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Buy Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter online at Amazon. Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Colours: Black
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Kenko CPL SLIM 58 mm Polarizing Filter (CPL) - Kenko :

Sales Package. 1 Smart Filter Of Kenko CPL SLIM 58 mm ; Color. Black ; Warranty Service Type. Repair Or Replacement ; Warranty Summary. By The Manufacturer.


Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Features

  • Absorbing polarized light reduces glare and unwanted reflection.
  • Helps to reduce the softness caused by atmospheric haze.
  • Produced by Japan's specialized camera filter company.
Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Colours:
  • Black

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Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Specifications

Diameter 58 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Filter Features
Attachment Mechanism Screw In
Color Conversion 3000-3200k
Effects Circular PL
Material Glass (Filter)
Optical Coatings Circular PL
Shape Round
Brand Kenko
Color Black
Designed For Any Lens Of The daya Size 58 Mm For Dslr And Slr
Diameter 58
Effects Circular PL
Material Glass (Filter)
Model Name Smart Circular Pl Slim 58mm
Optical Coatings Circular PL
Sales Package 1 Filter
Suitable For Still & Video Photographics
Type Polarizing Filter (CPL)
In the Box
Pack of 1
Sales Package 1 Filter

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Kenko Smart 58mm CPL Slim Filter Reviews from YouTube

