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Korg Wavedrum Global WD-X-GLB Global Edition : Amazon.in ...

Korg's Wavedrum Global drum synthesizer is an amazing electronic percussion tool that's excruciatingly sensitive, responding to every little bit of nuanced ...


KÏWavedrum Global WD-X-GLB ग्लोबल एडिशन : Amazon.in ...

Korg's Wavedrum Global drum synthesizer is an amazing electronic percussion tool that's excruciatingly sensitive, responding to every little bit of nuanced ...


Korg WD-X-GLB Global Wavedrum Features

  • A sound engine that combines DSP-powered algorithms with PCM sounds to allow versatile performances
  • A pressure sensor and multiple pickups capture the subtle nuances of your strikes, generating power
  • Increased pickup precision provides improved dynamic range, making the instrument more sensitive
  • 200 preset programs cover a vast range of sounds from classic percussion to unique and novel sounds
  • 140 loop phrases of various genres allow Wavedrum users to jam along or practice to them
  • Key specs are not available.

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Korg WD-X-GLB Global Wavedrum Reviews from YouTube

Review: Korg Wavedrum Global
Korg Wavedrum Global Edition - Complete Patch Demo
Kraft Music - Korg Wavedrum Global Edition Performance with Michael Jones
I felt like I was watching this 2x speed had to check YouTube settings lol
your reviews are the best!!
many thanks for this great review!
Does someone knows which knobs you must use to get/play the algorithms?
Somebody knows if there is a good tutorial on youtube for the Wavedrum global? I've seen 50 videos with the most stupid things (a lot of sounds.....) but nobody explains the use of the knobs for a beginner: bank abc, 1234, live, edit, global. What do you have to do to hear an algorhytm, a double algorythm, to change a playsound with a loop etc.
Nicely done. I've just bought one and I like it too. Just think of the number of percussion instruments you would have to buy (and lug around) to get as many sounds as you can on this very portable drum. As for the export problem, you just need to plug it into your In/Out box and record as audio into your DAW. Not a huge problem.
Almost each time I watch one of your Korg product reviews my wallet gets a lot thinner. Your reviews are brilliant mate.
I think that's a new shirt.
this guy is absolutely brilliant at reviewing.
I can understand why this doesn't have MIDI, the way it picks up the playing would be hard to translate properly into MIDI, and Korg are lazy about this kind of implementation, furthermore it is intended to be very hands on - obviously...The USB with potential editor and updates etc. are harder to understand in this case. It would be a very welcome feature. But then it would require something Korg aren't fans of: Maintaining support/updates of the drivers and software necessary for it to work.
THEY WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING. If they keep holding back on connectivity and having a software editor! Stop making shit Korg!!!
Great review, very informative Cheers.
Hm, Nick looks different today...
Great review sir. Very helpful & well balanced. Good job.
Hit the nail on the head! The connectivity is what's holding me back from getting one.
This is very well done review... more like these :)
how can it not have MIDI...
Great review. I was thinking between the older one and this one and now l, 've got it clear. That little drum seems like an endless palette of percussive sounds. I would recommend to you the vid of Ronan O' Snodaig with the Korg Wavedrum, pitty the Global had not been invented yet. Thanks again for the in depth review.
Thanks for making this video. I think I'm going to add one of these to my live electronic setup, just to keep things leaning in the "organic" direction.
It seems like this is all over movie and video game soundtracks, general ambient soundscape music, etc. from the last 20 years or so. Is that accurate?
I really wish Korg would release a new one with midi in and out capability. This could be so powerful with a proper editor and find a lot of use in the studio as an external controller for triggering samples or soft synths.
I do silly things , like moving a lot , & selling kit & I sold my wave drum global edition . I really miss it . I can't see any other option , I wasn't impressed with Handsonic 10 , sounds great , but not an instrument ! I think I'm going to save up & get another.
Thanks for doing this. I got rid of the old one for all the reasons you mentioned.
There's a noticable delay on the video between when you strike the drum and when the sound triggers. Is that a video artefact or is the response of the unit slow?
Its been in the market for years, but still an industry leader. 2nd hand prices still high underpins the value of this drum.
I find this thing is produce more natural sound than any drum pad even from expensive roland mesh pad
So this thing has reverb? Or is he using external effects? (edit, yes it has reverb)
Fabulous skills!
Here is a track titled Melodic Polyrhythms, from the album Richard's Best Drum Rhythms of 50 Years. I use an early wavedrum & a regular drum kit, with cowbells & blocks. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxLUVV38r0s
that brush pickup is super impressive
It would be cool to show up at a drum circle with this, powered by some sort of portable power source and the audio output through a bluetooth boombox thing. Its world percussion sounds and their dynamics are superb, and would contribute a lot to a drum circle.
If only it had same connectivity and features and functions as the roland... With computer software to edit, shape, add own samples, midi, xlr out..etc etc .with korgs interface... . love the sensitivity of it though ... It's like a seaboard rise for drum percussion synthesis...
Heres some practical live application with a band - review !!!!
BEST demo I've seen in a long time.
Fraco, bad, roland is 10000000. best. I have a korg and i am fool.
cool use of brushes but that will only last a short while as the skins on these things start degrading really quickly, like, in a few months. Then the brushes will be useless because of the giant area in the center that has worn away. Also, for the players just getting into hand-drumming, I recommend angling the drum slightly downward away from you. I cringe to see his wrists angled back toward him. KORG should invest more to invent a skin that will last and not peel away like a snake shedding. While I'm at it: their lack of usb, memory card, foot controller input and MIDI makes me wonder just what they were thinking. Still it's a lot of fun and very responsive. No xylophones, marimbas either but a bunch of dubious "instruments" that sound so weird they are unusable. So hard to program, too. Menu after menu of cryptic half-symbols and such. the more I write the madder I get. Roland so gets it right with the hpd series. All that said there are a FEW wavedrum patches that are totally amazing and highly useful so I am glad I have it.
what features? it's a drum. you play it! .besides this is obviously a "performance" demo. in an effort to show the many different programs with good sound quality...
Nice Purdie Shuffle!
very good idea to use a Loop Station pedal!
Hey, how did you connect it to the TD-11kv?
the best wavedrummer i see on YT
It seems really cool.. at about the 1:30 mark in the video I began to wonder what the hell it exactly is that he's playing... so I skipped forward a minute or two to hear about it... but he just kept playing..... sooo I skipped forward like another 4 minutes to find out what features he is using... but he was still hammering away on it like "that one guy" who is always in Guitar Center just going off on the demo in the percussion section with no intention of buying anything or giving anybody else a turn... so I skipped to almost the end to hear the summary of what it costs and what capabilities it has... and then I realized ... :0 "Holy Cow... This video is simply a 15 minute drum solo with out a single word spoken.... Holy cow."
What kind of instrument is at 0:52?
Very nice usable sounds I had wished my 2009 edition had! Thanks, Korg!
A nice instrument, but by today's standards of music production with computers, a MIDI IN and and a MIDI OUT would be absolutely necessary. To bad it lacks such a simple but essential feature.
Not a very informative video, but i'm liking what i hear. Does get me curious about whether or not there has been some technical innovation, or if it's "just" new sounds - not to complain about those...

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