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The lowest Kandy Navy Blue Velvet Blazer Price in India is ₹1,099 at Shopclues.
Buy Kandy Navy Blue Velvet Blazer online at Shopclues.
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Kandy Navy Blue Velvet Blazer Reviews from YouTube

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Splurge or Steal: Velvet Blazers $3500 Tom Ford VS $60 H&M || Men's Fashion 2017 || Gent's Lounge
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Closet Confessions: How To Style Blazers | Fashion Haul | Trinny
Never wear blue anything unless it's a standard "everybody has one" blue blazer ...it's the Bud Light of fashion..
I just got 2 of those today at 50% off. That same green and the blue. Im 6 even 155lbs athletic build. My suggested size was 39R but it goes from 38-40, so I got the 40R.. what do u think? Do u think theyll fit me decent or is there a chance Im looking at an immediate return for them fitting too loose?
looks awesome
The second outfit was perfect
I have the burgundy color. Its not that bad.
Great vid u got any tips for how to remove dust of the velvet jacket?
Please let me know what color combination should be worn with black velvet blazer
Good job with the review brother
Great video, question how do you care for it? Do you have a brush or anything?
Second outfit for sure! You look amazing in it!
May I ask what's your height?
Body how i wash velvet blazer Have one armany velvet, havent use for 10 years
beautiful colour with excellent choice it just suites you perfect !
yes bro i love this video
It looks amazing, I love it!
Just ordered one in a wine burgundy color. Love the second look!
glad that your not super tall. I wear a 35s (which means that either I get 36s tailored or deal with the slight tightness of a 34s-whenever I can find one). Another place to get awesome velvet blazers that are good quality and still affordable is Zara. I have 4 of them, including a green one! I love, love, love velvet!
Great stuff and i gotta say that velvet blazer really is very versatile. I'm getting one for myself now.
Your videos are great and your style is dope Check out my channel when you get the chance and tell me what you think about id appreciate it a lot thanks
This jacket looks sweet bro! Such a beautiful colour too - that second look
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$3500 whaaaaaaaaaat
Those are dinner jackets, not blazers.
The Tom Ford is better not only because itll withstand the test of time but just the measurements are better the H&M suits are always cut short on the length showing more waist which isnt good and the lapels are always modern/weak but they do have that slim cut so if youre a kid and just need a one time suit for a sports banquet or dance Id go for it
I could tell INSTANTANEOUSLY. No comparison whatsoever imo before they even said which was which
Uuuugh. I really really want that dumb fucking tom ford blazer + satin pants and turtle neck outfit that was on vogue in 2019, but its so expensive. Why is it so goddamn expensive
The Tom Ford definitely looks better. Price is too high. Pipe sticthing on a blazer is very tacky.
Oh I can tell the difference even from afar
Even after you told me, I still really couldnt see the difference or cared.
Tbh that 60 dollar blazer looks like 60 dollars.
You look cute in burgundy colors XXX
right looks better, no amount of money will fix a weak chin and a rat face
Guys - test an expensive vs cheap polo shirt !
i thought the black was more expensive
I love me some Tom Ford but I purchased my claret velvet blazer from Armani for $2400 and managed to save $1100 for what I would consider the same elegance and quality. Ive never been to an H&M but judging by the video I dont feel like Im missing out by not going there
I got a brand new Tom ford blue velvet for 5 dollars in a thrift shop ;)
Yea u can totally tell,the way it moves and hangs on u guys.blck looks cheap,velvet looks clean but ugly bowtie also looks cheap.blck bowtie would have looked much better with black tuxedo pants.
Good points mentioned. Key word Luxury Item. Make sense. Good video. Not worth the money for the look for expensive one
You can tell from photos. Cheap one looks cheap
$3500 for an off-the-rack jacket? Not worth it.
