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Korg EMX1SD Electribe Music Production Station : Amazon.in ...

Korg EMX1SD Electribe Music Production Station : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments. ... Arpeggiator tied to ribbon and slider for fast song creation; Internal, ...


Korg Electribe Music Production Station : Amazon.in: Musical ...

Korg Electribe Music Production Station : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Korg ESX1SD Electribe Sampler Music Production Station : Amazon.in

Korg ESX1SD Electribe Sampler Music Production Station : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Korg ESX1SD Electribe Sampler Music Production Station : Amazon ...

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Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Akai Professional MPX16 |Portable ...

The other option is the KORG ESX2 Electribe Sampler Music Production Station which is currently more than twice the price and has a lot of features I don't ...


Korg Electribe Music Production Station Features

  • Maximum polyphony: 24 voices, Number of parts: 16, Sampling Frequency: 48.0 kHz
  • AC Adaptor (KA-350) , MIDI adapter cable x 2, Ableton Live 9 Lite
  • Sequencer with up to 64 steps for each part, up to 24 modulation sequences for each pattern, Last Step can be varied for each part
  • Number of Oscillator Types: 409, Number of Filter Types: 16, Number of modulation types: 72
  • Memory Capacity: 250 patterns, Insert Effects: 38 Types, Master Effects: 32 types
  • Key specs are not available.

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Korg Electribe Music Production Station Reviews from YouTube

