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JJC Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Mechanical Lens Adapter Price in ...

Fine finish black anodized aluminum metal design with a brass silver ring the LMA-NK(G)_M43 mount adapter allows Nikon G lens to fit on any Micro Four ...


Buy Kiwifotos Lens Adapter Allows Nikon G Mount Lenses to be ...

Model, ‎LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 ; Model Name, ‎Lens Adapters ; Product Dimensions, ‎15 x 10 x 6 cm; 255 Grams ; Item model number, ‎LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 ; Compatible Devices, ‎ ...


JJC Kiwifotos LMA-PK_NK Mechanical Lens Adapter Price in India ...

Made of black anodized aluminum (camera body mount) and brass silver (lens mount) the KIWIFOTOS LMA-PK_NK mount adapter allows the use of Pentax K-Mount ...


JJC Kiwifotos LMA-NK_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter For Nikon F Lens ...

29-Aug-2016 ... The adapter allows NIKON F Mount lens to be used on Micro 4/3 Four Thirds system camera body It allows Aperture Priority AE and stopped down-AE ...


Buy Kiwifotos Lens Mount Adapter for Pentax K-Mount Lenses to be ...

Made of black anodized aluminum (camera body mount) and brass silver (lens mount), the Kiwifotos LMA-PK_NK mount adapter allows the use of Pentax K-Mount ...


Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Features

  • Material: Black Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Micro 4/3 Olympus EPL2 Camera Adapter
  • Brass Sliver Plated Mount Ring
  • Key specs are not available.

Find the best deal on Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Price in India is ₹4,999 at Amazon.
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For a comprehensive understanding of Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Item model number LMA-NK(G)_M4/3
Model LMA-NK(G)_M4/3

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Kiwifotos LMA-NK(G)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Reviews from YouTube