I only have black blazer and im thinking about blue navy one
Hi Dorian and Ashley! Can I have a peak lapel for my very first navy blazer?BTW, is that Brian Sacawa at 3:27? :D
Blazers and Sport Coats are not the same thing. Most of these are sport coats.
I don't have any of these, apparently I'm not a man.
F*** we don't want colours of blazer we need type of blazer
Excellent tips
What do you guys think about the Bonobos navy blazer?
Great video!!
Hi there , Im in the uk.....can I ask ? Are you talking about sports jackets here ......?...as far as Im aware , a blazer has shiny buttons and a more solid colour?.....please confirm as Im confused
I believe you are using the term blazer as a substitute for sport coat. Blazers are a separate type, more formal that a sport coat. ,
Not sure you know what a blazer is vs a sport coat
She cute
I don't think navy blazer goes well with black pants. Imo charcoal grey blazer looks much better with black pants.
Aren't they really sportcoats and not blazers?
Ashley, what is the best all year round color for a sportcoat?
Blazers have gold, brass, or white buttons with traditionally a single vent and is usually Navy, but can also have bold, vividly colored strips. That being said, none of the items you displayed were blazers, they're all "Sport Coats" .
I got two for business casual wearing , navy and grey, different fabrics for different seasons
1.) Navy2.) Grey3.) Beige
I mentioned this to a few fellas I know.. Cowboy Ed, plumber George, logger Phil, and saw-filer Ivan. They all laughed like mad and told me to GFO. Every man? You folks are sick in the head. What kind of silly ass elitist bubble do you live in anyway?
I bought a gray herringbone blazer because of this video now I have no idea what to wear it with lol
How would a petite woman style an oversized blazer?
Love Trinny, she seems like good fun
Does anyone know where Trinny's sneakers are from? Which brand
That white jumperI want oneWear from?U absolute beautyTrinny
Hi from Turkey Trinny I just discovered you and cant stop watching. You are candid heart with wisdom and knowledge that you live to share! I love your generosity and patience. I am telling all my friends that you are genuine body architect resculpturing with clothes and makeup...
Brilliant as usual
Hi Trinny, you are a wonderful person that inspires me to be bold and playful with clothes!
Trinny i must say you are a genius and a life saver! My blazer was too small in the sleeves so i cut out the lining it fits a lot better now an arent gathered at the sleeves anymore! Need this for a funeral coming up, thank you!
Just have to say, I feel so inspired by your outfit examples. And also I feel less quilty because you have even more clothes than me. So thank you, Trinny! Two things I noticed having watched 20 of your videos over the past few days: You have a wonderful figure and you always had, but many of your blazers have very tight sleeves, some are short too. And the second thing: You said many of your older clothes you will give to your daughter someday, but I think, will she be glad about it? I mean - and I don't want to be mean - maybe except accessoires, every woman wants to create their wardrobe themselve. And fashion is changing a lot. Sure, some trends come back but from my experience, daughters are never so happy about inheriting things as their mothers wish they would be. But anyway: love your closet confessions, love your taste and your preference for colour!
I love you my generous Trinni.
Charming...so smart, I learned so much while smiling through this video!
She would look lovely in flowing silver dresses. It is all about blazers
You're supremely inspiring and soooo creative. Creative juices flow out of your videos and that's why I love watching and re-watching some of your videos. xx themavenlifestyle.com
Trinny your awesome. We can create a much smaller closet crush like yours but not sure it will have your level of chic. Your wardrobe is years of experrise personified - how could mere mortals possibly aspire?
I just found you and have been binge watching since last Friday. I need to go to bed!
6:44 where are the trousers from?
Her lip stick color is not good on her, I think.
The best videos ever... if we can Get a "velvet" one ,that Will be lovely....have a Nice day
seviyorum gzel bayan pantolon mavi beyaz hogr blmek kuma ceketin mavi video bar evi evilkmek istiyorum antalya yayorum bektarin fotoraf begendim bar
Love the video. Where did you get the silk shirt?

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