KORG Electribe 2 Synth Introduction & Overview
Electribe 2 Synth Review - Does it hold up in 2020?
Korg Electribe Music Production Station Demo.. PMTVUK
Korg Electribe Music Production Station & Sampler
Ive been trying to find a video where this thing sounds good. It has great features, it just sounds cheesy
Waste of money, sounds flat, oscillators sounds like shit, and it generating horrible audio noise. Korg hit low bottom with electribe 2. Dont waste your money kids, its piece of shit for 250£.
Hey! Thank you for the video! Can you save your created sounds on the device to use them later, or you have to create you sounds freshly everytime?
They should have made the synth model sample. Paint it purple, I would have purchased two.
can you use this with a midi keyboard for melody?
I sooo love jamming and producing on my E2.
Electribe is sooo limited in use. It always was. Pokyend tracker is much better, akai is much better yamaha is much better.
I've literally made songs with this machine. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLioqeRZlx3EnWyTtGDc0vFLyaup8-YEp3
Buen Trabajo Amigo¡¡!
How do I equalize korg samples and Master?
Love the video I did a quick on the electribe if you don’t mind check it ! https://youtu.be/T-wy0Rw2Pis
Super video. Merci bien. ;))
This is one of the best tutorial intros I've seen. I'm trying to decide whether to get an Electribe 2 and you may have just pushed me over the edge. Thanks much.
Whens the talking stop?
We've also been to the moon.
I have just bought one of these (January 2020). This is just SO helpful in getting to know how to use it and I love your clear and concise approach. Please keep up the good work (hopefully with more videos and guidance!). Many thanks.
This thing looks cool! When can we expect it to hit the shelves?
Thank you very much for your overview. It's very helpful 👍
I got the Circuit and the Electribe 2 and couldnt agree more with you. I also see myself almost always using the Circuit for jams. Yet I would never sell my Electribe 2, because it has some unique features that I often use. Some additions: i) Some of the oscillators are not sample based, like Sine, Saw, X-Saw, etc. So, indeed, it is a real polyphonic single oscillator synth! ii) It has an "Audio In", which can be used in the same way like any other oscillator. So it is effectively a "16-layer"-effect pedal with added filter and envelope control + a chaos pad. iii) Since every pad is assigned to a MIDI channel, it is also a very versatile "16-track"-sequencer!
E2 super fan here! Mostly just looking for a place to nerd out on the electribe2. Not alot of fans of this box. The Electribe2 is such an interesting box of odd features that can be used in odd ways and odd combinations. Things that I am currently hyped on, the note quantizer is post sequencer, meaning you can force a sequence into key and scale and change it on the fly! Have not tested if you can send midi in and quantize the notes to scale and send them back out in real time without the sequencer. That would make the E2 almost worth the cost as a dawless midi note quantizer! Also the way the crappy sequencer can store notes on empty steps👌, some magic to be had there. You can switch mono/poly, sequencer step on and off, and last step all in real time with a sequence playing!!! Lastly, pro-tip, because all channels/tracks on the E2 are identical you can mirror things (including the audio input) with the part copy feature! To me this is HUGE! example build a poly melody, copy and turn to mono and pitch or octive shift down + low pass, take out a few notes from the sequencer, add longer decay and maybe change oscillator, easy bass line. OR hold a chord and then copy part and hold a few more notes to make big 6 note chords. 😼
I like my electribe and have got some good sounds of it. I definitely think you have to experiment lots with it but for me that is part of the fun... Great video! 👍
THanks bro- U have been interested in the blue Korg Electribe 2
I have a blue one it’s the only piece of hardware I have in my kit. I won’t ever sell mine. Might snag a backup at some point as I use mine professionally.
More Synth, less face! Not an insult, just a suggestion.
I think the time is right for an updated Electribe. Put in 8-16 parts or divisible voices of Korg’s User Oscillators and effects found in the XD and Prologue and then sampling/sample playback and I’d buy it if under $500.
It's sad how Korg just abandoned it. However, the Electribe's real evolution continues on iPad as GR16. P.S. Korg hasn't evolved this brilliant piece of gear even on iOS 🤦🏾
You appear to own one of the Infinity Stones...
Did you tried Circuitry ipad app from Zubov ?
The old blue elektribe is a lot a lot better...
Love your explaining style and it is very honest, thanks!
I used to have both the Circuit and E2. Circuit was fun and a beautiful design, but for some reason I never finished a track with it. On E2 it is like everything is a bit sub-optimal, but it just all clocks together to a really flexible and useful studio centerpiece. The polyphonic sequencing! I am very productive with E2, and I sold the circuit.
Does anybody know how to lower the headphones and input/output static noise that he described in the beginning? When the volume is up close to halfway, it is ver audible, but when it's playing it's not bad, but does anybody have any advice to help try and get rid of it just a little?
11:33 - every track can be also poly not just mono - up to 4 voices (4 notes)
actually there is totally easy to reach voice limit... i theory it is 25 vouces but as soon as you start to uss delay it's voice stealing nightmare.. usually i eded with just 8-10 voices just because delays were massively stealing polyphony
Very good insightful review. I've been working with the E2 for about 5 years. The one thing missing and you missed is: 6 individual outputs, with optional switch to 3 stereo outputs - without these outputs processing live is not possible. So my E2 is only one part of my percussion/rhythm, where I use two other sequencers and sound generators to complete the groove. The circuit with its encoders that do not function the same depending on selection is a nightmare for an experience sound designer, and more of a random chance generator for a beginner to get sounds they normally would not. After searching for one great groove machine I have concluded that at any price you will not find the perfect ONE hardware groove box. I will be adding my own acoustic samples to my beats with a 1010Music Black Box. This combination of E2 and Black Box will be fantastic!
