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Standard Packaging : Koss 181032 Keb6i In-Ear Headphones ...

Standard Packaging : Koss 181032 Keb6i In-Ear Headphones (green) : Amazon.in: Electronics.


Koss 181032 In Ear Headset - Green Features

  • In-the-ear Headset
Koss 181032 In Ear Headset - Green Colours:
  • Green

The lowest Koss 181032 In Ear Headset - Green Price in India is ₹990 at Amazon.
Buy Koss 181032 In Ear Headset - Green online at Amazon.
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Koss 181032 In Ear Headset - Green Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features In-ear
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Koss
Connector Type wired-3.5mm single pin
feature Imported from USADelivers in 15 days
Headphones Form Factor Lightweight
Item model number KEB6IG_
Item Weight 9 g
Manufacturer Koss
Microphone Form Factor With Microphone
Model KEB6IG_
Model Year 2014
Product Dimensions 15.2 x 7 x 2.5 cm

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Koss 181032 In Ear Headset - Green Reviews from YouTube

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$17 Headphones vs $310 Headphones!
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HI. I'd like to know about the CABLE. Is it symmetric/regular? ..the the left and right are the same length? And, the vocal performance is good? ..do you think it is a good earphone to listen rock? Thaks!
When it works Koss is best hit and miss of any Headphone Company the 30ii sound great like Porta Pros that are sturdier and the ASC-75 are a favorite
Go to Bluetooth > Bluetooth Settings for Koss > disable Media Volume Sync so it doesn't use the volume of the phone
Have you tried the KSC35s? Thanks!
Im gonna buy the panasonic clip on earphones tommorow : )
Very handy review thanks! I love my KSC75 and I find they give a nice quality/quantity bass for open earphones. I wanted a wireless bluetooth version... the sound section of your review tells me these are NOT it :( I think I will try to mod my existing KSC75's instead! (handily I have 2 pairs). I think that will make them absolutely perfect for snowboarding!
Koss sounds like ass ))
I also love budget koss headphones, ordering these now. Thank you sir.
Am I the only one who ruled these out by simply looking at the frequency response numbers published by Koss? The Porta Pro and the KSC75 both have 15-25,000 Hz. Even the Bluetooth version of the Porta Pro has the same frequency response. These, though, are rated at 50-18,000 Hz. No thanks, Koss. I'll check in later.
Watching this with my KSC75 on a mpow Bluetooth adapter. Curious how this goes.
Lol 😂 lot of letters.. :) These hook style hp are troublesome if you’re wearing eyeglasses am I right?
Thanks for review of our Koss Wireless Ear Clips! We've got a lot of great new Bluetooth Products in the pipe-line, but for now we would love to get some of our flagship Bluetooth Headphones like our BT540i, BT539i and BTS1 Speaker to you as a thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on our gear! can you email mmoore@koss.com
man use preamp in your player!!! and volume problem is solved!!!!!
Apparently, the Tin Audio T3 is out. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Hey man any thoughts on the xiaomi air dots?
Hey dude! can you review the Soundmagic e11c IEM?
VLC lets you adjust volume separately from iPhone button settings, so it might help. Ksc75 profile might be my favorite, too bad about these.
Please review OF om1
i was expecting ZS7 upload :" (
A shame, love me some cheap Koss. I swapped the drivers over between my KSC75X and my PortaProX and the sound quality of both improved.
i got that same pair of koss headphones and they sound better than my beats, but lag bluetooth
I like my Koss UR / 20 Head Phone. Had them for years.
I have the koss headphones and I rather have those if I break them I won't be complaining that I threw away $300 to the garbage I understand that some people want all the newest and latest if you are a good dj you'll use any headphones to mix your headphones I had beats and all the higher headphones at $300 and up not worth it but if you are a person who loves throwing away your money go with the $300 headphones same with smartphones the choice is yours...
I use the koss ur 20 when I'm lazy to use my ear buds
The Koss UR-30 which was discontinued ranged in price from $30-50 and were head and shoulders above the newer, cheaper and more common UR-20. Both look almost identical. Sennheiser is one of the most consistent brands worth looking at.
Koss is pretty underrated the 80’s Koss Retros are insane
pretty sure the 99 has faux leather kinda dissapointing but still great build quality
kinda stupid comparison...
What is the point ...all you did was knock the koss one's the whole time
First review I saw and I subscribed. I can feel you're being very honest.
I disagree that it is not necessary to have the wood ear cups as different ear cups give different sound to the headphone especially a closed back one (compare it to meze 99 neo).. The $310 you spent is mostly to cover the cost of research while the build will only cover a tiny part of it.. I wished you had done a bit more research before giving that conclusion.
the $310 headset looks like a $5 one
anyone have a good. recommended for a HD bass headphones that don't muttle the mids and highs
The 99 classics are ugly af tho
fake plastic? Damn I wonder where I can find some real plastic.
Anyone notice his name is ms.tech that's what I always thing😂
i know i am late but let me ask something, people always say quality is better that quantatie is that true? just think about it if the 17 dollar headphone damage you can buy another one, however if a 300 dollar headphone is damage then you need to fine another 300 dollar, I think people never think of that.
can you stick a modmic on the meze ?
Pure bass but poor mid sound quality..
does this include a microphone for phone calls ?
Why are you shaking?
Thank You.
I actually have two pairs of these earphones in my house and they have the noisiest cable on the planet. I don't know why you didn't encounter it. The sound of it rubbing against my shirt, arms, anything is just amplified ten fold and it actually sometimes physically hurts. If you want to listen to music in nice quality you have to stand completely still (which really ain't easy as it's super sensitive). I would absolutely not recommend these for this reason alone. Besides, this is a pretty well-made review, even though I don't agree with you.
using which software you edit videos ? please guide
Bruh I a had pair similar last for two years.
Mi dual driver or this one?
How to use the microphone in pc?
mic test?
Best earphone 💯💯
yo bro great video also I want to know whether I can wear these while cycling?
I have used it for everyday life, and after a while one of the sides would not work. (I bought 2 of them and both had the same result)
Bruh..are you from tamilnadu?
Why is this guy shaking
Omg how do I put on new caps for the earphones likeeeee how😭?
I ordered a pair, I think I'll be happy with them?!
Does it fit with VIVO Y15
They look like some generic make and shipped with all kinds of makes. They look exactly like the ones that came with my Motorola G7 Power. The left side died 9-10 months in.
I was super nice to mine, used them every day for 2 months and they're already broken. The problem lies at the port that plugs into my phone, the wire that comes out cannot move without causing crackling and one or both earbuds to cut out entirely. I'm sad because the sound quality until that point was absolutely amazing!

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