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Buy KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard online at Amazon. PS/2 Connectivity KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard Colours: Beige
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Amazon Offers ₹9,699
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KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard Features

  • PS/2 Connectivity
KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard Colours:
  • Beige

The lowest KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard Price in India is ₹9,699 at Amazon.
Buy KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard online at Amazon.
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KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard Specifications

Technical Details
Brand KeyTronicEMS
Hardware Platform PS/2
Item Height 30 Millimeters
Item model number KT400P1
Item Weight 567 g
Item Width 16.3 Centimeters
Product Dimensions 45 x 16.3 x 3 cm
Screen Size 17 Inches

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KeyTronicEMS KT400P1 PS2 Keyboard Reviews from YouTube

Review Keytronic Keyboard - Lifetime Series
NOT an IBM Model M - Key Tronic E03601 Ergo Force keyboard
The Greatest Keyboard of All Time.. Reborn
Das Keyboard mk.1 review (KT ErgoForce)
I just found out that Keytronic is no longer producing the Classic U1 model. Can anyone tell me if the E03600U1 has the curved profile like this one does? The price is much better on that one.
I have a keyboard KeyTronic E03601ECY-C, use it every day, the best keyboard in the world, it's true.
Ive been looking forever for my old KeyTronic KT2001, and i cant find a place that sells it, and i dont feel like ebay is safe the choise. If anyone knows a place that sells them please reply, thx
@TacheMus hey there i have on of those too :D
30 million? thats quite low thats about maybe a couple years worth of keystrokes
I have one old beez one that is made in mexico :P
I just bought a KeyTronic lifetime keyboard made in 1995, and it was the first wireless keyboard ever made! I have to say that its extremley comfortable and quiet. Its super-though and the box says: "Even if you live to be a hundred you KeyTronic keyboard will still last longer!"- Amazing! actually Im typing this on it
sounds like topre switches
Thin lazered abs key caps. It's funny they gave us foam and foil and then popularized rubber domes. Their keyboard were built well though.
Topre also has that "feature" I think 50-70 grams of force. From the home row to the outer keys the escape key is 85 grams I think too.
Does your board have a cutout for the XT/AT switch thing? Is that to switch protocol? If so, is it only for certain models?
I have an NMB RT8756C+ that has a good sound to it, but not as good as the IBM model m.
Just saw this video and realized I have one. Although mine is an E03602. It has an AT style non-color-coded connector and a DTK Computer badge on the front. Also doesn't seem to have Ergo Force unfortunately.
I have the same board, hate it
I use one of these for general use, as they do have decent tactile response. For tasks that I’m not around people while typing, my model M is pure bliss to type on.
I really like your videos about me, I need Russian subtitles, be sure to add them
"Shif t"
The idea of different zones of the keyboard could be nice for cheaper gaming keyboard. I have a Logitech gaming rubber done keyboards and I do say it is quite nice for being a rubber dome. It is also a lot more expensive than the cheap garbage (4-5 HP keyboards)
i believe das keyboard rebadged this as their first product
Love the font on the KeyTronic one. Awesome
Sounds very much like a mid 90s apple keyboard
Badge clips!
Fran-Labs reference !? A thumbs up from me !
mmm yes, badge clips
Hand lettering can actually have good letter spacing, you're actually _supposed_ to adjust based on the surrounding letters. Though, as someone who trained in hand lettering, I at least rarely bothered. It slowed you down for little to no use.
I really like the Keytronic keyboards except for the large enter key. I wish Keytronic wouldn't use that large L-shaped enter key. They're relatively inexpensive and pretty good for a non-mechanical keyboard.
Boring need better content.
The vast majority of new keyboards available are just a waste of material and your money. No to to mention the last generation of keyboards on laptops, total horror. Because of that IBM ThinkPad R60 is one of the last useful laptops for me.
My favorite keyboard is a IBM Selectric I, II or III. I learned to type on a I. Home Row, Home Row MFs!!!
Bro this dude just legit said cherry MX. LINUS CHERRY SWITCHES SUCK BALLS.. Gateron, Khail, Zeal are all a million times better. Hell even shitty outemu has started making decent switches that are superior to cherry (like the boba ut4)
P.s. I like how the model M sounds. But also hate how much spring ping it seems to have. That would drive me insane
Lol this guy claims to like model m but also uses BROWN CHERRY STOCK switches. Claims that cherry switches are the best lol.
IBM worked with the Nazis to come up with the coding system/numbering system of all Prisoners
Unicomp has really come a decent way since this video with two new upgraded versions of their keyboards. Making them a great choice for clicky keyboard lovers who want to keep their keyboard + mouse budget to under 150$ but also want a really good keyboard.
