LaCie Porsche Design ST1920FM0023 USB 3 0 2TB External Hard Drive

LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive online at Amazon. Portable Hard Disk 2 TB Capacity USB 3.0 . LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive available in Colours: Silver

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LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive price at Amazon - ₹17,999

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The lowest LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive Price in India is ₹17,999 at Amazon.
Buy LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive online at Amazon.
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  • Portable Hard Disk
  • 2 TB Capacity
  • USB 3.0
LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive available in Colours:
  • Silver

LaCie Porsche Design (ST1920FM0023) USB 3.0 2TB External Hard Drive Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand LaCie
Color Silver
Colour Silver
Colour Screen No
Data Transfer Rate 100 megabytes_per_second
Digital Storage Capacity 2000 GB
feature 3mm solid aluminium casing keeps your data solidly protectedElegant, sophisticated finish that matches your MacBookAutomatic backup software and time machine compatibility provide seamless backup of your important dataCompatible with PC and MacUSB 3.0 interface with USB 2.0 backwards compatibilityLaCie Backup Assistant software to easily setup automatic computer backupsLaCie Private-Public 256-bit AES encryptionEco mode reduces energy usage by up to 40 percent when product is not in use
Flash Memory Installed Size 1920
Hard Drive Interface USB 2.0/3.0
Hard Drive Size 2 TB
Hardware Interface USB 3.0
Hardware Platform PC, Mac
Included Components Hard Drive, USB Cable, Quick Install Guide
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item Height 15 Millimeters
Item model number STET2000400
Item Weight 299 g
Item Width 7.7 Centimeters
Manufacturer Lacie
Memory Storage Capacity 2000 GB
Model STET2000400
Model Year 2015
Product Dimensions 13 x 7.7 x 1.5 cm
Series Porsche Design
Size 77 x 130x 18mm
Supports Bluetooth Technology No

