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Amazon Offers ₹12,665
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Lancome Hypnose EDP 75 ml Features

  • Hypnosis by Lancôme is sunny, woodsy, oriental fragrance with gourmand nuances
  • The fragrance features passion flower which creates both gentle and passionate feminine aura
  • This product is firm hold and natural finish
  • Launched in the year 2006
  • Classified as feminine fragrance
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Lancome Hypnose EDP 75 ml Price in India is ₹12,665 at Amazon.
Buy Lancome Hypnose EDP 75 ml online at Amazon.
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Lancome Hypnose EDP 75 ml Specifications

Additional Traits
Suitable for Special Occasions, Notes are Intimately Blended
Fragrance Notes
Base Note Vetiver
Heart Note Vanilla
Top Note Passion Flower
Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Family Oriental
Ideal For Women
Quantity 75 ml
Base Notes Vetiver
Fragrance Type Perfumes
Heart Notes Vanilla
Other Traits Suitable for Special Occasions, Notes are Intimately Blended
Top Notes Passion Flower

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Lancome Hypnose EDP 75 ml Reviews from YouTube

Lancôme Hypnose | Underrated Sexy Perfume | Fragrance Review
PERFUME REVIEW: LANCOME HYPNOSE I TheTopNote #perfumedlife #perfumecollection
Hypnose By Lancome Fragrance Review
This stuff is amazing. Original, yet very likeable. I get this beautiful sour sweet vibe with a lot of passion fruit. It’s sweet but not too sweet. Longevity is 7-9 hours at the very least. Projects so nicely. Definitely good value for money. I love it. It has been one of my signature scents for over 10 years. It will always be in my collection. Oh and I have no idea how some people find this mature?! It is very playful and voluptuous. Thank you for the review.
One of my fave in Lancôme 🤩😍👌
It’s not that it’s underrated it’s just that a lot of new perfumers don’t know about it. I wish you’d have kept it to yourself because I hate when perfumes become popular then it sucks when everyone is wearing the same thing. I’ve been wearing Lancôme since high school
Lancome has become one of my favourites houses for perfume. So far I own 4 of their scents so I can no longer deny my love for them lol. I ignored hypnose for ages but once I tried it I bought the biggest bottle lol
ESalamou are beautiful girl..I'm from Algeria ..lovely 💞💞💞💞🇩🇿
Subscribing because I'm a Midwest gal aaaaand you're funny+original.
I love your videos, you crack me up. I love your sense of humor. I need to get that perfume.
You are absolutely right. Trends in perfume come and go but good perfumes will always stay for people with a more experienced nose.
you are funny.
You're so funny😂😂😂Enjoyed the video...I definitely need to try this now!
Beautiful bottle too 😍 i heard the vanilla is good in that perfume i been very curious-about that perfume thanks for the video !!! Love your energy ❤️
I like u girl 😆
🤣🤣 I'm def getting this thanks girl u funny as hell.
Yaaasss🔥 Amber hypnotic poison smells like this a little. Very sexy perfume
this will be my next buy im a fan for gourmet perfume..
Girl... talking about accent, I get that big time, all the time with my latina accent. But Yes... this perfume is perfection in a bottle.. the scent is so... sexy, seductive.. amazing..
You so funny and gorgeous at the same time! 🤩❤️
It's been many years since I owned Hypnose but am I the only one that thinks Jessica Simpson Fancy Love smells similar? If you have both can you do a sniff test and let me know if I'm trippin.
I just bought it, it's amazing, smells luxurious!
I love this perfume and you are so is sooo underated for such a gorgeous fragrance.
Hello ! In from Peru my name is Gustavo , i bought this fragrance for my mom two days ago in a retail store and today she opened the box and we realized that the bottle has a darker color like tornasol and golden just like yours , the batch code is 2013 and i would like to know if is it ok ? Than you so much.
what facebook group was it?
This is so interesting. This was my signature scent for a long time. All the ways you described the fragrances sound like me 😅
Doggo! 💜 dogs. Great review!
I enjoy the women's release (not on me!) but was disappointed in the men's release.
I adore your video! Happen to come across your video and it was excellent. Thought I'd show some love ❤️ I also have a channel too. If you could take a look that would be amazing! 💕
Actually for me it is warm, not cold at all. I love that golgota flower and vanille combo, so unique. For me it is donald chewing gum, and really girly.
