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Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra Water Pump Plier : Home ...

The Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra with a length of 180 mm is one of the medium-sized models of Cobra water pump pliers from Knipex. The benefits of working with ...

GO TO STORE reviews: Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra Water Pump ...

These are great water pump pliers, the right size for use around the house. The grips have a nice non-slip texture. Knipex is known for its quality tools, ...


Knipex 87 01 300 Cobra Water Pump Plier : Home ...

The Knipex 87 01 300 Cobra with a length of 300 mm is one of the bigger models of water pump pliers from the Knipex Cobra range. With good torque and a grip ...


Knipex 88 01 250 Alligator Water Pump Plier : Home ...

Buy it with. Knipex 88 01 250 Alligator Water Pump Plier. +. Knipex 70 02 160 Diagonal Cutting Nippers. +. Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra Water Pump Plier.


Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra Water Pump Plier Features

  • Push the button for adjustment on the workpiece
  • Fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different sizes of workpieces and a comfortable handle width
  • Self-locking on pipes and nuts: No slipping on the workpiece and low handforce required
  • Gripping surfaces with special hardened teeth, teeth hardness approx. 61 HRC: High wear resistance and stable gripping
  • Box-joint design for high stability due to double guide
  • Reliable catching of the hinge bolt: No unintentional shifting
  • Guard prevents operator's fingers being pinched
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened
  • KNIPEX Cobra - the Hightech Water Pump Pliers. No more time-consuming presetting of the required opening size. Just position the upper jaw to the workpiece, push button and move close the lower jaw, ingeniously simple.
  • Pliers

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Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra Water Pump Plier Specifications

Technical Details
Capacity 1
Item model number 8701180
Item part number WKP8701180
Item Weight 9 g
Number of Pieces 1
Primary material 1
Product Dimensions 20 x 10 x 2 cm
Shipping Weight 200 Grams

