Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) online at Amazon. Teleconverter Lens
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Buy Kenko HD 1.4X DGX Canon EF/EF-S Online at Low Price in ...

Kenko TELEPLUS HD 1.4x DGX is a teleconverter designed to make images more impressive by turning your master lens into a telelens and capturing the object more ...


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Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 1.4X Canon EOS EF/EF-S 1.4x ...

Kenko DGX Teleplus conversion lenses are compatible with only genuine Canon lenses.The HD DGX 1.4X converters have genuine Gate Array IC (Integrated ...


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Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) Features

  • AF 2.0X Teleplus HD DGX Teleconverter
  • For Canon EF-S and EF Lenses
  • Durable product
  • Teleconverter Lens

The lowest Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) Price in India is ₹20,490 at Amazon.
Buy Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) online at Amazon.
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Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Kenko
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number KE-KHD20C
Item Weight 159 g
Min Focal Length 8 Millimeters
Model KE-KHD20C
Model Year 2015
Product Dimensions 2.5 x 6.6 x 6.6 cm

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Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2.0X Converter Lens(For Canon EOS EF and EF-S Lens) Reviews from YouTube

Review [Unboxing] the Kenko 2x Telephoto Extender for Canon EOS Lenses
KENKO TelePlus HDPro DGX x2 teleconverter - REVIEW for daytime and nighttime photography
Fotodiox Pro Autofocus 2x Teleconverter EF / EFs (Unboxing, Test, and Review)
Canon Teleconverter - or should you just crop your image?
Have you tried with M50?
Thanks for the review..
Does it support canon 1300D/ Rebel T6
Exactly for this purpose I look for Teleconverter, Macro and telephoto, and exactly for usage with Canon, so thanks for the review. On the pictures was clearly see that you taking photos tens of years, all of them was very perfect.
order a Kenko 2X Teleconverter here:
Wow, a great review on this teleconverter, the best I've seen so far on youtube! Thanks!!!
Kenko teleplus pro 300 dgx what is model? Older?
кадры есть любительские Луна пахоже на тарельку полности не круглая от земли видем как сверкает а другая страна смотрит Солнцу и на месте не вращшается
Honestly, despite what you're saying, I think the images without the extender actually look sharper than the ones with the extender. Maybe you messed up the labeling in some of the shots? Or something to do with Youtube compression? E.g. the shot of the church, the left side appears to have more detail. Are you sure that was the shot with out the extender? Because in the next shot you switch the sides.
Can I combined 2 no of 2x Teleconverter? Do I need to modify the Teleconverters or I can just stack them directly. Planning to use it for planetary image stacking for my Nikon 200-500 lens
I have the same tamron sp lens and a7rii and EOS rp , I am using a mc11 but focusing is not as good as on canon. Which adapter are you using for canon to Sony?
if a person wanted to increase their view of the moon, could you stack multiple X2 exterders ? example; 5 or 6 extenders ?
Thank you, very informative
Does anyone know if it works on Canon EF 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM?
What about putting the converter on a 600mm and get 1200mm :-) anyone try that?
Does it work with Canon 4000D and Tamron 18-200mm?
I have the same one and I use it with my 18-55mm as a macro extension tube type thing and it works great!
I signed in just to like this video. Great information,thank you!
Sup mates!! Can i use it with Sigma Art 135mm 1.8 lens ???
Bro you saved me! I had the sigma extender in my cart!
4 minutes of waffling....
Finally a great review. You saved me up some bucks. Teleconverter Pros: higher focal length. Cons: loss of sharpness, details and amount of light, increases chromatic aberration. So still better to make a precise focus and crop the image, instead of using teleconverters. Do the focal length really matter for you? Buy a better telephoto lens. It will more expensive and heavy af, but at least it gives better quality.
Very good review mon ami :) Clean that two spots in the middle of the A7r II sensor before Chile and Hawaii, please... XD
Awesome review! Thanks a lot! That Tamron 100-300, fit on A6500 sony?
Hello Adrien! Fantastic video!It's good that you'll be in Chile to film the eclipse! I tell you that you will be very close to us, I am from Argentina, Neuquén, you could take a little walk around here! jajaj See you in February, as we will be by Senja on that date! Regards!!!
Is your camera being held up by a helium balloon or something?
is that possible to stack them together like 2* 2x = 4x
Why does that man surrounded by sunflowers look so angry? haha 😂
Would it work with the Canon 200d mkii/SL3
Why don't you guys just use the 50-100 F1.8 sigma? Should give you the distance and the aperture flexibility you need. Since it will be cropped, it should give you that extra length on-top of that
What about sharpness, just wondered if I should get this, its like 4th the price tag of the org. Canon
Why not just use the internal crop? Is there a difference in quality when using the internal crop as oppose to the adapter?
how fast the auto-focus is for photos ?? please do a detail review about it !
why the video qauality is 360p ????
I watched the video at 1,5x speed, no exposure problems at all! ^)))
Presently I have used canon 7d mark 11 with canon 500 mm f4 is lens, I want purchase canon coverter2x iii, some one told me 7d mark 11 with TC 2x iii autofocus not working, only found manual focus, please et us know it's correct
Thanks! Great video. New York accent?
If this extender works with canon 18-200 mm lens ?
Confusing... 100x2X = 200mm / 100x1.4X = 240mm ??? how come ???
Thank you. Very helpful and informative video, very well done!
Hi thanks , very useful. What you found is why up to this point I haven’t got an extender for my 70 - 200 (on a 5d4), however I’ve just started using the 5D4 for video and need the longer reach (from time to time - currently America’s cup yachting) so am likely to invest in the 2xiii. Any views ?
Hi Eric, I have a 5DS and will get a 300mm 2.8L IS in some days hopefully. My question is if with the EF 2x II will get the same quality as with the III version? I think the 2x II was introduced in 2001, while the 300mm 2.8L IS is from year 2000. I guess it was designed for it. Some people say the first EF 300mm 2.8L non-IS from '87 doesn't work as well with version III as with the original 2x version. Is the same logic valid when combining the 300mm 2.8L IS with the newer 2x III, probably designed primarily for the 300mm 2.8L IS II? When I use the 2x II on the 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II that's from 2014, the results aren't great.
I think if you already own some long lenses, it’s a small investment to make to keep some extenders handy.
good video cool guy
Very useful video - thank you. I think I got the main message that is it all depends on what the final results might be used for. Also it shows that yes, there is a slight benefit from an extender if the image is really pushed but for video and for normal picture use, it seems as if the penalties of an extender outweigh any advantages. Thank you for really helping me with this one.
I mean the extenders cheaper then a new lens.. but I still feel like they should be cheaper lol
Crop is not the same as a physical zoom via lens
Does the converter need to be auto focus? Will one converter work for all my canon lenses?
Worse comes to worse you could also resize your image to get more pixels for print using Topaz Labs gigapixel.
Good test! Crop is sharper but more pixelation vs extender which gives you a slightly softer but smoother image. If you use the extender, you can get a little extra sharpness with the photoshop/lightroom texture/clarity/dehaze settings.
Trying to find an extender for my canon 90d EF-S lens. But not sure which one they do, or if they even make one that will fit an EF-S telephoto lens.
are you Dutch? Thank you for this review...
Very helpful! 👍🏼
So I want to do my EOS R with a teleconverter connected to an EF adapter with a 4-4.5x close-up super macro lens attached to that for some INSANELY close up pics. Is that a thing? Here is the lens in question: Thoughts?

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