Soooo interesting to hear your take on this. I get fruity cold vanilla and really like this perfume 🙈🤣
The first time I smelled this one, I immediately thought of Bubble gum😉 , it popped up to mind instantly! But it does change as you described, although the opening lasted a pretty long time on me 🤔 I ended up not buying it. By the way, that song at the of the video 💕💕💕💕
You look like you live in Queensland?
This clean note or medicinal at a dentist might be cloves
💖thank you... I’m no longer on the fence😊
Let it go .... let it gooooo!🤗💜
I absolutely love this one, I have the EDT and EDP, I find it to be so unique and beautiful. I sort of get dental smell if I try lol, I hear that a lot about BR 540 and definitely get that reference. It’s so interesting how differently we perceive fragrance. I wonder if it has turned, even slightly because I don’t get a skanky note? Mine are years old and still blue/purple. Love hearing your thoughts, Byzance has to be next 😁 x
This smells really powdery on me. I like it,but its not a love. I get you on the blue fruit 💙
Great review, Cherie! I am really interested in trying it finally. The only Lancome I own is Oud Bouquet from the Maison line.
sterile... squeaky clean like a dentist.. antiseptic... :D
"body odor vibe" whaaaaaa....
"the fruit smells blue" :)
I love ❤Hypnose and I have a mini which I coincidentally smelled earlier today. I once wore it and my German teacher told me that it had "broken "her nose. Nice review, thanks for sharing!
Beautiful & insightful review! Gracias! Interesting that you mention 24 Faubourg; I can't wait to get my hands on that one as well! 💙
I’m ashamed to admit I have never smelled this one!
You can't go wrong with Hypnose. It ticks all the boxes. I love your analogy about Obama and how Hypnose draws you in 💕
Thank you!!!!!
Ya recibi la respuesta gracias
Puedes mandarme un Link en donde conseguir DAMASK ORMONDE JAYNE estamos buscando pero no hallamos
Thank you for describing the notes instead of just listing them. I have no idea what Passion flowers smell like so that was helpful!
Love love loooove this one. Bought the edp last year, overlooked it for ages cos of the simplistic note composition but I felt guilty once I tried it because it's now one of my favourites. Licorice dusted in icing sugar with white flowers and vanilla. Sooo goood
One of my favourite perfume... my frnd gifted me this for the first time... since then i use this. Its just aaawwwssssmmm
Does this still out in the market??this is my favorite Lancome scent..the best..
Does this smell anything like Taylor Swift incredible things ???
Is not sweet,is bittersweet, smells very flower and something like musk and soap.I bought it today because i love sweet seductive scents but Hypnose lancome is not sweet exactly,is sour with little sweet at the base
Watching this in 2019. Keen on buying this in a few weeks.
Here I am August 2019, searched Lancôme Hypnose” on YouTube. I tested this scent at Nordstrom yesterday, and couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists for many hours. I needed a second opinion and listened to your review today. Thank you!, I now have my own bottle. I love it. Even a review made in 2012, proved helpful and enjoyable 7 years later! I also own Samsara, in 2019, after watching your review. Just thought I’d let you know that your old reviews are still relevant!
I love it too, and its sooo underrated least i can be unique;)
I absolutely adore your videos! You have all the videos I want or need for perfume reviews decisions. Also joined fb group which is wonderful. Ty for having a youtube channel and having a FB group.
I get a tad bit of pepper in it which makes it a little spicy and I love it, thank you for the review
My family calls me ms. hypnose due to my addiction to this magical fragrance. My students once said the classroom smelled like vanilla. They were sniffing hilariously and I was just laughing silently. Perfumes usually creates eternal memories.
So beautiful and fragrant Very unique and proper name is called 'hypnose'
The bottle looks gorgeous when you put it on the lap top.
Had this years ago as part of a gift set in 5ml bottles. I can still remember the smell.. Lancome makes unique bottles. Wish I hadn't thrown the bottles :(
this is my favorite fragrance
A smell to remember #lovehypnosealways
Do You smell Cartier La Panthere Legere ?
One of my favorite perfume it’s so unique, beautiful and catchy 💙
I wish you would review some drugstore /high street brands , whether European or American .. An economic crisis is hitting us here in the Middle East and every thing is going up in prices and is harder to obtain ...

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