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Krown KM65 XLR Microphone Features

Unidirectional DynamicAll Purpose PAAn economy model microphone for PA speech applications.Sturdy metal holder with 3-pin professional XLR connector &4 mtrs. shielded low noise cable.Frequency Response100-10,000HzSensitivity2.0mV/PaImpedance600Ω

  • Multicolor
  • Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
  • Suitable for Speech & Vocal
  • Upper mid-range presence peak for intelligible sound and ideal for close-to-lip singing.
  • Accentuates warmth and clarity.
  • Supplied with quick detachable holder with 3-pin professional XLR connector & 5 mtrs. twin core shielded low noise cable
  • Dynamic

The lowest Krown KM65 XLR Microphone Price in India is ₹425 at Amazon.
Buy Krown KM65 XLR Microphone online at Amazon Flipkart.
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Krown KM65 XLR Microphone Specifications

Brand Krown
Color Multicolor
Model Name KM65 XLR Multipurpose Economy PA Series Indian Mic with Inbuilt Holder
In the Box
Covered in Warranty Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only
Not Covered in Warranty Warranty does not cover any external accessories (such as battery, cable, carrying bag), damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer, normal wear and tear to cartridge or body.
Warranty Service Type Customer needs to contact Authorized Service Center.
Warranty Summary 3 Months Krown India Warranty

