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Iron Man Super GT . Buy Ironman toys in India. shop for Karmax ...

Karmax Iron Man Super GT (Red, Yellow) · Material: Plastic · Battery Operated, 2 Battteries · Non-rechargeable Batteries · Width x Height: 20 cm x 18.5 cm · Age: 5+ ...


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Karmax Iron Man Remote Control Car ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Karmax Iron Man Remote Control Car, Super GT, Multi Color at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased ...


Karmax Iron Man Remote Control Car, Super GT, Multi Color ...

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Karmax Iron Man Super GT
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Karmax Iron Man Super GT Reviews from YouTube

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Just got mine from Sideshow. The headsculpt really is not bad. It looks better in person. Pictures and videos don't do it justice. He's definitely a big beefy boy.
For some reason the new head sculpt for Tony reminds me of Howard Stark and I don't know why
i want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey man I had a question for you. My Iron Man Mk 85 just came and I read the manual and read the bit of the batteries getting leaky? Was wondering if you’ve had this problem with any of your Hot Toys, with having the batteries in the figures for too long?
I order this hot toy the last July from sideshow so which head sclypt i will have ?
I wish I had one of them
Wouldn't the new head sculpt make sense canon-wise as he aged 5 years? The new head looks more tired, old and gauntcomoares to the other head just like RDJ looked in Endgame, especially after he was stranded in space with Nebula.
Because he was week at that time the preves version is a yangar one
I noticed how the Mark 85 helmet has some sliver on the sides of the helmet, kind of like a reflection of the gray/white hair on the older Tony.
why the headsculpt like shi# actually becuse tony was skinner while hes i space. 5 years later he eat and exersizing
I wish I could buy this for cheaper
ok just curious
does the mask come off?
Wow amazing toy man
Hey, knowing you're pretty much the man to turn to for HT advices - which Tony Stark would give you most bang for your buck? I want one that actually resembles RDJ, unmasked ofc, but can't settle. Course, the IM mech test one looks good but the wait is so long. Any suggestions?
Hello how much was that at buying it
Sad for this guy, everything's SO NICE besides that damn head
So will the US shipments have the head sculpt already replaced with the Mk50 version?
You must remember the head sculpt for the mark LXXXV is supposed to be a five year older tony start than infinity war!
R.I.P Bad Audio and your camera , he don't even know how to film properly
No Dam way!
Sir what is its price
Love the closing scene dude. Awesome video cheers
most pathetically shot and explained....
Thank you for the video! It would have been interesting if you could see thru Iron Man, as commonly drones do..
Mujhe BF mil aapko kis ki rate kitni hai
Whare diid you buy it!
Where’s the charger
Also they should have made it bend at the knees
They should have made him voice control
Waste of fucking money
RIP bank account
Cool Beatles T shirt!!
bad audio.
wala na si kim? :(
Sir konting buhay lang. Inantok ako. ✌️
Thats cool. 🙂
Cute yung magtataas ng dalawang kamay si Iron Man. Nakakatawang tignan. parang maliit na batang nang-gugulat.
Abbey road shirt.
Hot toys very expensive toy hmmm...
These things r so expensive 🥲
I figured out where the grams came from on the newer figure the shoulder pads on the newer figure is thicker and a bit bigger adding more weight
pretty nice toy.. only problem is that both regular and missile shoulder pad's magnet were all loose. It's not glued properly.. anyone have same probs? Maybe a super glue will fix this?
This is my favourite toy
Your toys are all amazing 🤩🤩 i love iron man so much
Where do you buy from
Is there an Mark 37 iron man action figure? If so, send me the link to the vid. If not that’s my suggestion
This is so cool
Can you tell me the cost
What is the cost
I want to display him with the flame effects on his feet. Any suggestions on a stand that will alow me to do so? The figure is pretty heavy .
I'm glad I buy this because this was one one of my holy grails
I love iron man

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