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Buy Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3, Transparent, Pack of 6) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Clear Spherical Lens Bi-Weekly
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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3, Transparent, Pack of 6) Features

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical Power: -3.00 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Bi-weekly
  • Contact Lens
  • Clear
  • Spherical Lens
  • Bi-Weekly

The lowest Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3, Transparent, Pack of 6) Price in India is ₹1,489 at Flipkart.
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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3, Transparent, Pack of 6) Specifications

Package Weight 0.065 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.4 mm
Brand Johnson & Johnson
Brand Color Transparent
Central Thickness 0.07 mm
Color Clear
Corrective Power -3 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14 mm
disposability Bi-weekly
Lens Type Spherical Lens
Material Senofilcon A
Model Name Acuvue Oasys
Oxygen Permeability Dk/t:147 (-3.00D)
Spherical Power -3 dioptres
UV Protection Yes
Water Content 38 %
In the Box
Pack of 6
Sales Package 6 Contact Lens

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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3, Transparent, Pack of 6) Reviews from YouTube

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Y can't see the numbers without my lens... Ironic
Alam na balikan mko
Your lens diameter seems very small please tell me the diameter
Yea growing a 3rd hand to put them in seems fairly easy..
Which clear contact lens brand have you used before?! Use Discount Code "FONZ" for 10% OFF your entire purchase on
The contact lenses become darker as well when they are in bright light environment. Johnson & Johnson.
So if I have astigmatism I can still use these?
My doctor just gave me these for samples and I can't wait to try them. Also a friend of my mine just told me how great these are!
They are my favorites. Most of the time you don't feel that you are wearing lenses, actually. I wear all day long and only remove after 12 hours - then switch to glasses. Other brands I wear only when I want to switch colors. Soloticas, for example - my favourites in the aesthetical sense - are not comfortable at all, they are much harder and thicker than most lenses in the market and if I wear them for over 4 hours they already start to dry. If I wear them for long my eyes might even become a little red. I can handle Solflex better, but again, only for around 7 hours and I have to apply a lubricant so that I actually cannot feel the lens. Not worth it.
best on the market
I wished you could have zoomed in a tad bit so we could see it clearly
I have ordered a pair of Hidrocor Ipanema. They are amazing but I see a bit blurry with them. Do you see blurry with your colored contacts? Its my first time using contacts ever. They don't have prescription.
Thankfully, I don't need to wear glasses, so I don't need clear contacts, as well! But, your advices and recommendations are always great, so I gave a 'like' to the video! (as I do, everytime).🙏😎💪
Fonz, they are available for astigmatism. I'm able to wear them 12+ hours. Like you, sometimes I forget I'm wearing them. Very comfortable.
Second btw love your videos man always looking for your videos ♥️
What's the color contact u have on the video
⚡⚡⚡ QOTD: Which Contact Lenses do you wear? Which ones are your favorite and Why? Do you have any other questions about the lenses discussed in the video?
Hydrasoft torics from Coopervision were the only useable ones I found, years ago. Discontinued recently. Is there a good similar lense anyone has found? I need -2.75 cyl.
You should do a video for the Accuve Oyssas because I had them it was hard to put the lens does not do a cereal bowl shape to tell if you have it on right.
I’ve been wearing contacts since high school (about 12+ years now) and have always work B&L pure vision toric. I’ve recently changed eye doctors and she has me trying all sorts of different lenses. Of the ones I’ve tried the biofinitiy toric are my favorite but I’m currently waiting for a trial pair of B&L Ultra’s since the reduced halos/glare would benefit me a lot at night. What would you recommend? I torture test my lenses and occasionally do 16 hours shifts at work and will have my lenses in for almost 20 hours at a time.
What is your view on Air Optix for astigmatism.
Hi, do u have any recommendations for colored contact lenses for astigmatism?
I have been wearing the extended wear, Air Optix plus HydraGlyde. It feels like nothing on your eye 👁. Very comfortable. I started with doing the mono and after a while I only need the left eye for distance. I'm getting ready to try the Comfilcon A Toric. I have to be able to sleep in my lens.
Would you prescribe a toric lens for a -2.25sph x -0.50cyl x 070 axis? In the past i was prescribed a -2.5 regular contact and vision was good but not as good as glasses. And the contact in that eye moved a lot. I stopped wearing contacts due to the movement in my astigmatism eye of the contact and dry eye after 4 to 6 hours of wear with Acuvue 1 day moist. Any suggestions would be great. I have my annual exam coming up and want to go in with as much info as possible. Thanks
Why did i have to spend decades visiting opticians without receiveing any explanation and now i found your videos in youtube so clear! Wonderful!
So you have any experience with Bausch and Lomb pure vision 2 for astigmatism in comparison to the ultra for astigmatism? I also would love to know what the best 30 day continuous lenses for astigmatism would be.
I think my astigmatis is getting worst. I was diagnosed with it 6 years already but I don't see any inprovements. I wear glasses
Can a person with astigmatism can use simple non-toric lense as I have 2.00 cyl
Don't mind me, I'm just binge watching your videos because I got my contact lenses an hour ago and your videos are really informative 😂❤️