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Luv my 10" Knipex Alligator Pliers'I pocket carry them Daily at Work
Ive been debating on these and the smooth wrench I just cant decide on a good size any suggestions Ill be using them for a little bit of everything ?
Not trying to be rude but, you do realize youre using pliers backwards, right!?
Your pronunciation is o point. Cnipp Ex with a hard K.Greetings from Germany
flip your wrench around your going the wrong way
Hi, Im thinking of getting a Plier wrench. what would you say in your experience is your most convenient size between the 10 and 7 /14?. I'm not s plumber by profession. I just work on a lot of things in around cars mostly
If youre only going to get one, i recommend the 10". I sometimes wish i had gotten that when using my 7". And it doesnt totally replace a channel lock. I love my cobra and always reach for it first but sometimes i need the wider profile of the channel lock.
nice olfa knife
There is only one way them things right there are meant to be turned. Fwi
Anyone who calls it k-nipex is an idiot dont you k-now
Great handy size 180mm , even better is the pliers-wrench at 180 :)
Im 200lb and i can stand on them when there on a pipe well at least i know i can on the 10" and up ones i know its kind of weird to say but i seen it on a video and had to do it there self locking is great hey just so you know for the brass fittings or softer metal fittings check out there knipex plier wrenches so you dont booger up the heads.
Knipex the best pliers and wather Pump in world, Rockwell.61 lenghts here from Portugal
Thanks. Watched several videos and the operator was not saying what size he was using. Now I can see I need the 10
I have never owned a pair of channellocks but I have 3 pair of knipex and love them.
German engineering
Here's a list that helped me the end, I went with #7."5:25"
Nice video...I have the 125 cobras. The button has a tendency to get stuck when depressed. I have to jiggle the handles to get them to disengage. Is this normal? Thanks
I have been using them for the last 20 years
I Luv my Knipex Alligator Pliers
Knipex is d best
Boa tarde aonde eu encontro este alicate knipex para comprar grato
Best pliers ever, can't believe I used other tools before them
are you hvac hacker?
what did u put on the thread
For me The best wather Pump in world knipex cobra and knipex wrench the best quality and strong tools lineman's pliers so the best design ,lenghts here from Portugal
No other brand comes even close. Game over for the rest.
Do you know the length from top to bottom at the longest point? Trying to see if i this will fit inside a veto mb2.
Marred that surface tho. Im kinda interested in these, im a maintenance man I do a ton of toilets, think these are overkill for that? 10 or 12 inch, for that plastic flush valve nut
Love the Cobra's, up to three sets now, still looking at more.Check the teeth, you will see the are designed to bite in one direction. Flip them over when changing from un-doing to doing up.
Knipex the best wather Pump in world knipex wrench lineman's pliers and cutters pliers so The best quality and strong tools lenghts here from Portugal
The "k" is not silent!Kuh-nee-pex
Cobra Pliers4" or 100mm (87 00 100) - 5" or 125mm (87 01 125) - 6" or 150mm (87 01 150) - 7" or 180mm (87 01 180) - 10' or 250mm (87 01 250) - 12" or 300mm (87 01 300) - 16" or 400mm (87 01 400) - 22" or 560mm (87 01 560) - 6 1/4" Mini Compact Cutters71 01 160 Plastic Grip, Straight Cut - 8" Compact Bolt Cutters71 01 200 Plastic Grip, Straight Cut - 71 02 200 Comfort Grip, Straight Cut - 71 02 200 T Comfort Grip, Straight Cut, Tethered - 71 12 200 Comfort Grip, Spring Loaded, Straight Cut - 71 21 200 Plastic Grip, Angled Cut - 71 22 200 Comfort Grip, Angled Cut - 71 22 200 T Comfort Grip, Angled Cut, Tethered - 71 31 200 Plastic Grip, Recessed Cutter - 71 32 200 Comfort Grip, Recessed Cutter - 71 32 200 T Comfort Grip, Recessed Cutter, Tethered - 71 41 200 Plastic Grip, Angled Recessed Cutter - 10" XL Compact Cutters71 01 250 Plastic Grip, Straight Cut - 71 31 250 Plastic Grip, Recessed Cutter - Cable ShearsCable Shears, 6-1/2 (95 11 165) - Cable Shears, 6-1/2 Comfort Grip (95 12 165) - Twin Cutting Edge (95 11 200) - Twin Cutting Edge Comfort Grip (95 12 200) - Pliers Wrenches:5" or 125mm (86 03 125) - 6" or 150mm (86 03 150) - 7" or 180mm (86 03 180) - 10" or 250mm (86 03 250) - 10" or 250mm Angled Grip (86 43 250) - 12" or 300mm (86 03 300) - 16" or 400mm (86 03 400) - Full set 5" - 12" (00 19 55 S4) - 3 Piece Set (180,250,300) - 5 Piece Set - (125,150,180,250,300) - Mini Pliers in Belt Pouch, Red, 2-Piece - 10" Jaw Protectors (Soft Jaw Covers) - 10" or 250mm Tile Breaker (91 13 250) - Replacement Tiler Breaker Jaw - Comfort Grip:6" or 150mm (86 05 150) - 7" or 180mm (86 05 180) - 10" or 250mm (86 05 250) - 10" or 250mm Tethered (86 05 250 T) - review. Just got a pair. Looking forward to putting them to work.
Those pliers wrenches are massive
I think the reason they didn't rubberised the handles is that the pliers will get out easily from the pocket, as they are meant to be kept there.
I put a 2 1/4 length piece of 3/8 AquaPex , comfortable , plus more mechanical advantage !
Knipex make great tools no doubt, but these are for the Instagram "pretends to use tools but all my tools look new " brigade.
KNIPEX make awesome tools. But they've caught on in the EDC community. These new 4" Cobra XS are clearly targeted at the EDC community. Within the EDC mother the first things people do is cut off the coating from the handles. Now I'm sure that KNIPEX made these for hard use there's no doubt but they are clearly targeted for the EDC community.
Nice video. I would like to get one of these to pair with my SAK Super Tinker as an alternative to a high end Leatherman plier based multitool for general EDC. FYI I'm a physician and not a surgeon lol... Would I be better off with the 4 incher or the 5 incher? Thank you.
I bought these a month ago and I find myself using them quite a bit. I usually keep them in the 5th pocket in my jeans, but I've found they can fall out sometimes. They're great little pliers, smooth and strong. I need to get a pair of pliers wrenches next.
A gloved hand, or a bandanna wrap around those handles, less pain.
Other than not marring fastener why Cobras over Pliers Wrench? Not necessarily these smaller ones.
I have the bigger set I use daily at work as a maintenance mechanic, I just ordered the cobra xs. I can't wait to try them out. I Can carry them too and from work in my pocket and use them 100% of my day to day life.
Love this!!!
Some added layers of shrink tape in the handles will help
It seems to me that Knipex is fishing for reactions about maybe their new locking mechanism and new milling/manufacturing procedure.If you see the final surface on the XS compared to the regular Cobra it is a lot smoother.They launched this EDC version of a new cobra line with a wider range of sizes to be launched maybe in the - near - future.Also the new locking mechanism is in between Cobra and Aligator, in fact closer to Aligator with a non visible locking pin.Other than that the XS does not look gimmicky at all.Great video my friend!
Might grab a pair' But I Definitely luvMy 10" Knipex Alligator Pliers, I pocket carry them Daily at Work"
This is a small child of a cobra
Need an xs version of the wrench pliers.
I cut down my 5 inch knipex wrench pliers and it's still awesome but very pocketable, destroys all multi tools.

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