Fit a shift skin. That is all.
would like to use it in combination with the RC505 loopstation. That should work for live jamming? E.g. Electribe as the slave
You don't need to show your face all the time, you should show the maschine and how to use it and how does it sound.
2014 and no USB? Really Korg? No thanks.
The way I Are?
Fucking generic and shit awful ... it's the Hello Kitty of synth stations - I love units like the MS20 but this is a 'how everyone can sound like everyone else" device ... not impressed.
i dont know any daw or ableton or any other software of sorts.......will i be able to use this for making music?
is there any need DAW to run it ?
i love it, wawooo !!!
deja de hablar y tócalo maldita sea!
w/o Tube?  cost down version?
I think this will be my next new toy after I figure out my Volca Sample. :-)
I really like the idea of the electribe. I just..... I just........ What is wrong with it? It just sounds... like it's all makeup - it has no bollocks. In the old raves, people were really in the music and the passion. In the new raves, people are into champagne, partying in the sunshine and Dolce and Gabbana. This is just cocktail music. You're too scared to sound like Roland, Nord, and Moog... that's the problem. Still stuck trying to replace the famous M1 piano, eh? Korg, .... . where are your balls? Give us some POWER
sign the petition to make the electribe 2 better: https://www.change.org/p/tatsuya-takahashi-help-make-a-software-update-for-the-new-electribes-a-priority-for-korg-inc
piano is from sample ?
Is this a raw recording from the electribe 2 or is it (intensevely) mastered?
Heres a group to Share Electribe 2 sampler banks/patches (.all Files) https://www.facebook.com/groups/541901179322897/
I should totally get this with my MicroKorg.
one question - is it possible to record a new sample at the sime time while some other samples are playing? or does the other samples are stopping as soon as i press the record button? it would be SO NICE if you can give me a feedback
Are you limited to the parts already pre-selected for the pattern? Can you use parts from different patterns?
Quick question want to use this item strictly like a drum machine. So can I chain patterns together to make a song?
Nice pattern at 4 mins
Can it live loop?
Brothers very nice, I never used any sampler but I am from Canada I am planning to buy one in the meantime to play with a keyboard , friends say Electribe can be upgraded to Electribe sampler by the firmware update is that true???? and can we use with Yamaha PSR S950 or any brand name keyboards, If you can show that the would be great great brothers, keyboardist also can use along with a sampler that would help many out there too thank you
in some videos i can hear the record metronome click...which is awful..my question is: how could you get rid of that sound click when performing live?
Hey there and thank you for the review. My question is: can Have polyrhythm sequence either in life record or step sequencer?, and I do mean freedom out side 4/4 meter not polymeter or od time but true polyrhythm foum sampler.
Why doesn't anybody sample on the sampler and make some beats with it.. every review and tutorial i've seen is about making electronic music that makes very little use of the sampler....
liked the jam they closed with, i wouldn't mind hearing more of that...
Great sound. Heard this guy yesterday, also nice. https://youtu.be/3L8mnnZJerg
"RED"? Really? LOL
Just buy the elektron octatrack or the analog four. Yes I know it's a completely different price range but they offer much much much more features and they sound so much better. After 10 to 15 minutes of tweaking the electribes I had reached their limits and possibilities. But after 1 Year of using the elektron machines I'm still blown away by their overload of features and sounds they can make. No offense to the electribe-loving community. ;) Greetings from Germany!
Super cool video! Thank you gentlemen. I really dug it and love checking ot these boxes. I'm subbing b/c you're cool and sound great! thank you!
If Red is the new black, let me say: I wish other things could be changed that only a cover to adore. The bottons of my model are down on the center cause they say "metal is bent on the center, on the some previous models" and they say that "I should not take too much care if this is only estetichally imperceptible and not important for touch". But it is! So I wish Korg would give a little bit of assistance by, for example, (even) selling the separed pads to install ourself or by the nearst referencial point. Something higher (thicker). Like are in the DSI tempest. I would pay honestly 30/40 euro for such a service. Still Electribe is ok, tough
Drum beats: can you edit the sound's tone / volume etc like you could with MCP1000s? an you crop / cut the drums/ samples? Can you move a note a little up or down to offset it in the sequence (ie timing)? How is drum pad sensitivity / coordination? Can you play drum beats manually fast and it plays them correctly without lag? If you wanted to, could you create the two parts you guys do as a team, but on one machine?
2001 all over again. Thanks Korg!
Nothing beats the aesthetics of the first e2s. Cool velvety black. I honestly feel those red and blue are ugly.
wow, really nice!
i wish they'd add a sustain section to the amp EG.
Good video. I too like the new colors over the old flat gray.
Great demo, creative and full of useful info and ideas. Thanks!
Very nice demo and jam. Thanks.
both of these are physically identical so I wonder why they are selling 2 different units instead of putting the software functionality of both into one unit.
very intersting but not very funny

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