I have used proclear Toric XR, with sph +6, +5.25, and cil -3.75, -2.75 and I don't get optimal vision compared to wearing glasses. However I hate how my eyes look so large when I'm wearig glasses. I probably need to try hard lenses again.
What toric lens brand is good for high myopia considering how all brands I know stop making -0.25 interval prescriptions after -6.00?
Hi, I’d like to ask you if you know about brand Topvue. I’ve read a few reviews and people are satisfied with those. But I’m not 100% sure about it. So that’s why I’m asking you.
Any suggestions for a very high myop with minus astigmatism?
Hi dr ryan here,it's really great to know that markings on lenses and your are beautiful!.I'm 34yrswith high astigmatism power sph -9 cyl -1.25 axis 70.cuŕently using b&l pure vision2. Pls suggest some better lenses and too facing night glare
I need some help. The only lenses i can get are biofinity toric xr. My cyl power is -3 and spherical is -7.25. The lenses come in 2.75 and 3.25. Any way to solve this? Use -7.50 spherical perhaps?
I have 0.5 cylindrical power in one eye and I couldn't find contact lenses for me can you suggest me what to do?
🔹Eye Health QOTD: Which type of contact lenses are you wearing? Do you wear monthlies, dailies or specialty lenses? Which are you favorite brands?
I use air optix and never remove them until the 30 days are up. Been about 1.5 years now and zero issues.
There was almost a time I was worried that I could not find a contact conferrable for my Astigmatism. I don't like wearing glasses. The good news is my astigmatism is not that high and I can sometimes get away with not wearing any len wear, however, I like to have some type of lens wear on stand by when I need them. Even though I don't like wearing glasses I still have a pair on standby in case I need them. I have tried a couple of brands Accuve Onassis the contact curled too much and it does not do a cereal bowl shape to tell if you have it on the correct way. I am trying Bausch +Lomb ultra they are okay and conferrable, but my left eye is not getting sharp vision like my right eye. So I think that is a sign that I should stick to Air Optix. They were the only contact lens that fit good so I may go back to those.
Hi Doc. What brand offer with 8.7 base curve and 14.5 dia dailies for astigmatism? Thanks.
Sir can I drive bike after wearing lenses ?? I have to go 40 km everyday by bike
I love proclear lenses. Loved since 2017 🤓😁
Hi! I use bauch and lombs monthly contact lenses. I usually wear contact lenses on alternate days, i.e on every alternate day i wear contact lenses and then i wear spectacles. So in that case since i wear these contacts only for 15 days a month, so can i use it for 2 months?
monthly biofinity, but i've had a few mishaps where i have had to toss pairs and get a new one, so they don't always last a month, but it's nice to know that i have that option for my budget.
Hello 👋 i had a question. My eyeglass prescription is as follows OD:-4.50 cyl -1.25 170 axis OS:-4.75 cyl -1.00 180 axis My contact lens prescription is -4.75 -1.25 180 axis on both eyes Now im not sure but i think im being overprescribed. I was using-4.50 -1.25 180 axis for years without an issue but due to GPC i had slightly blurred vision which i feel is the reason why my optometrist increased my prescription . Looking into it i feel i been giving the wrong prescription for years however my vision is clear . In the long run what effect can this have . Im 27 years old i have been using glasses since age 9 and contacts for about 12 years
What are some reliable websites to shop?
Please sir is minus 17 glass lens good for a myopia patient?
I’m from Belgium and i find all your video’s so clear how you explain the things. And you heard it a lot i guess but you have amazing Blue eyes. And even your shirt and tie matches them! I’m going to try on acuvue oasys with transitions. I’m waiting untill they are in the store to go and pick them up.
Can you get daily lenses for astigmatism and varifocal and colour change ?
Can someone tell me, the bausch n lomb ultra has 6 lenses / 3 pairs right, is one pair for a month (so it's 3 month wear) or is it like other lenses 1 pair = 2 weeks (sorry for my bad english
I'm law enforcement Agent, I wear Bio finity. My contacts are adjusted to looking at my sites. Left is toric and right is bi focal.
I tested a set of the biofinity energys for a month and I disliked them a lot. For whatever reason they produce a slightly blurry image which I guess is the intent of the lens sense the marketing material claims that it disperses some of the light coming through the lens which supposedly helps relieve eye strain. I have never had problems with eye strain so I ditched them when my usual lenses showed up after being on back order.
I had air optx with hydraglade ...I'm able to wear day and night for 5 days then on 6th day let it soak (doctor instructions) I love it
I personally use Bausch and Lomb currently and I freaked out on the affordability they are for a yearly supply but in the 6 years of me using lenses I have used Dailies Total 1 until I switched to monthly ones then I used Biofinity although I'm not sure which one exactly but those didn't do very well for me because my prescription changed dramatically and also caused excessive dry eye for me. so Bausch and Lomb ended up being better especially since my prescription is horrible.
I also recently discovered a great brand called TTDeye💯 They have a lot of colorful contact lenses.🎉 And they now have a Black Friday event, 50% off all items+buy 5 get 5 free! ! Gosh!!!
I have presbyopia. I tried several different contact lenses including Daily. All were uncomfortable for me and with all of them, poor vision as well. I had given up the idea of contact lenses but decided to give them one last try. I put in a pair of Bausch + Lams Ultra, monthly multifocal lenses. Very good vision, excellent comfort. I forgot I was even wearing contacts. This is the only lens I can wear, it felt as though my eyes were almost normal again.

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