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Lauren LA36N Acoustics Guitar Reviews from YouTube

An Amazing $45 Guitar! (Full Size Acoustic) - Demo / Review
Honest Unboxing and Review Amazon Best Selling $40 Acoustic Guitar - Guitar Buyer's Guide
The Cheapest Acoustic Guitar On Amazon vs $7500 Froggy Bottom!
Clark Walker reviews Cheap Lauren Natural Acoustic Guitar SOUNDS GREAT!!
Any recommendations for replacing the strings? Are light D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings good ?
I have a Glary acoustic guitar similar to that one and I just keep it in the hard case under my bed and mainly just use it for a travel guitar so I don't have to take one of my good acoustic guitars with me when I travel and don't have to worry if it gets damaged and I like my Glary acoustic guitar it does exactly what I need it to do and was really affordable
Hi, just wanting to know if the strings of the guitar are plastic
It’s $57, not $45.
Are these guitars on Amazon?
The recording device, microphone, etc can make a BIG difference - I have one and much worse then 'his'.
2020 you can get it for $57
Looks pretty, but laminated top LOL. Guitar MaXXX downsized to one X LOL.
too much reverb to appreciate the really sound
No matter what she's equivalent to all pro's of acoustics studio she is 👍👌🎸😎🎼
Fuck yeah
Truss Rod?
What type of guitar is that
I hear that vangoa has a 3/4 steel string cutaway oh, it would be nice to see a review on that
Does this come with a scratch plate (pickguard)?
If you shave down the bridge, so not so much of a finger bleeder, will that not throw off the intonation? Do you not need to shim or adjust the neck and move the bridge closer to the nut to get a playable action?
Is it steel stings or like the plastic ones
This shows us that it can be cheap but still look and sound great! really good choice of shape, wood colour, everything. so nice
Sick forearms bro...
It says that the item is out of stock
" a player needs to be master, the guitar doesn't!"
I learn guitar with that guitar and now i have a band bro and naise guitar
i got this guitar for an ever cheaper price, around 25 euro. For the price if say its okay but overall i dont recommend it
I like the idea to slid in the pick
You can always use it as a self defense weapon against an enemy
I have a black guitar same company the campany is called zeny if you are wanting to know and I like it its really fun to play with
I flinched watching him tune the damn thing
This is like a my first guitar in 2013😂 now played on martin gpc 13e😀❤
My first guitar is WAAAY worse than this. I bought it brand new for £25, its a short scale "acoustic" that sounds and plays like a tin can with fishing line pulled tight, but i still have it and love it for being my first. And as bad as it is i did learn on it, i played on it for a couple years actually. So if this is your first guitar......throw it in the bin a buy a new one for gods sake! You thought i was gonna say something positive didn't you 😂
Jesus Crap... this makes me love my little Fender CC60 even more.
LOLOLOL the pick
I think this might be the one I got my 6 year old niece for christmas the original colour as the rest was all sold out.
10 Deathly scenes on musical instrument video
when ur guitar has no bridge pins and a slotted head stock and you just bought steel strings for it like the noob u r. To be specific D'addario Phosphor Bronze light gauge. *face palm*
Okay so I asked for this for my birthday do you recommend that I put the nylon strings on before I tune it
Rather then throw it away put the right strings on it
Take the string off and put nylon on it
I had a guitar like that. I bought it at around 10/11 years old for £8 and 7 years later I decided to actually take it seriously and learn it. The guitar always got out of tune and I always thought that it was my lack of skills. The nylon strings were killing my fingers. I could barely play longer than 10mins because it hurt so bad. Today I sold it (I’m sorry to the person lmao but they looked at it and said they want it so I mean whatever - everyone has a different budget). And today I also ordered my dream guitar. It cost £144. As an 18 year old that was pretty much all my savings and I’m so excited. I know it’s definitely not the best but it’s what I could afford and I’m so excited about it. I genuinely look at it like my dream guitar so wish me luck for when the delivery comes through ;)
wkwkwkwwkkwk That's fraud . In my country you can get it for 5bucks . And those type of guitars is called "gitar sayur" which it means for " Vegetable Guitar " because it's disturbingly Lightweight due to Veneer Top ,back and sides. its not even laminated wood .
I got a guitar for Christmas like 5 years ago then the string broke I thought it was my fault then today I used it again then it snapped I got stuck in my hand.
The Amazon almost has a National steel guitar sound to it. It's really pretty cool. It has more personality than the expensive one. But I see strings breaking, pins popping out and flying across the room and bridges coming unglued and smacking you in the face.
