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Karmax Spiderman Reviews from YouTube

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4: An In-Depth Critique
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Game Review
Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Review
Does this game get boring really quick
Now this is a proper review of the game not that gamespot crap 😆
Ok ok that's cool but does it make you feel like Spiderman?
The first one should be a 10, and this one should be a 6 or 7.
2018:Makes you feel like spiderman 2020:
This game is so unrealistic. People are walking around Manhattan without masks and social distancing in 2020 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Batman is better
The person that said *Insert meme here* is actually African-American.
Is this spoony pizzas voice 😳
A great game that was ruined by too many boring generator puzzles
The way he stops that car at the six minute mark. Ooh boy that was slick!
This game really makes you feel like you can say the n word
here is a tip of you are playing the game on ps4 pro like I am then have a can hear your console it helps and it keeps the ps from over heating
I refuse to play as a black spiderman. Spiderman is not black, he's white.
The overwhelming disappointment of a fatherless future felon
This dude says this game best played in ps5 now that is true but not everyone can afford ps5 why can't he understands that
I’ve got the game for ps5 but don’t have my ps5 yet 😩
Ok but still i think this deserves a ten out of ten
This comment section 😂
This game beat marvels avengers
Spider-Man and Batman are 2 different characters in 2 different games from 2 different universes. No need to compare.
8:30 “The one handed twist is a favorite of mine” 😏
This is probably not going to be fruitful but I'm looking for a review of the game I watched ages ago, where the reviewer pointed out a scene where Spider-Man smashes through a window and a civilian trips and gets knocked out cold and MJ gets furious at Spider-Man. It was so bizarre the reviewer speculated that the original form of the scene was that Spider-Man punches the guy's lights out but it was changed for thematic reasons. Anyway that whole segment was awesome and I'm trying to find it again by skimming through all the long form video essays I watched back when it came out. But no luck. Does anyone know which video this was?
Are you making one of these for the remaster or mikes morales? I’m in love with this video and have watched several time, look forward to more:)
2 years later the game was improved so much more and it’s shocking how well they have done with making it look and play so much better with miles morales and spider man remastered
The Alex Jones parody is intentional. The left can't make a game/movie/tv show/comic without insulting someone on the right
Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Miles Morales. Love your videos really helped keep we occupied through lockdown.
Dude really called him Dr. Pus😭😭
Just 100% Spiderman and all its dlc time to watch this
Future predictions are on point!! Aged well sir
Dunkey made the video!!!!!
Its big threats like that,that makes connected worlds at time seem silly. Oh just a massive contagion bomb being released no need for daredevil to come lend a hand or dr. Strange to just portal bring otto into mirror dimension. Lol its like really no other New York based hero can do anything?
A fully upgraded spider drone is the best
The raimi suit is in the game
Saying “ I can’t be asked to try it while doing a review is no no
I'm trying to think of the word for this game? It's on the tip of my tongue? Oh right, SPECTACULAR
Rio Morales is my Wife of the Spider-Man franchise.
I’m on PS4 with this Game. I don’t have a PS5, yet.
Now we just need Gwen Stacy and then a cross over game
Falling with style
So crazy to think he was only introduced 10 years ago. Just finished the game recently and hoping to platinum it after I’m done with Ghost of Tsushima. Love this game, into the spider-verse, and the comics so much. Very happy that he’s more well known now.
I loved the miles morales Spiderman game it felt familiar with a dose of its not at the same time it clearly is a stand alone game its not familiar except for the swinging but then again the throw some spice on it and made it fun like ur learning with him not playing with a character who already been doing the hero stuff already and new hero new enemies is great not same ol faces and the touching stop ur friend from doing something they feel is right is perfect to me not over the top ending for a new character well done I give this game a 10 out of 10 it was damn good
I'm about half way through it and really loving it so far looks absolutely beautiful on my ps4 has a great story and great voice acting that whole bridge sequence was incredible
Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales is just as Fantastic as Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Dang... I have to buy a console now.
Buy Day One?
Yes, I too enjoyed the game so much I played it twice to get shiny plat trophy. No regrets.
You were able to play it twice? It must be nothing
Bro the world is the same... it’s lazy
2 problems with this game.... 1 - Miles is the worst Spider-Man... he's just a whinier version of Peter Parker(ya who thought that was possible?) 2 - They charged full price for this game which is barely enough to be considered a DLC.
Do The Lefotvers
Ever since the games was announced as an exclusive i prayed that it would eventually come to xbox... If i was Phil i would be willing to put game pass on the PS if they would be willing to port the damn game
I was way but I am back. Can't watch cause I do not want to spoil the game. But I would watch a review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit cause I already saw that movie like a hundred times.
6:00 made me laugh as a PC gamer and is when I hit the Like button. Which I always do, but that's what reminded me to hit it.
Hello, I suggest you and people here to korean movie "The Call" on Netflix, the movie gain a lot of attention, I hope you like it😍😍😍 stay safe❤️❤️
8.7-8.8/10 is what this game deserves but to be honest that's really low for IGN's standards so it could be 9.5/10.
Spiderman ps4 one the best game i've ever played no doubt it's a masterpiece.
Looks spectacular but physics of movement are not quite polished yet.
Now they just need to release it for PC and/or other platforms.
IGN, it really makes you FEEEL like you wanna die
Dunkeys review >
8.7 Forza has 9.3
Ign smoking that pack I see
I just hated how the game forced me to play MJ or Miles... and the dialogue can get so cheezy... still a decent game, a must play if you are a fan of spidy.
This game MADE ME FEEL LIKE SPIDER MAN 8 / 10 but fortnite gets 9/10 great job ign...
He forgot to mention that this game makes you feel like spiderman
An 8.7? You can do way better, IGN. This was the game of the year for some people.
I guess that the game makes you feel like spider man.
Just finished this and it's a easy 9/10
This game got an 8.7 but Miles Morales got a 9 with a less interesting story and far less content? Hmm
Wait, remind me again, what does this game make you feel like?
First game I actually platinumed, am very proud of it too lol

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