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Buy Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon. Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset . Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: Yellow Black Red

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Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹780

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The lowest Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹780 at Amazon.
Buy Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon.
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Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset Kara M3 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red

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Does it have 8d function
Real umboxing https://youtu.be/VJPupCsN73g
I get mono audio do you know why
Best $8 ever lol
How long for charging the headphone? 3hours?
my p47 headphones won't connect to my laptop bluetooth, any idea why?? Please help
Mine blue
It's very comfortable to be honest
Wow were desame my packaging was terrible too
Is it better than havit?
i watch this with p47 head phone
I have p47 blue Blue
Yup im trying to figure out HOW DOES MY HEADPHONE WORK
Parehas tayo red haha
Does the Cable have Microphone?
Can it still fold even when its adjusted
Why don't i have a aux cable and a manual
it's just i press fm mood then Bluetooth mode over and over because i can't connect do i wait for it to shutdown
can i ask if your headphones only light out light on how to fix it
It's absolutely insane how this guy replies to every comments on this video.
Good afternoon. Would you know if it connects to the V6 and V8 models?
Vaiya charge a ak-tana kato hours jai?
Stab.... lijar😂😂😂
এই কমিইউনিটি চার্জ কতটুকু থাকে জানাবেন প্লিজ কোথায় পাবো?
Aita on korsi akhon off korbo kivabe?
can I record and make a call on the phone with bluetooth at the same time? (for me the recording does not need to take my voice)
I have two option 1. Buy M3 at 8500 or 2. Buy T Maxs and then an Action Camera (Eken H9R costs around 4k) . As both way costs almost same, Which one will better for me if I am expecting a better video quality? Hope you reply. Thanks
hi, do you know how can i call back to the last namber phone in the m3 ??
My.head is kind of dizzy i can't understand him..
friend what is the difference between M3 and G5?
hello, which intercom is better, maxto or airide?
English title and review in different lang. Obviously fuckin clickbait.
Ekhono availble hoi nai vai???
Vai ekhon bangladeshe kothay pabo?
No RICAM App to download anywhere in the internet and also on google play
Available hoi ni bro
এটাতে ভিডিও রেকোডিং এর সময় বুম মাইক দিয়েই ভয়েস ইনপুট দেয়া যায়?
It's english or what?
Vaia Bluetooth er madhhome onno communicator er sathe connect hole ki 10 m range er modhhe thakte hobe naki 1000m porjonto distance e kotha bola jabe?
What size memory card?
Mine wont turn on unless its on charger its fully charged just doesnt turn on off charger
Mine operates in Chinese. How can i change it into English.
I have this goggle but it works in Chinese. How can i turn it into English.
I bought a pair of these from Ebay for less than $20, super cheap, however with constant use the plastic is so cheap and brittle, they fall apart after less than 6 months, I have had 3 pairs so far, each ending with them breaking, been looking around for something better quality
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Hey how are you I have that same pair of Bluetooth sunglasses I lost the little paper that came with it and I can't use them without the pass key could you look on that paper and tell me the pass key so I can be able to use them again thanks and God bless love the video
what is the brand?
Finally a tutorial I can stand listening to. You have a crisp calming voice.. Thank you! Btw: I got the same exact ones on wish for $6 plus s&h
I need to buy it.256703210283
Can it run Crysis?
Are you on meth... you went way too fast
mujhe de de
Can I wear a helmet over it?
Hi .. i had jst rcved the product frm Amazon online purchase. Hwever, it does not met my expectation at all.. I ordered for sumthing with extra ordiniary functions specified. But the final product doesnt seem to have those special functions AT ALL. ..It Is A Fake product. I felt cheated and dissatisfied.
Can you remove one headphone?
Hows the sound quality
How do I get it back to English from Chinese or whatever language it is
Hi, I have bought one from Amazon 1 month before but it's not being connected and not being offf don't know why ? Can anyone help thanks
Is this intercom connect with vnetphone v6 intercom..?