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Kubernetes in Action : Luksa, Marko: Amazon.in: Books

This is one of the best book for kubernetes, amazing detailing of each topic. No comparison to the level of explanation this book has, its worth every penny.


Kubernetes in Action: Buy Kubernetes in Action by Luksa Marko at ...

Kubernetes in Action teaches developers how to use Kubernetes to deploy self-healing scalable distributed applications. By the end, readers will be able to ...


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Kubernetes in Action

No comparison to the level of explanation this book has, its worth every penny. Once you start reading it won't let you t put down, its that interactive. All ...


Kubernetes in Action eBook : Luksa, Marko: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

Before diving into Kubernetes, the book gives an overview of container technologies like Docker, including how to build containers, so that even readers who ...


Kubernetes in Action : Luksa, Marko: Amazon.in: बुक्स

Before diving into Kubernetes, the book gives an overview of container technologies like Docker, including how to build containers, so that even readers who ...


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Find the best deal on Kubernetes in Action Book at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Kubernetes in Action Book Price in India is ₹1,381 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
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Kubernetes in Action Book Reviews from YouTube

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Kubernetes Explained in 100 Seconds
Learn Kubernetes for FREE | Top 5 Resources
Kubernetes in Action, Second Edition - The First Chapter Summary
Which one would you strongly recommend if one needs to buy? @kodekloud
In that order?
This style of editing is fantastic!
I watched it for the 3rd time and I finally understand it (kinda) yay!
Sounds like Java breeding microservices
"overpriced stocks like tesla"... not false
I'd only watched this first!
Well put!
If fireship gives any comprehensive course. DAMN!! I will be paying for it.
Sorry but poor quality video, words are too fast hard to understand.
We need a 100s video about the meaning of life. If you can explain K8s in 100s, sure you can do that
Great video
When you have an interview in 2 mins
too fast!
I want to learn Kubernetes and similar technologies. What should I do? Please explain to me as step by step. I mean, if there is things to learn before it and etc. I already know how to code in python,java,c, c# so coding is not a problem.
"Overpriced stocks like Tesla and Shopify" OOOOOH GET THEM
Almost no one needs this.
You lost me at Orchestra. Guess i need a few other videos before i return to this one. I appreciate the effort tho :)
what music that is?
Below are the links for the resources:Enjoy and Happy Learning!!
instruqtand katacoda links are not working
katacoda here it says the website is closed please suggest a alternative
Hey GK ,Can you suggest if Leet code and system design are required to crack product-based interviews for DevOps Engineer and which resources to follow. Thanks in Advance!!!
What is the top reason Kubernetes mainly used for? I am gathering valid points to convince my management. My plan is to go with AWS EMR on EKS. Your inputs will be helpful.
Anna can you brief difference between different file storages: Block vs File vs Object storages
Hii cloud advocate i want a suggestion from you Iam 2021 passed out and got placed in wipro n i got CIS as my stream and data center as my domain is this good for my career
Hey Krishna Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience to us. I have been working as Abinitio Dev in a product company. What kind of role should I look for after learning aws ? Could you please help me
Thank you for providing the valuable information sir
After learning what to do? How to show our talent to all?
After 10 years of experience in devops what next we can switch to roles
Bro I'm fresher I placed in mid level company indium software as java developer joined Dec 1 and I got capgemini offer letter as Java cloud can I switch?
Sabko bc software developer ban na hai..
Hey hi.. Is this possible to automate start/stop/resize nd reboot a gcp vm using terraform? If YES pls share the document..thanks in advance
Do you have similar video for docker
*PLEASE GUIDE*I want to restart my career after gap of 5 year from 12th.My age is 22I have passion for becoming software engineer/developerSo i hve planned to do BCA-MCA.I will be 27 when my master will b completed.Can i still get good MNC company to start my career? Or my age will be an obstacle and everything will turned out to be disappointments as there will be many younger people than me who would have done masters at 23-24.
Hello sir .I have done BSC in IT. i did the Certification course in AWS.... I am aiming for solution associate... What should i do next to achieve it?
GK bhai, I am confused about devops. Can you please answer my below questionsMy background is ms exchange/ o365 administrator. I want to dive into automation now...so I am confused is devops for automation like automating cloud , provisioning etc . I have watched your devops videos but still confused if it's just meant for software automation or other automation tasks like provisioning , deploying, configuration of servers, VM etcSo what includes in automation, I know there is ansible, terraform, Jenkins What courses I should take , should I take azure devops and terraform and also learn Jenkins, ansible, python little bit and powershellI hope you understand my doubtBasically I am thinking of azure admin then cloud automation, kubernetes, docker etcEagerly waiting for your response.....Just adding one more point, there is azure devops, AWS devops, Linux devops, which devops I should go for?
Please provide some links to learn "helm chart" because most of the organisation using "helm chart" to deploy containersPlease please help
Hi broI started my career in devops now as a fresher. I'm interested in on site could you suggest me what to do

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