Cheapest Canon/Nikon to M43 Lens Adapter? ► Pixco FTW!
Adapting Lenses to Micro 4/3
K&F Concept Nikon G Mount Lens to Sony E Mount Lens Adapter Unboxing and Quick Review (4K HD)
Fotodiox DLX Lens Mount Adapter Unboxing & Review
These inexpensive lens adapters open up so many options. What would you shoot with it first? See something on the show that you want to buy? Head on over to Pixco Canon to Micro 4/3 Lens Adapter (no aperture) Pixco Canon to Micro 4/3 Lens Adapter (WITH aperture) dont understand, why can you put Canon and Nikon lens on to a M43 mount but you cant put a M43 to a Canon EF body?
I came here for one thing; to know if these adaptors cause any loss of quality. That was not discussed at all.
Nice video, greetings from Spain!
4x TS-E 1x MP-E 65 But I think I would go with some brightener.
Lol that quick start !
Hello very good video< I have a lumix gx7mk2 in japan and in USA is called gx85, will it work on it?
Yes but we need to be able to use autofocus we have an adapter that uses autofocus but the motor makes a ton of noise and the picture is kind of soft what would you recommend that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
Hello Joseph, is this adapter offer a tight snug fit around the lens mount? I bought an electronic Viltros (no glass) and there is a lot of wiggle with the mount on the lens and the camera mounts, both. Thanks for the video, always enjoy your shows!
The Metabones adapters sorta get rid of the crop factor so the effective focal length of the lens on the camera is closer to the ACTUAL focal length (rather than 2x or 1.5x as with u4/3 or APC). In so doing the effective F ratio is also reduced, IE: the lens is "faster". The built in lens in the adapter is a negative lens (same kind on your eyeglasses if you are myopic). Those adapters with the built in iris don't really make sense, they solve the aperture problem but not the focus problem. Most electronic lenses have focus motors in them, so if you mount them on an alien camera with an adapter you won't be able to focus them, the focus ring on the lens is a 'focus by wire' type, and the wires are not hooked up! Those adapters are really best used on MANUAL focus lenses, and there is NO problem with the iris or focusing with these, although you have to focus with the lens wide open, THEN stop it down to meter and shoot.
I have olympus pen epl 7. If i buy adapter named k&f concept, will this match with my camera?
thank you for great video, enjoyed watching it. Still can't decide what to pick for video shooting on micro 4/3. Maybe you have some tips?
Great video Joseph, thank you for the info. I have the G9 and I've been really wanting to get the Tokina AT-X 100mm f/2.8 PRO D AF Macro Lens which uses a Nikon F mount. I know I'll need to pickup an adapter for this but you think I could get good results with a cheap one or would the Speedbooster work better for that lens?
I've got the G9 and just ordered one. I know in the past I've had to set "shoot without lens" to on but can't find this option on the G9. I presume with the GH5 and G9 it defaults to shoot without lens turned on? Thanks.
How has the adapter with aperture been holding up. Looking to buy one, but don't want it to quit on me after a few uses. No reviews on Amazon.
Hi, when you have M43 adapter (for a Panasonic G7) what is the best to have a canon 50mm equivalent ? i know it can sound dumb but i read a comment about an other video
the metabones will make the 85 f1.2 work?
can it fit with BMPCC ?
Hi, I have some none full frame efs lenses, from my 7D, will it adapt those to or do I need an eos adapter then? Thank u.
Did the adapter with the aperture actually work ? I used one by quenox and it was horrible. The aperture only created a big silouette.
Thank you My first M 4/3 expected soon Pannie 'G' I have also ordered EOS to M 4/3 adapter to use. Luckily I have many cheap $5 ring adapters so I can try out most of my collection
very informatic
Does this lens adapt e-mounts?
İs it work gh5 +leica 12 60 ?
i own a lumix gx7, i want to use the sigma 18-35mm on it but i read on your site that your pro fusion adapter has issues such as • Switching between image and video can cause camera to freeze. • Switching f-stops in video mode can cause white flashes in video. • Certain video modes can cause the camera to freeze. are there any adapters of yours that wont do those things if i attach the 18-35mm?
However a major point of micro 4/3 was to have lighter weight equipment, If you use legacy lenses you are back to having big heavy lenses stuck on a modern lightweight body And you have to be completely manual in aperture, focussing, and zooming, plus often the loss of lens based stabilisation. The only advantage is cost. One alternate is to find older four-thirds lenses and use an electronic 4/3 to M4/3 adapter, which preserves auto focussing and aperture setting.
I’d like to see some samples of your photography with this setup.
I just found 2 NICE sigma lenses on Craigslist for $40 with a milolta 7000 (80's, firstauto focus camera- worthless these days!) along with a flash, case, and extras. I use the lenses on my Lumix 4/3, but realized THESE minolta lenses used a different adapter. (Maxxum series) But.overall, I gave up on autofocus, I prefer the intimacy of doing it all manually. It makes photography fun again
Can i use canon 18-55mm to the fotodiox adapter?
Hi. Congrats for the video. Thanks to you we are considering FD lenses.