Lol it would be Vwestlifes
It's interesting that they left extra space between the ctrl and alt keys. I wonder if IBM was thinking head or was it just coincidental?
Honestly, just show me a sound test. That would be enough
My keyboard from the brand "Key-Tronic" has a 5-Pin Din
Love the outfit.
Hi I do not have the interface of this keyboard Thomson Reuters Part No 10-11-5254, please help me how to create an interface to connect to the pc, thank you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Good video, but I think if you tried any Blue Alps board, you would know the Model M is not the greatest keyboard of all time. Hell, not even the best IBM board, as great as the M is. Try the Model F or, if you can, any of the Beamspring keyboards.
Not me I love it
#truth. My 2nd-gen from the 1980s still works. This video inspired me to dig mine up. Tons of animal hair under those keys from pets long past, not a problem ;)
I have a Black Unicomp USB buckling keyboard I snagged cheap at a computer swap meet. One of my favorites!!
That keyboard was so over engineered because it was designed to mimic their super popular IBM Selectric typewriter. It was kind of close-ish. But still the best tactile computer keyboard ever. Great video!
maybe an unpopular opinion, but gaming is the only time I can touch-do anything with a keyboard. I keep my hand on WASD (pinky on shift, thumb on space) and I know where to move each of the fingers to reach f, g, alt, ctrl, and so on. each finger covers each own area. but when typing? I move my hand around constantly sooo I have no idea where it is and where to press :c
I own the keytronic ergofoce, gifted it to my mum.She loves typing on it. It's loud for sure but the sound is thockier than my btc5100c. Which sounds deeper. The ergofoce thing has inspired to make my own diy ergoforce with mechanical switches using different weighted springs. Wish companies would bring the BEA key back into fashion though. Love me a big ass enter.
I've never seen a Rubber dome keyboard with blank keys. This is interesting. I thought most people used to use Blank Keys in games, but then you proved me that thats not that good at gaming either.
How about all these keycaps going around nowadays that have dots instead of number/letter/symbol legends?
ooohh, das ist ein schwer TASTATUR.
I have one of these and I think it is a pretty good example of a good rubber dome keyboard. It is no where near perfect, and even though I have several other keyboards I cycle through using this one always finds its way into being used for a month or two before I go to the next one in the cycle.
I say that the accepted method for learning to touch type is bad. Then I continue to demonstrate my method of typing without showing how my method is as good, or better.
What a Hideous sound they make when in use...
Blacked-out Models M and Models M clones are something I did not expect to look so cool. I didn't expect the comparison (and compliment to) the mass-market Dell I use daily, either.
holy shit i used to live near highland lol
Liked the roast to touch typers. Oh god, those guys are unbearable. "uuhh bwut ywou cwan't uswse ywour indwex to hwit spwace, lwook at ywou, with only fwifty word pwer swecwond"
My HHKB's keys are nearly invisible indoors, since they are black on grey, but I can still find all keys except function/number keys pretty easily even in games, as I have mostly memorised the layout from typing, even when I am not in a home row position. I did know how to find keys quickly before I learned to type on the home row from typing classes though, just by needing to type quickly in, e.g, Minecraft, and can type on my phone halfway decently even without looking at it, so perhaps practice typing without a home row typing position has to do with it.
Since 2005, they're actually a company based in Austin, Texas
La tastiera
Complaining that you can't game on label less keyboard is the same as complaining that you cannot type on gamepad.
10:38 : _"It feels like a dead fish..."_
So, this might seem like an unrelated tangent but back in the 80's, Cadillac wanted their doors to sound more like those of Mercedes Benz. They found it was due to the extra weight of which the MB doors carried. So what was Cadillac's solution to try and replicate the sound? They just added extra metal to the door that was just there for weight. While that may have been a quick and dirty way to do it, the Daskeyboard would probably have benefited from the same philosophy.
"[...]Really, it just feels like a dead fish, to be honest." DEAD FUCKING FISH
They shouldn't have copied that floppy.
I remember when Das started this blank keycap tomfoolery. 'Twasn't snobbery, at least according to the marketing. It was instead touted as a way to sharpen your touch typing skills, largely aimed at programmers. The idea was that if you had no key legends to glance down on, you'd be force to memorize them better than you had before, and thus become a bit more adept. I'm a touch-typing programmer myself, and honestly still kinda want one of the mechanicals, to at last replace my ancient Dell SK-8125 I got with my old laptop back in '04. (The home row bumps on 'F' and 'J' have become almost undetectable from wear.)

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