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Puedes conectar lo con el adaptador de wireless para Mirar como conectarlo
He sang so beautifuly I think I’m in love
para que funcione con body pack de shure deve de estar prendido o apagado el microfono o deve o no tener la pila ?
Lo siguio usando asi? O si lo corto?
I bought it but I don’t know how to use it 😂😂😂
Este... Está muy chingón el micro.
Muy bien todo pero no entiendo por qué dices soooo
I'm surprised by how good it sounds! Thanks for this review, very helpful.
What is the bo pack not the mic the bo pack called
Amigo buen video, tengo una pregunta cuando lo conectas al bodypack con el cable adaptador tiene que estar prendido el phantom power al momento de conectarlo al body wireless??
Te tardaste mil años para probarlo, suena el celular, no llegaste a nada, mucha informalidad, que mal video con todo respeto
can this can be wireless?
brother.. consejo: es muy bueno el review pero trata de no decir mucho ESTEEE... esteee, es muy molesto porque mucho los que buscamos review en youtube de este microfono somos ya personas profesionales o sabemos de sonido y musica, por lo demas muy buen video Bro
Que tal amigo excelente video sabes siempre he querido un microfono crown cm311 para mi es el mejor microfono para voz y para usarlo en el acordeon yo ocuapo el shure pero espero muy pronto comprarme un cm311 muchos saludos desde SLP Mexico
Hola, solo quiero comentar por si alguien quiere comprar el mic Crown cm 311A esta muy bueno, yo lo acabo de comprar y trabaja muy bien, yo estoy muy satisfecho con la función del mic
Hola, saludos a todo. Comento por si alguien tiene algún dato. Yo uso un Shure SM 35 pero por línea, a traves de un preamp (@t. Compré un Crown 311 (mini xlr 4 pines que no incluye esa especie de petaca que tiene el Crown 311 de este video) y no anda ahí... Y ya que estoy preguntando al aire: ¿Alguien conoce alguna manera de hacerlo andar en una entrada XLR con Phantom?
Que tal amigo. Alguna pagina confiable donde poder conseguir ese microfono crown???
Genial video bro! :) una pregunta profavor puedes usar cualquier pila recargable o tienen que tener alguna especificacion ?? Un saludo !👋 🙏🏾
Buen dia mi estimado!! Puedes pasar el.manual de esa diadema donde diga como se puede cambiar la entrada por la k utiliza shure!!! De antemano muchaa gracias
It sort of makes sense to me that it would sound good on guitars because they are mid range instruments
I think it sounds amazing for what it is lol
The funny thing about these reviews is that I feel like the biggest thing I learn is the importance of a well treated room and a good usb pre combined with knowledge of how to best place a microphone and use it. I've seen folks (usually on Twitch) using $2000 condensers and getting _worse_ sound quality than this. Granted, this mic still sucks....but folks need to pay more attention to their surroundings is the real moral.
So does this mic need 48v phantom power or not? lol lil confusing on this one.
That sounded really good❤️
please can you recommend a good cheap mic for finger style acoustic guitar?
Can u review the Rockville RCM SR mic?
Honestly the mugig is cheaper and sounds way better.
I can hear some white noise when it's plugged into a Win10 setup. If i use it just to chat with a friend or in an online conference would it be audible? I plan to buy an amp soon just need sth to use.
This or the nw-700 better?
I think I'm just gonna spend a little more and get the MXL 770. Everytime I buy that super cheap stuff from China it never lasts. It does sound good for the money though. I just don't have faith that it would last longer than a few months.
It actually sounds pretty good tho for a 30 buck xlr mic and the xlr to 3.5 mm was good as well
Like u and ur VIDs 👍🏼
You make every mic sound good so its hard to tell if its bad
Hola soy de Mexico no entiendo que dices pero me gustan tus pruebas XD
...which is to say...not very good.
I know this is an "old' video, but I just had to laugh because this mike sounded almost as good from the back as it did from the front.
It would be interesting to know if all of these cheap mics are using the same microphone capsule, and just different bodies.
I have all of them. They sound the same. Save money and get the focusrite bundle maybe? I'm a collector, so my only problem is storage. But if you want something useful, I suggest getting the better ones. Expensive yes, but you won't regret it.
sounds not bad, but i bought another one already (ˊ wˋ)
I think a front to back and front to side difference would be more useful than raw numbers but since you gave us the data we can calculate that ourselves if we want so thank you for that! My reasoning is once you tweak your gain based on the output from the front of the mic, how many DB quieter it is from the side will give you an idea of off axis rejection. If a mic has lower front output, you'll have to turn up the gain more than a mic that has higher native outtput to compensate, which will also raise the levels received from the side.
Kinda late, but I'd love to see a test of on-camera mics :))
Thank you, Caleb! I love it that you've done such a test, but was a Bluetooth speaker the best choice as a 'reference' speaker? A small speaker would surely give an output on the tinny side. Also, in the rejection tests, the mic at the top of that list happened to be the one with the lowest sensitivity, so it might have been better to include some kind of rejection v. sensitivity weighting to avoid such a skewed result. For example, if you multiplied those rankings, the NTG4+ would be 1 x 12 (sensitivity rank x rejection rank) = 12, and the MKH 416 would have scored 80. I know, you could dissect these things a myriad of ways! What's important is that you got the mic you were after! FWIW, I have Sony SCM-678 which I've had for many years now, it's built like a tank and it never ceases to impress me with sound quality and rejection.I also have an Audio Technika mic which was cheap, good build quality, but a bit too bassy for my liking. For years I got by on cheap $20 mics out of China, which gave a passable sound quality, but would only last a year or less before literally falling apart at the hands of my film students! I went through about 5 of them before finally investing in something that lasts! I can attest - it pays to have a mic that can withstand being dropped or banged around. Excellent video as always! Love your work!
The Sennheiser MKH416 is very well respected and no wonder it has been used for decades by pros. Thanks for making this video.
Any chance to get a video for a setup for video calls?
gave you a thumbs up. one of the few youtube reviewers who actually gave us your opinions on the various mics you reviewed. a whole majority of the youtube reviewers took the easy way out and just ask the viewers to form their own opinions. sheesh, what's the point of a review if the reviewer ask viewers for their opinions. they always give the lame excuse that it all depends on their voices. True , but they know their voice best and should just form an opinion on which mic suits THEIR voice best.
Holy moly, your background is awesome!! What do you use to get the "window" effect gobo look?
Playback through a bluetooth speaker! How can you determine anything worthwhile when you source has such a limited frequency & dynamic range?
Very smart review
What about the Schoeps mics? Would be good to test those.
Which capsule did you use in the Oktava for this test, and which one would you recommend? Lastly, which one do you recommend when it comes to the 01 vs 02?
I purchased a MKE 600 and am using it with a Rodecaster Pro. I cannot find any info on what a good distance to be away from the mic is for a boom like this. Any help? Is there an average distance from the speaker a boom should be?
seems light on conclusions, as if you had to say something good about each of them.
I bought a used 416 a couple of years ago and it makes me genuinely happy to use it because of the quality it produces.
Where’s you get that shirt is sweet
this is outstanding! can you do one for lavalier mics and/or systems? sennheiser makes great mics, but i'm a proud oktava mk-012 owner!
Your brave from making this video. There is no way you can win, and your going to take a pile of flak from audio experts.
Caleb, which pre-amp rec are you using? Zoom h6?
I like your tests. Under similar conditions.. However if you get your hands Pls try the Q-Audio Sniper pro??
Sanken CS-M1 looks nice also !
Do you know how to get it to work on Xbox?
With Yamaha 10 channel mixer and 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Adapter , can I record in my iPhone using this microphone (without any app ) ? Thanks!
Hi!, thanks you for your review, but I have a question, the sound quality is lose If I use a cable XLR female to connect via USB? I refer from Phatom Power to PC, I have to use USB because my 3.5mm port is busy with a headset. In special, this cable: Thanks for all, I look forward to your reply :D
Great video... thanks for the review. I am searching for a low budget microphone with good quality. How it is with this microphone if you accidentally tap the mic stand or even the mic itself?
thank you so muuchh for thisss!!
Hi does this microphone & power source work for Mac computers? I bought both but mine isn’t connecting. Any information would help. Thanks.

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