I got a used Cort Earth for $100CAD online classified , one of the best acoustics I've ever owned !
that think sounded awful right from the start outa the box with it resonating like a cardboard box to you speaking and worse with music , despite your skill . can you imagine a beginner ?!! It does have a bit of funky ghetto sound but that would be for a VERY experienced player . IT WAS A RELIEF WHEN YOU PLAYED THE FROGGY ! me thinks you could have gotten a much better one for about double of the £31 you paid
The only good thing about this guitar is that you get to make a video about instruments that are unfixable. Ya just can't get a decent acoustic for that little money.
Should have bought a Jasmine S35 to do it with. That guitar is cheap but it can give a mid range guitar a run for its money. Plus every one of them that I have checked the intonation is always on. Super low action, synthetic saddle and nut, mahogany back and sides, Nato (easter mahogany) neck, slim profile neck, fret ends are rolled and dressed well and ultimately sounds pretty amazing. Try one out and you will be hard pressed to say anything bad about it. Jasmine is Takamine's sister company so I imagine they are probably using scrap from the Takamine guitars to make Jasmines. The only thing I don't like on them is the tuning keys are a bit stiff, but they hold tune well. They run about 100 bucks in US currency but honestly feel like they should be in the 600 to 800 dollar range.
Yea man they need bridge lapped and filed and the nut filed to proper height. A cheap chrome humbucker with a volume and tone and a jack. On aclean amp no louder than the guitar itself and a room mic is awesome
I thought this was Norm McDonald plays guitar... clicked so fast😄
Hes fairly decent at playing a C-chord.
Just started learning with Justin and taking a "day" off to rest my fingers. So I am poking around a bunch of his other stuff. Stumbled on this review and the electric guitar review. This is a great guitar to demonstrate the bending of a note out of tune just by fretting it hard enough to play the note clear. Also other than my first martin acoustic as a kid in the 70's the action on this guitar is probably like every guitar I've owned since - LOL... I've spent a lot of time "balancing" adjusting the truss rod on a crap guitar to make the 7th fret playable without have the strings buzz off the second fret when fingering the first... Loving Justin and his first rule that beginners should start on electric is spot on...
It's terrible, just say it
Says the cheap guitar is crap but when he plays a tune it sounds bloody good to me! Whereas I could play a $10,000 guitar and it would sound like crap.
It's not branded as it's sold to resellers who will brand them.
I’ve been trying to learn guitar and I’m not BLAMING the instrument but my dad is great at guitar and got my sister the guitar which was cheap because he didn’t think she’d stick with it. Kinda counter intuitive to give someone a bad guitar for that reason but it’s better than this guitar but the action is insanely high and with super long fingers it’s insanely difficult to play
Can someone tell me if the guitar ever became playable??
I recently got a Jasmine S35 for a bit more ($98 USD) and it's insanely better.
The body looks like full plastic instead of wood laminate
15:20 is the actual coomparison unless you want to watch him tune it for 20 minutes!!
Was there a link to see the finished results of your Amazon guitar?
"It doesn't sound bad." - Justin Guitar. YES, it does sound bad. Let's face it. Be honest.
I laughed so hard - you were holding back. You wanted to say, "what a piece of shit!"
What country is the guitar from?
I have a model LA34N Lauren and its sounds pretty close to this one
looks just like a Martin
I have a Lauren LA125N and I can say... it is one of the best cheap acoustic guitar available worldwide. I have mine for the last 4 years and this guitar never had problems. Action very low, no fret buzz and very sweet tone. Me and other friends (including a professional player) compared it with other acoustic guitars we had available (Yamaha, Fender and a few of other brands I don't remember now). Buddy, the Lauren had the best tone and the loudest sound if compared to the others (the Yamaha and the Fender costs 10 to 15x the price of the Lauren). My only concern is the fretboard (that seems to be painted in black).
modelo la125?
Sounds pretty good;...matter of fact, very good! For a $99 guitar, esp for your kid learning, or a practice guitar. I've played some no name guitars that were picked off a wall in a pawn shop n they sound like a 2 grand guitar. I've also played those 2k guitars that sound like crap. Of course it's mainly to do w/ the quality of how the guitar is built, but it's like the Rev Billy Gibbons said, "right person that day, right amount of glue, right piece of wood he/she picked up, and the magic is born.
Think I'll keep my Martin
Uhm....not much of a "review" dude...and it didn't sound that good btw
what kind of strings does it have?
I need to get me one of these
I own the same model except the black one

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