon
Someone needs to count every time he says fun fact.
Battle droid on STAP: its over Anakin, I have the high ground. Anakin: you underestimate my power.
I love this Set. Just bought on for 60 Euros, hope it's as nice, as yours :)
The at te 7675 can go on the republic gun ship
I used to have this but it was destroyed when my friend that was spending the night kicked it in his sleep
It’s a 2008 set
I wish LEGO would take more time to put an interior that is actually good and just raise the set's price
Get the twilight plz it is one of my favorite sets
I want the 2013 one so bad I really hope my parents get me it for my bday
There aren’t any desirable mini-figures in this sets Captain Rex: AHEM
I had this
This or 2013 is the best
I want another at-te it’s been 7 years
Rex is in the set and his designation number is the set number. Ironic
I just Got the 2008 model it’s so good
You don’t need to disconnect the clone wars ATTE turret in order for it to be compatible with the dropship, you only need to turn it to the side
Dam, I forgot Ryan sounded like this.
You neeeed to recreate this bro
5:06 imagen if it could do that in the movie. Down with the geonosian ships
2008 is clearly the best
Its funny to see how much you have improved
Wow you sound the same
Please do again this video, you were so nervous🙏
Why is he so aggressive
Ah yes, the nostalgia of your most proud Lego set destroyed by your younger brothers.
2008 version is better though it looks bad on the outside but in the inside it's good because you can play inside of the build.
Hello from 2020
Hello 2020
Mondern matt should do an updated video of this
He sounds soooo DIFFERENT the
2008 is the best, i can put 13 clones without problem. Ofcourse if you do something about it.
Who is watching in 2020

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