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Buy Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector online at Amazon Flipkart. 2 m 6 Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹599
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Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector Features

200+ Joule energy rating to provide surge and spike protection for computers, peripherals and expensive household electronics. Compatible with multiple plugs. From the house of pinnacle brand we bring you one of the best product to protect your costly electronics and electricals equipments. By using this product, the appliance is equipped with a surge and spike protector which limits the voltage supplied to the device by storing the excess power and releasing it gradually. It ensures the appliance is safe to use at all times. Voltage: 240v, 50hz ac, current: 6a this product comes to you in a metallic body case which makes it useable for many many years.

  • Cord Length: 2 m
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Number of Sockets: 6
  • HIGH QUALITY- This extension cord has been perfectly crafted for continuous and heavy usage.Robust material this multi-port extension cord consists of top-grade high plastic. This material makes the external body reliably strong and rigid.The led turns on when the electricity is passing through and turns off when it is not.
  • SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT DESIGN- Material: ABS Body.Extension Cord with 6 sockets 6 switches and Indicator alert light.The sleek and compact design helps you store this board anywhere when not in use!Use it for powering computers, TV's, laptops, mobiles and various other electrical appliances below 1000 watt as it easily has a long service life.
  • PRECAUTION - User do not use strip for heavy load equipment's like microwave oven, electric kettle , press, geyser, immersion rod etc. Can be use below 1000 watt devices as total load on the strip.keep children away from the risk of electric shock.
  • 2 m
  • 6
Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector Price in India is ₹599 at Amazon.
Buy Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector online at Amazon Flipkart.
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Kaltron 2598 6 6 Strip Surge Protector Specifications

Additional Features
Protection Type Surge protection
Body And Design Features
Body Material Plastic
Cord Material rUBBER
Shape rectangular strip
Socket Material Copper
Convenience Features
LED Indicator Yes
Wired Yes
Height 11.8 inch
Power Cord Length 2 m
Weight 1 g
Width 2.9 inch
Brand Kaltron
Color Black
Model Name Kaltron 6+6 Computer Powerstrip-(Cord Length-2 yards)
Model Number BLK2Y
Number of Sockets 6
Suitable For Loudspeaker, TV, Lamp, Fan, Computer
Type Wall Mount
USB Port No
In the Box
1 surge protector
Power Features
Maximum Spike Current 2400 A
Other Power Features Cartridge Fuses
Power Requirement 210-220V

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Unboxing Kaltron 6+6 Computer Powerstrip-(Cord Length:2 Mtr) Rs-00 from paytm/extension board review
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i shared this Information which i think all should know , so please watch till end and buy a surge protector to save your expensive electronic items.
I have been using Belkin 6 socket surge protector for 10 yrs now functions just as new. All the sockets works perfectly well and all plugs fits securely in the sockets. No wonder Belkin gives lifetime warranty on these power extensions.
Bro best surge protector konsa h? For pc k liye , agar ups le to kya surge protector ki need h ya nhi?
Charger ki cable kha se li Maine to mehngi or kharab slow charging bali mili suggest any good charging cable
Bro I am a gamer and my pc uses 750w and is it good cause I saw it on Amazon and there was a comment and he said his sound system got fried
steblizer hai toh surge protector lagana padega ya nahi?????mere steblizer main surge protector nahi hai
पर इसमे कही fuse दिख नही रहा. Andar कही होगा भी तो fuse blown indicator नही है. तो pata कैसे चले. Wonder despite having highest cost why basic things are missing.
Belkin m 10 MTR wire wala available h kya?????????
Induction ke liye
Surya ka extention board kaisa hai?
Video on point. Good liked it.
Thanks for information
Bhai plz 3.5 meter ya usa thoda jaada length ka surge protector suggest karo....plz reply
In short 250/- rupe wale to bilkul bhi nai lene chahiye
Thanks bro more informative more helpful
Belkin surge protector se plugged tha TV tab bhi lightining se TV ka circuit jal gaya..
I have a doubt. Is 420J of protection enough against lightning?
Suggest a good extension under 800 which gives good protection when 1 use computer, lap and mobile phone
Syska ka power wheel gol wala extension cord kysa he? Wo kya surge protector he?
Hi. You are so cute...
I am extension cord extension board power strip manufacturer Delhi.9818206812
promo coad kaise dhekhe
Ñyç video 👌
anyone know how to turn on the surge protector to make it work
Here in India electrical appliances are built to handle unstable voltage and current cuz it's really unreliable 😂
Me tp
I have a 3 in 1 strip, 1) strip 2) surge 3) breaker Is this the same as that qicent or no?
I have a gaming pc. Can i plug my avr to a surge protector? And the psu is connected to the avr?
Hi! Can you help me? I've been looking at transformers, surge protectors and adapters all day and still have no idea what I need. I'm going to Europe in a few months and have devices that aren't dual voltage. I understand the adapter is just to be able to plug the US plug into the Europe outlet, but if my device is 110V, do I need a step up or down transformer to be able to use it in Europe? Also, instead of using a transformer, can I just use a dual surge protector?
I will not buy 9 10 dollar one lol..it's literally just an outlet man...vs shop strips are x-capped some death capped all that shit...this ones still fine...it's harddd to burn up a 3000joule one.
no close caption. Thumbs down.
Man I've been using my computer and everything else on my desk in a power strip for years I gotta get one
perfect video
Lost a Bosch fridge to a surge in my house
I have a power strip with a built in surge protector but I don’t know if you can plug an extension cord into it please help
Question is plugging things in a power strip the same as plugging a window air conditioner in a heavy drop cord? Reason I ask I heard some people say you shouldn't but my question is what is the difference a power strip is sort of like plugging one thing into a drop cord. My painting both are the same thing you have a stereo computer and other things plugged into a power strip that seems like it'll be the same way. They say your suppose unplug chords if you unplug TVs you'll get tires of resetting them I could be wrong but it's something I thought of
Should a pressure cooker go in a surge protector or a powerstrip
I need to get one for my PS4 pro
good video, i was sooo confused about this
That plug looks “SHOCKED”
I got one these surge protectors because my last computer got fried by an unlikely lighting strike. It was so unlikely it blew out the transformer in the front yard. I think the Lord said move out and away now. Things are a whole lot better now. You got to have a surge protector , not just a power strip with a reset button.
The only down fall I see with this one, is the way the outlets are facing. The ground plug should be in the outside as some plugs would block the other ports. Other than that looks good. So my ? Is. The ones with the built in batteries, how would they fair in comparison to these? And what would be a good one to use for like either a pc or console? I've seen some nice ones but never did my research to see which would be the best route to take.
Is there a one that has Australian ports instead of US ones?
Costs too much
Video is well done. 👏

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