olympus micro 4 3 cameras have in built stabilisation so you can use all the old lenses and have stabilisation.
Old lenses are far better made and produce far nicer results, modern lenses are too sharp and too perfect, I hate seeing that in a photo. I use my old M42 screw mount lenses on my GF3 and the results always impress me, agree, not a sharp as the modern lenses but is sharpness really always needed?
Do you know why some adapters for micro 4/3 cameras are different sizes? I thought the size of the adapter was supposed to make up the difference in the focal flange distance but I see adapters coming in different sizes ( length ). If you do a search on eBay for "PK to 4/3 adapter" you'll see some that look like they are over an inch thick and others that appear to be only 1/3" in length. How can you tell what the proper length of an adapter should be when you are buying one?
These details are essential 1 Ensure that the selector on the adapter is in the OPEN position before attaching the lens 2 While lining up the red dots, or notch, ensure that the pin on the adapter is on the correct side of the sliding switch on the lens 3 Depending in which version FD lens you have:-Lock the lens onto the adapter until the square silver button clicks and pops out - or- turn the silver locking ring to lock the lens onto the adapter 4 set the ring on the adapter to LOCK - you can now use the aperture ring on the lens to set the aperture by “clicks” as it moves to each stop 5 To use the “smooth” function close the aperture on the lens as far as it will go - f22 usually. You can now use the OPEN - LOCK ring on the adapter to smoothly change aperture without the jerky click stops The video shows all these features but he doesn’t emphasize them
can i use it to put a lumix lens on a cannon body?
Does the stabilization can working in vintage lens with any cheap adapter?
I have a GX85 M4/3 and am having trouble with an adapted Vivitar zoom 70-210. Can't focus past 135mm. Zoomed in past 135 is tried changing focal lengths in camera to no avail. What am I doing wrong?
I purchased a Panasonic GH3 and a 50mm lens. What would be the name of a basic adapter to buy? Thanks for the video. Also what does micro 4/3 mean. Sorry I’m a total amateur.
Very good Video it helped me a lot for Buying an Adapter from K&F Concept
Good review. Answered questions other videos didn’t.
That moment when the camera mount is not properly attached and your heart stops beating.
I just got one of these and noticed it only has a range of 6 aperture stops (5 clicks). That shouldn't be enough the get full aperture range for something like the 14-24 and other lenses with f2.8- f22 which has 7 f stops. So which aperture is cut off? 2.8 or 22?
Great, this is the video i am searching for a long
Thank you for this video! I’m switching from Nikon to Sony and have to use my Nikon glass until I can afford e mount glass. This is the final push I need to make the jump. (I use manual focusing 90% of the time anyways)
*I cant explain how awesome this thing is✹✹>ј         Worth every penny seriously! I made a youtube video with the slider check it out:*
and its no cheap glass to degrade the image.
I just picked up one of these for my Sony A6000 since I've been shooting on a D7100 for awhile. It's been a lot of fun to throw my manual vintage Nikkor lenses on it. Also love your cat, just like mine, anytime I try to make a video she is always trying to get attention during it, lol
Does the aperture on the body works?
can used 70-300 VR ed on this I have a6400
Can use this for canon 18-55mm?
Thanks for your video. I think that closing the aperture ring in the adapter you can adjust real aperture values in the lens aperture ring, like in the older AF-D Nikon lenses. Have you tried the aperture control with electronic adapters like Commlite?
Did you try shooting any video with that adapter?
Is possible to adapt D series lenses? Or just G?
the mf assist works in video mode (focus peeking)? I have a sigma 18-35 (nikon mount) and a sony a6300 i hope you answer thanks!
Bad physic sir you said front heavy the bayonet on that point and shoot is design for light weight plastic lens
Hi, I'm using a5100 and can't find the setting you are talking about with focusing. I have problems with focusing (tack sharp) especially on a bright day and sunset situation. Or does the a5100 not have this feature ? Could I download or update the app ?
YOU Are going to Bust Something? that Adapter Nor Your Camera is Not Made to Support that Long Lens & All That Heavy Weight WOWW :- LOL You Need that Similar Adapter but the better correct One having a Builtin Tripod Mount = So that the Tripod Mount Will be Suspending both The Camera & The Lens with all that Weight Instead of those 4 Tiny Screws on the Front of that Adapter? LOL I was cringing just watch you but then you went a step further by bending tugging on IT? :- Knowing these Adapters how i do i'm Really Surprised the whole thing Didn't SNAP OFF ON YOU :- CUTE KITTY BTW :-)
Does that adaptor have a problem with leaking light at its lens-lever?
Is it weather sealed? Love the ND filter implementation of the DLX Stretch.
Does it change minimal focus distance with the telephoto lences?
With the built-in aperture control, I wonder if it will exhibit some vignetting issue at certain apertures with certain lenses.

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