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Thank you Tomas! Are these CMR or SMR drivers?
Hi Tomas, I am not too savvy when it comes to this product, but the previous EHD I had ( long long time ago ), would force me to reformat the drive when I tried to transfer some photos and videos from my Windows laptop to my Macbook. Does the LaCie Porsche design EHD work seamlessly if i have to transfer files between the two operating systems? Thanks :)
I'm getting 60-ish MB/s read and write speed. Why is that?
Oh wow that’s new
Is it fast enough to edit 1080p on FCPX. off of them?
Not only did I hit the like button because you told me too but because you offered to hit the dislike one too 🤔👍
have you made a review with the ssd version?
Important note for those in Europe: The Rugged comes with a 2 year warrantee including data recovery. The Porsche does not.
HOLA TOMAS jajajaja Thanks for the review tocayo!
Can't trust LaCie anymore unfortunately. I had two spinning drives die (RIP Canada) and even a newer ssd. No disrespect to the video - it was a great comparison. :)
would you recommend for 4K video editing. my macbook pro only has 256 GB so I need an external drive to work from for projects since I also use it for school and music production.
Great video man!
There's also one with an integrated cable
Great comparison T!! Awesome shots
Dat Porsche
Hello, I have a samsung galaxy s9+, I want to buy this product but i am not sure if it will work in android 8 operating system. I can format it on a computer but will it work as a secondary drive for my android 8 device after formatting on a mac or windows pc ? Btw s9+ has USB type-c, so will they be able to exchange files on cable ? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Would prefer it without the branding on the topside.
He forgets to mention that this Lacie has a cache of 64MB where other external HDD from WD and Seagate has only 8 to 32GB cache (at the same price). I bought the Lacie Porche 4TB and this one has a cache of 128MB. This HDD goes fast if you connect it to the right usb input
Will it work on the Xbox one?
Does it work normally with windows 10 too?
Couldn't they make the edges less sharp? I'm afraid it will rip my bag apart. Great drive otherwise.
Thank you Lon! You are awesome ;)
good video, question can this work with an xbox one, please answer thanks.
Anyone Know how to open one of these as I want to change the internal drive to an Samsung 850 Pro SSD. Thanks for any advice.
they anounce the disk as 5gb/s is a lie right?
Is this password protected?
You didn't test on the usb c port. It's a bit stupid that you just test it as a USB 3.0 device!
Is this a SDD or HDD?
Browsing your channel, I subbed after seeing that you do disclaimers. Looking forward to seeing more.
Wd passport 2tb is cheaper? And comes in specila ed gold 👌
Very pretty drive! I've always wondered how good LaCie's products were. Though at this point if I were going to pay a premium for appearance/etc. of an external drive, I'd want a big SSD in it, not just a 2.5" drive slapped in an enclosure.
LaCIE, a brand that I had nothing but troubles with. I avoid this brand as the plague personally.
I have always liked the styling of Porsche design drives by Lacie, so much so I purchased one of their 3.5 inch models. That was before Seagate purchased Lacie and I had no idea what manufactures drive was in my external drive. If I had known it was a Seagate drive I probably would not have purchased it. I'm not a fan of Seagate drives in general, they are less reliable. I since have replaced the Seagate hard drive in my Porsche designed Lacie drive with a Hitachi hard drive, now I have style & reliability. Really I can't wait for 2+gig ssd's to become affordable. On a side note, Lacie's customer service is top notch.
they had to ask Porsche to "design" it?
Oh wow, LACIE is still around. I still have Firewire and SCSI cd burners from them lol
I’m confused is this a Tim and Eric video or Eric Andre video hmmmmm This feels like I’m on adult swim watching a tv show with dads reviewing tech.
Good job, Dave :-)
Never again I already had TWO lacie hard disks that burned out , thanks but no thanks I can't afford to lose anry more photos.
Dave, hello and thank you for taking the time, I have a LaCie Porsche Design external HD 1tb I had no problems until the HD just died. I have over 10000 pics in there that I cannot access... any idea if its possible to recuperate those pics? and how?
Going to purchase this ver soon as usb type C is only free socket on i3 laptop. Nice review!
very informative video. I was wondering is there a way to save files on an external hard drive and be able to use them on both a Mac and a pc without formatting the drive?
"Sure, it packs an extra convenience factor in the form of USB-C, but it should be noted that the Porsche Design Mobile is still limited to USB 3.0 speeds."
That is slow.
All Lacie porsche premium drive is all garbage not even 7200 only 5200-5900 drives inside lacie porsche drives lol
Very helpful information and demonstration
hey was wondering if I would get (noticeably) faster data transfer speeds if I would buy/use this unit with my new MBP (usb-c to usb-c cable), compared to using a new usb 3.0 external disk and use a usb to usb-c adapter to plug into my MBP?
Hi Dave, thanks for the presentation. Is the Lacie you're showing SSD or HDD?
its said. Lay Sea not lay say. respect the original accent please
God, talk about loads of fluff, get to the point!! You call that a review? No benchmark testing!!!
hey Dave this drive is format as ExFAT or FAT32?
Hi! This hdd it s compatible with windows or just mac? Thx!
That 5GB file copy was around 70MB/s. How can you say it's pretty speedy? This is the slowest USB 3 drive available on the market today. It's even slower than a 4-year-old $50 drive I had in a drawer.
nice review thanks
You look a bit like Steve Wozniak of Apple.
Just a titbit you didnt cover, it comes with 2 cables in the box usb C to usb C and usb C to usb A (3.0). Can also be formatted to either to run on either PC (NFTS), Mac (HFS+) or both (exFAT) with its inbuilt software. Great video keep it up.
Фром май харт 🤣 мутко
Oh nice
hi, how has the drive been? this video was almost made 2 years ago, did the drive fail or something has happened during this period? thank you for your answer informative video. Looking to buy one myself as well.
WOW, why it's SO SLOW??? Most of this tpe HDD have 180MB/s write/read.
Excuse me, Could u share LaCie Setup Assistant (LSA) of the product? because I've accidental format it.
Hi! What HDD brand is inside, please?
nicely explained..thumbs up
Hi, is it for mac notebook or laptop only?