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Buy Karcher K4 Pressure Washer online at Amazon. Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Colours: Yellow
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Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Colours:
  • Yellow

The lowest Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Price in India is ₹34,599 at Amazon.
Buy Karcher K4 Pressure Washer online at Amazon.
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Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Specifications

Additional Features
Other Features Ergonomically designes handle for easy handling
Body & Design
Wheels 2 Wheels
Customer Service
Customer Service No. For customer support number Click Here
Weight 6000 gm
Color Yellow & Black
Model Id K4
Product Code HOMKARCHER-K4-CCHAR56407896E5E70
Type Car Vacuum Cleaner
Power Consumption 1800 W
Power Requirement 220-240 volts
Warranty Details
Service Type Onsite - Servicing at customer location
Warranty Summary 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Type Replacement or Repair

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Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Reviews from YouTube

karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer and Accessories - Full Test and Review
Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer after 5 yrs of use #karcher #carcleaning #detailing
Karcher K2 vs K4 - Which one should you buy? #Karcher #K2 #K4
Karcher k2 vs Nilfisk core 125 Review // BEST Cheap pressure washer for Car Detailing?
Had to watch with the sound off. I can’t take the music. Not being unkind or nasty but it is going to be lovely for one person and awful for another and on this occasion I got the short straw. Probably just me but but wish you tubers would leave it out for the most part. Thats not to say I don’t appreciate your taking the time to review the product.
Great informative video, love the bike, always been a gixxer fan and had a k3, absolute weapons
Hi mate excellent vid. Im looking to buy a k4 is there a difference in power control vs full power control ?
Great review thanks 👍😊
How's this jet wash going a year later. Am looking for a mini jet wash at the minit
Good video for advice. One point. Never put the brush on the ground! You'll pick up dirt and scratch the ..ck out of your paintwork 🤦‍♂️.
I bought mine about the same time as you posted this video, its got about 3 hours total runtime on it and its utter shite. Foam system no longer works, wheel fell off, water supply hose manifold cracked and leaking, cable net storage just falls off all the time. batteries fell out of the lance and went down a drain along with their cover during use. And yesterday I turned it on and it started clunking then died with a big bang. WIll NEVER waste another penny on this garbage brand. I can pick up a machine by sealey higher spec, better reviews and cheaper..... You have been really lucky, just read reviews on B&Q website (diy.com), they all agree with me!!!!!
Very informative video thanks. Just wondering about the shampoo and other bottled products, I assume they have some sort of valve on the top so is it would be possible to reuse them with other brands of cleaning products?
Well done great review 👍
I’m a GSXR man too and just bought a K4 Karcher (to wash my K7 GSXR) 🤣👍
Great Review thanks, ordered mine direct from Karcher.... Extra year added to guarantee when ordered direct :-)
Useful video thanks. Had one for a while but will be doing patio in the coming weeks. Is the second wand the "Full Control Dirt Blaster" DB145 as on their parts website?
Do you have to have a hosepipe and constant water source plugged into the washer? At all times? Or does it store some on board?
Never use a brush on good paintwork.
I'd b really scared of the brush scratching paintwork
Thanks for the review. After watching it I bought one. One tip which I saw you doing is not to get the nozzle too close to the path/whatever. I did, with a K4040 and it developed three/four kinks in the hose from the washer eventually causing a blowback and a major leak under the machine. Out it went, but no problems with the K4.
Thank you for the detailed review.
Nice video, how is it after a year now? I am tempted to buy one but everyone on Amazon reviews is saying the motor fries easily and giving it 1 star reviews?
Brush placed on the ground and then used to scrub the paint work...Oh dear!
The brand name is pronounced “care” “gir” (like girl).
Great video Mark, a tip I'd say is to check out the Kärcher website for "damaged box" deals, I got my K5 Full Control Home Premium for £250 because it was listed as having a "damaged box" the box had a small dent and tear in the corner, absolutely crazy to get it for that price, but I have seen a few deals on their site which I've pointed other to and they've bought them, and no these are not reconditioned ones, they do do them too though if that's what people are after 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍🏻
Amazeing video thank you 😊
I have a K2 and noticed the snow foam and bottle. Does the detergent bottle fit straight onto the lance or do you need to buy extra fittings to connect it? Or have you a link where i can buy the same attachment and bottle as you are using in the video? Many thanks.
Didn't like my K2 what I used on my motorcycle. Re invested in a nilfisk. It's very good.
Great informative video, cheers
What lances and hose are you using with your Karchers? I want a longer hose for my K2 if that's available and are you using a short trigger lance? I have seen the item linked in the descripion, is that the same as the one you are using as in the video you are using a long extension on the lance, cheers!