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2:30 "make sure your sky is full of clouds" lol, wish I had that kind of cloud power!
Thank you for this great video! Can i use the polorize filter with the black mist pro filter at the same day?
Funny, straight to the point, and very informative in language anybody can understand. Great video!
I thought the filter didn’t work on metallic surfaces?
wow that's amazing
such a great video! thank you i came across somebody who said they were a must 100%. this answers my question that it's not always a benefit.
Just what I needed thanks
Hi Joshua, I like your video, you make it fun, original and interesting, thanks !
Hey ! ♡ We are two designers who work with polarizing filters ! Thank you for these video ! funny. You had a new fan in the opening seconds with the political bit. Great video.
Great video, Thanx
How is cpl on a wide angel lens? I have a canon 10-18 and would like to try the cpl.
Thank you. I've seen so many videos about polarizing filters and this one is the simplest and easiest to understand to someone just stepping into the filter zone lol. Have a quick question though. Would you suggest to use ND variable for sigma 16mm 1.4 on a Sony a6000 or just stick to standard ND
Very helpful video - thank you!
Been watching CPL based videos for years. VERY FIRST VIDEO where the angle of use is mentioned. NONE of the "popular" channels have mentioned it, at least not the videos of said channels I've watched. I would stated that the CPL does work between 45°-90° not just the mentioned 90°. Moreover, the effect is most powerful when the sun is out not on a completely overcast day, on those days the polarizer can make the shot warmer. Thumbs up!
Some very useful pointers, Great script and great soundtrack (no-background-music) =Top-Marks /// Just subscribed :)
Nice video. BTW, is that a Nikon D300S?
Thanks for a great informative video - came upon it by accident but well worth the time watching it.
Love this video. I struggle with most photographic concepts.
HEY THERE! Before you watch this dated version. Would you instead please click this link to watch the newest version? I want to provide you the best possible content I can and I felt it was only right to redo this video and make it as good as I good for YouTube. Would truly appreciate your feedback as well! new here. I like your channel bro. Pls check the audio levels. Bless
Thank you so much Jake. Learned everything I wanted to know in one video. Gonna use it for car photography
Hi Jake, do you still use these? Do you need to use them with your DzoFilm lenses or do DZOFilm lenses have enough of their own interesting look that these filters are not required for them?
This was still very helpful to me, thank you!
i am an idiot for selling my KSM B+W polarize filter that was 77mm after i sold my nikon gear and downgraded to fujifilm and was using smaller lenses. I don't know why i even did that. the filter i got is valued to be at least $130 and i sold it for a lot less . Now i have a wide angle lens that is 67mm in diameter and i ended u getting a 67mm which is smaller in size than what i originally had and not as great of quality i would say and its valued less too . should have kept my filter and just added stack up rings
This was a really good video very informative and easy to understand thank you!
Really bad video to show or explain anything at all! Very bad examples. For someone who wants to know, roughly speaking, polarised filter cut out extra lights into the camera such as reflections and let the local colours of the view more clear to the camera. Means most drone shots you see that look like cgi computer clean, mostly because of some polarized filters.
Sorry I couldn’t see the whole video because of the music!
nice video but dude. you really have to put the volume of your music down. it's soooooo annoying!
I not hear you. Only your music l hear.
too loud music in the background - quickly made video and put it online. money money money - BULLSHIT VIDEO
My ears had to fight to hear your voice above the music. did you not play back your vid before you uploaded it? I love music but it adds nothing to this video, actually hinders it.
If I buy a Nd filter + polarizer do I also need to buy a separate polarizer? Or would the one I buy be good for multitasking
In my opinion bright light with.filter with vivid picture selection get. Better color I use a promaster filter
Because "circular" is in the title, I came here to learn the difference between liner and circular polarising filters. But I don't think he mentioned either word once. Instead, though only a bit over 3 minutes, he manages to repeat himself over and over (to really annoying music). I got the point : he likes polarising filters.
Why do you need that music in the back ground, I could barley hear you.
The music was fine, the price on the filter, on the other hand, was ridiculous, over $100US!?
hello. Do you suggest me to use polarizing filter while I am shooting wildlife ?
Good Video bro
Q: So no need for an ND filter to get silk water ? Also, what if you want the sky and the ground vibrant ? Is there another type of filter does both ?
Love this video, man!
Good explanation. His suggestions are very sensible. On thing though a Polarizer works best across the frame when the sun is at right angles to the lens. Spot on about filters in general and your lens, get the best one can afford. An exception would be shooting in a hostile environment, get the best you don't mind sacrificing. I shoot with a Marumi CPL on digital with legacy lenses, a not digital Nikon Polar on film with legacy lenses, and a Leitz Polar (ebay been very good to me) on leica lenses. One of the reasons for legacy lenses, apart from having them, is my legacy Nikon lenses have consistent front elements (52mm) digital lenses do not. I suggest perhaps one size larger than the biggest front and use step down rings. To be honest, I have not used a polarizar on my digital lenses (the auto features, for me, makes them better suited for grab shots). Noting that digital lenses are optimized for digital cameras; legacies not so much. Every lens has its own aesthetic.
Hi Matt really informative video. As a beginner I was wondering how it works if you're using it in conjunction with other filters in a system and what order you would use them in? Say if you're using a 10 stop ND filter for your smooth water plus a polarizer for instance. Thanks!
Just found your channel! Subbed after the first video! I’m just starting my YouTube journey! So was interested to see about cpl! Thank you man also lake bled looks soooo beautiful
What polarizer do you use? Is it a 72mm mount or do you use a larger one with a step up adaptor?
Thank you! I will get myself a Gobe polarizer. :)
Thank you, it was very well explained by you. Happy to have answers that I had been looking for a while. Great pics.
Here I am, looking to find some info on filters and I find it recorded in my backyard ️
I never thought I'd see my home country on multiple YouTube channels. Keep up the good work.
Hey ! ♡ We are two designers who work with polarizing filters ! Thank you for these video ! Matthew, thank you for the informative video. Was looking to learn more about polarizing filters. My wife & I rode motorcycles through Slovenia 2 years ago. Beautiful country you have, we had a phenomenal lunch, all fantastic. Take care.
Excellent. many thanks.!
Intro made in radovljica
Beautiful video, except overuse of word emphasis.
Greetings from Slovenia
Hi, thank you for the video, has been very helpful. One more thing and beleive me I do not normally do that, but you are very attractive. Congrats to your parents :) Take care! Thanks again
Thank you Matt
Wow! Great in-depth video! Now I'm wondering where you where

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