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Buy Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose online at Amazon. Other Accessories Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose Colours: Black
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Karcher Rubber H 9 Q High Pressure Hose : Amazon.in: Garden ...

9m high pressure replacement for hose for Karcher K2 Compact, K3-K7 series domestic high pressure cleaners from 2009, where the hose is connected to the gun ...


Karcher H9Q Pressure Washer Price in India - Buy Karcher H9Q ...

Check. Enter pincode ; Usually delivered in7 days ? ; Seller ·? ; Cleaning Mate. 4.9 ; Description. Karcher 9 Mtr.High Pressure Hose.


Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose Features

  • Other Accessories
Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose Price in India is ₹6,299 at Amazon.
Buy Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose online at Amazon.
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Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Karcher
Capacity Standard
Color Black
feature Accessory for Karcher High Pressure Cleaners9m high pressure replacement hoseCan be used with Karcher K3-K7 series
Item model number 26417210
Item part number 26417210
Item Weight 880 g
Manufacturer Karcher
Model 26417210
Primary material rubber
Product Dimensions 26.4 x 26 x 7.6 cm
Shipping Weight 880 Grams
Size Standard

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Karcher Hd 9/20-4 Price, Karcher Hd 9/20-4 Classic Price

Karcher H 9 Q high pressure hose Reviews from YouTube

Consumer Review: Karcher 2.641-721.0 H 9 Q High Pressure Hose Quick Connect
Karcher K2 High Pressure Sprayer Review
How to clean a truck with a karcher high pressure cleaner
How To Add Quick Connects Disconnects to Electric Pressure Washer
Karcher K2 is a pile of crap! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!
Kärcher is a German company. Non professional cleaners are made in China. It's a good buy!
You call that a review? More opinionated than tested! Total waste
The hose comes out easiily if you slide the yellow plastic forward that locks it in place.
Thank you so much. It was very helpful for me because I am planning to buy one.
Lol just bought this and was looking for reviews, can't belive you did one, your my steel guy not my house hold goods guy
what is the price of this product
Continu running cycle time ...
11 min. of talking and 1 min of demo...SUCKSSSS!!!!
Can you use it without a hose??
Karcher K2 is a pile of crap! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!
Does anyone know the song at 0:01~ ?
As soon as you mentioned using dish soap I started wondering how fast you could use it to clean dishes without sending shards of plates across the lawn.
Just power washed the house... it’s highly satisfying.
Bring it on your next outdoor survival video.
I fell asleep watching this and when I woke up I had a bunch of screen shots of the video on my phone. Strange.
Good to see U branching out 👍LOL
Nice shark jump
Cleaning with Kärchers is the OG weirdly satisfying
Some of the best money I’ve spent on pressure washer attachments has been the surface cleaner. Makes cleaning concrete driveways, patios, etc... go much faster with better looking results.
200 juta🤣
Regane piro mas bro? 😂
Mob 9817800801
Lena hai kahan se milega
اريد مثلها ضروري لمشروعي الذي ينقني اياها من السودان هذا رقم الهاتف249116001111
محتاج مكينه غسيل مثلها
UPDATE!!!!! Someone finally makes a 15mm quick connect that is plug and play it seems: Found here: https://amzn.to/2T0P6NH
Walmart has a quick connect at 10$ for electric it works awesome
So in other words, unless you got a buddy to help you grind something down, there is no current electric pressure washer solution for the common man.
will there be any decease in pressure if we use a 15 mtr hose pipe instead the 8 mtr ?
I needs friends that work in machine shops
i have a Husky 1800 psi PW and i lost the quick connect, i tried to replace but company out of stock! any advise?
Could you just leave the connection you have on the machine and just buy new regular pressure washer hose and gun? I don't care much for the ryobi hose and gun
You can buy a brass 1/2" mip coupling at homedepot. Teflon tape it to where you hook your hose. Get a 1/2" brass nipple and the quick connect will fit and seal it it.
"my friend has a machine shop" I paused the video to type this message.
Thanks for this post, it's about a different brand than mine (Portland) , but I am just realizing the whole thing with connector compatibility now. Portland tech support just thought that the gun connector to the high pressure hose was proprietary and could not be connected to any other brand. I am trying to buy a different gun that allows to mix chemicals to treat fruit trees.
Do all electrical units use that size? Or only that brand?
"a friend has a machine shop" THATS JUST GREAT.
how about a harbor freight portland 1750 psi ??
Come on man not everybody has access to a metal lathe
Thanks for the video, I'm having problems with my craftsman ( pos) wand that's not accepting the quick connect foam cannon I got from amazon
Wow, that's confusing!
The karcher cube I just bought is m22 14mm. Bought the quick disconnect kit on amazon for $20. Comes with 2 quick disconnects for each end of the pressure washer hose, and 2 for each end of the garden hose! Going to put it together now! I’m going to tape all connections, hope for no leaks!
Hi If INSIDE DIAMETER IS 14mm, but my fitting is 15 mm can i put teflon tape ?
I got a power-washer and it didn’t come with an inlet hose so I’ve no idea what connectors to buy to connect a hose to the inlet on the power-washer or to the internal-threaded connector on my tap/faucet.
Waaaayyyy too much work to save 15 seconds when connecting your hose. Figure the payback in time savings is about 30 years. LOL.

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