Excellent video Mark full of sensible and honest views. Your channel is without doubt one of my favourites and always look forward to a new Sparklean video. My old K2 has served me well, I think its nearly as old as me & never let me down but hope to retire it this year at some point. Keep the videos coming, they are always interesting & honest, well done mate👍
Excellent video. Really interesting comparison. When my K2 finally dies, the upgrade to the K4 will be worth the additional expense i think 👍
Good comparison video! Good concept as well!
Another great video Mark, good to see you use the same technique as me to prime the pressure washer, a 15m hose carries a lot of air! 🤣 I'll definitely be upgrading to the bigger machine if only for the reduction in noise, the K2 sounds really nasally compared to the K4. Keep up the good work sir 👍🏻
I run a k2 have done for 2 years only thing want to make me change is the sound tbh
Hi Mark! Very good comparison and very well explained. The 4 screens are a good idea but hard to focus 😂😂😁 On a serious note: Another great video!! Respect!!
Another quality production Mark! Great comparison of probably the 2 most popular Karcher models.
Great video again Mark!, really well researched and demonstrated both , not easy following you around 4 screens , maybe Specky 4 eyes would do better 🤣🤣🤣 (joke) Awesome music and production but I do miss Pat from the van!! Videos are getting better every time mate, love it 👌
Nice comparison Mark, I made the same move from K2 to K4 and love it, I found the volume to be a couple of dB lower on the K4 but the lower tone makes it seem much more. While also being more powerful and doesn’t fall over so easy.
Great comparison Mark, really shows what you can expect from each machine. Good to include how to prime the machine
can you recommend me a good pressure washer under £200 with good pressure performance and practical. will use it for once a week car wash and sometimes to clean driveway
Excellent video mate👍
so what would be the base specifications you'd look for in a high pressure cleaning device for explicit use in car detailing. I want to buy something for home use, i've set my eyes on a nilfisk, but I'd generally only like to pay for the specifications i'd need: good snow consistency. So what'd be the base spec you'd aim for? 500l/h? 600l/h? Thanks for the tip on the MTM FP22.
I just got the nilfisk core 125 brand new for £70.99 last week from amazon on prime day. I think i got a bargain
Great video mate, what’s the adapter like for the Nilfisk lance? Will it fit all snow foam lances? They all seem to be built for the Karcher!
Great video mate, i do have a question. Would it be possible to use a snow foam lance on the nilfisk, and get a decent foam coverage by drawing water from a tank? I live in a flat with no outdoor water source, and currently using a worx hydroshot with a 25ltr water bottle & a 12v 6ltr/m pump to draw the water from it. Would be great if it could (amazon prime day its only £70 on there!)
All of you will probably laugh? I have a basic entry level Clarke pressure washer from machine mart, although it was originally my dads I commandeered it for car cleaning. I have used it continuously for 5 years and it’s never missed a beat however the soap dispensing bottle broke off at the thread🤣 I am looking to upgrade soon and was wondering about the kranzle k7🤔.
does the nilfisk suck water from tank?
Nice vid, could you recommend silent pressure washers?
I like the k2 snow foam cannon just have to have the opening narrow
Got a k2 had for about 4yr everything ya said true I’m going to kick mine over the fence soon sick of it falling over and the hose is pathetic bought a karcher extension and it kinks all the time too does feel weak like ya said but I’ll abuse it till it gives up
Still doing the pan salute lol!!
Karcher and cheap don't do well :: end of
Great video review. I'm on my 3rd Karcher K2, compact edition, and yes all the issues your raised are true, i had to but a 20m hose to rectify that issue and the bloody plug! Never properly wraps up. But I'm bit like iphone users, they not the best package but its a iphone, i'm like that with karcher, stick to what i know, but nilfisk is defo one to look at next after this review 😊
Thank you for posting this, Dave. Really helpful. I’m looking to buy a pressure washer soon and on this video alone will buy a Nilfisk. Thank you also for advice on the MTM snow foam cannon as I’ll buy one of these as well. Keep up the good work.
AVA GO is so much better 😉
Good video! Can anyone recommend a snow foam Lance/bottle for the Nilfisk as I used the one that came with the washer, it was ok but foam although it clung was a bit thin.
Very true Dave the Nilfisk is the better machine. Keep up the good work and thank you for the video. 👍
noice, but nilfisk is always going to win. better high pressure hose, better flow, better pressure, better internals and better quality accessories. The lower end of karcher has always been very cheap, and hit or miss in its longevity. If my K4 FC dies I'd be looking for a nilfisk
I have had a Karcher K4 for several years now, to be fair it has coped with the limited use very well, however I can fully agree with the hose issue, it is very stiff, it tangles all of the time, which is most annoying when using it, also as a result of this it is very difficult to stow away neatly, after watching this I definitely will consider a Nilfisk machine next time I’m in the market for a pressure washer!!.

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